Draconic Mercenary Troops

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Draconic Mercenary Troop

SavageArab goes over the new Draconic Mercenary Troops Research Tree. This new tree unlocks the New Elite Dragon Vanguard Mercenary and Dragon Hunter Mercenary Troops.

While the research tree bonuses are quite similar to past releases for new troops, these new Mercenaries count as T5 troops. With the recent release of the Dragon Hunter Troops which were T4, these new troops will provide the necessary defense to fight off T5 Troops and Dragons as well.

This is a nice addition since the expensive Dragon Hunter Troops were easily being killed off by T5, so this is giving Defenders and Trap players new methods to defend against T5 rallies.

Note that Dragon Vanguard Mercenaries reach maximum effectiveness when marching with 100 against Enemy Dragons. They also reduce the bonus from enemy troops and dragons as long as you’re marching with your troops and Dragons as well.

Dragon Hunter Mercenary Troops are only effective against enemy troops and enemy Dragons as long as you’re defending. This will naturally take the place of T4 Dragon Hunter Troops to help keep you from burning against enemy Dragon Rallies.

SavageArab wants to know if these new Dragon Hunter Mercenary Troops are effective for capping rallies for defending and trap players. Make sure to contact him in Line or Discord and let him know what your results were.

What are your thoughts on the benefits of these new Mercenary Troops? Do you think this is an answer towards an offensive Meta? Will the new T5 Dragon Hunter Mercenary Troops help shift the Meta and allow Defensive players cap again?

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