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Quick Attack Recommendations for the Dragon Lead

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Recently we have had the opportunity to look at a lot of defense-related articles. However, I do not want my attackers to feel left out! We are going to be working to put together some basic attack guides for you including today’s quick guide. We are going to break down the things you need to know as an attacker to ensure that you are getting the boosts you need. 

While sometimes it can be intimidating being an attacker if you do not measure up to the bigs of the game, remember, it really is about choosing the right targets and using the boosts that will help you be successful. 

Attack Quick Guide for the Dragon Dimension 

We are going to take a look at everything from banners to potions that will help you be successful as an attacker in the Dragon Dimension. This guide will serve as your ultimate quick guide to attacking in the Dragon Dimension. 

The Stats

There are a lot of stats that are important for attackers. Some of the stats that you will really want to focus in on are:

  1. Empire Assault Stats
  2. Type Stats
  3. March Size Stats
  4. Debuffs
  5. Overall Troop Stats


Let’s kick it off by taking a look at Gear. While cores do exist the most powerful gear currently is a permanent gear set. 

Top Attack Gear

Supreme Marshal Gear Set is the latest and best gear to be released for attackers. 

One Generation Older Attack Gear

However, for attackers who may not yet have a full set of this gear, the Pegasus Gear Set is one set older and is good to mix in while you are working on crafting your Supreme Marshall Gear. When you are looking at your Gear set be sure to note whether or not the set is available to be leveled or powered up as this will help to increase your stats even more. 


With the release of gem sets in the Dragon Dimension, it has made our choices for Gems a bit easier. For attack players, you are going to want to work on getting your gear outfitted with the Eternal Gem Set. 

Level 6 Eternal Gem Set- Attack 
  • 1,000% Empire Assault Attack 
  • 1,000% Empire Assault Defense
  • 1,000% Empire Assault Health
  • 1,400% Empire Troop Defense Debuff


Monsters are another feature that can add some punch to your march. When looking at monsters part of your choice is going to be dependent on what you have been able to level up and whether the stats outshine the Monsters that may be better at higher levels. We will give you a list of recommended monsters to use in your march based on max stats. 

  1. Timeless Dragon- This Monster comes in strong with Empire Assault Stats
  2. Serpent Dragon- This Monster has strength when it comes to type attack 
  3. Cerberus- The Cerberus also has Empire Assault stats


As an attacker when you are looking at your Dragons your choice is between the Hydro, Terra, and Inferno. If we really look we will see that each Dragon has its own specialized stats with the Terra Dragon having slightly higher Stats when it comes to things like Empire Assault. 

The Dragon you use is going to be dependent on a few things:

  1. The leveling of the Dragon and which one is stronger
  2. When you know what your target troop composition looks like and you are able to target a specific troop composition. 
  3. How your gear and skills are set up for attacking. Are you type focused? Use the Dragon that strengthens that type. 


Your Hero you will want to be leveled as high as possible. Remember when skilling to skill the nodes at the bottom first and then work your way up. When it comes to choosing which Hero part of your decision is going to be dependent on level. However, let’s look at the benefits of the top two choices for attackers. 

  1. Hero One: This Hero has some great March Size, Type Stats, and Overall Troop Stats to help you pack an extra punch
  2. Hero Two: Here your benefits are going to be Empire Assault stats and Debuffs. At higher levels typically this Hero is the best choice for attackers. 


Banners are another place our attackers can grab some extra stats. Check out the current best Banners to use. 

Attack BannerStats
Fire Storm Banner7,500% Empire Assault Attack
Halloween Special: Advanced Empire Strike Attack Banner400% Empire Assault Attack
Halloween Special: Advanced Empire Strike Health Banner400% Empire Assault Health 
Vicious Warblade BannerEnemy Troop Defense Debuff 250% and Empire Assault Attack 250%
Broken Armor Banner250% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff

**Note the Victory March Banner will add 100,000 to your Rally Size if you decide to use this instead


We are going to look at the current top ingredients and vials available for attackers when it comes to Potions. Quick tip for crafting your potion. 

  1. Choose the best vial you have 
  2. Choose the best ingredients you have that complement the Vial. For example, if you are using a Vial with Empire Assault stats then use ingredients with Empire Assault Stats. 
Attack Vials
Limited Time Vial
  • 7,200% Empire Assault Attack
  • 7,200% Empire Assault Health 
  • 7,200% Empire Assault  Defense
Offense Mix Potion Flasks
  1. 3000% Empire Assault: Attack, Health, and Defense
  2. 2600% Enemy Troop Defense and Health Debuff
  3. 2600% Troop Attack 
Attack Ingredients
  • Charmed Flower- 400% Empire Assault Defense 
  • Charmed Serpent’s Egg- 400% Empire Assault Attack 
  • Charmed Slug- 400% Empire Assault Health 
  • Pink Leaf: 350% Empire Assault Troop Attack 
  • Pink Fungus: 350% Empire Assault Troop Health 
  • Pink Powder: 350% Empire Assault Troop Defense
  • Acid Leaf: 400% Enemy Troop Health Debuff
  • Acid Wing: 400% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff
Possible Potion for Attackers
  • Vial- Limited-Time Empire Assault Vial
    • Charmed Flower- 400% Empire Assault Defense 
    • Charmed Serpent’s Egg- 400% Empire Assault Attack 
    • Charmed Slug- 400% Empire Assault Health 
    • Pink Leaf: 350% Empire Assault Troop Attack 
    • Pink Fungus: 350% Empire Assault Troop Health 
    • Pink Powder: 350% Empire Assault Troop Defense

This combination can be changed up depending on your individual needs and the slots you have available for Ingredients. 

Buildings for Attackers

When we look at Buildings there are several buildings that give extra stats for our attackers that are important to be working towards leveling up. 

  1. The Monster Lair- This building will not only unlock a second march slot so you can send two monsters but it also provides Empire Assault and Overall Troop Stats
  2. The Master Garrison- This building is nothing but stats and has a ton of useful boosts that you want to be sure to check out! 
  3. The Boost Hall- Make sure you are unlocking your boosts in the boost hall! These boosts can make a big difference when they all add up. 

Choosing a Target

Are you ready to head out and Attack? Remember that you will want to be sure to be testing and learning what your limitations are as an attacker. However, in the meantime here are a few recommendations on things you can look at when determining whether or not a player is a good target. 

  • First: Visually look to see things such as stats and other visible signs. These are things such as VIP, Banners, SH level, and more. If a player is not focusing on keeping visible stats like this hidden they can tell you a lot about the player’s strength. Remember that power is subjective if you do not know where it is coming from. A higher power player could have the same number of troops as a lower power player but have collected quests or have higher hero levels.
  • Second: Check gear. While the player may be bait trapping gear can tell you a lot about whether or not that player is a good target. 
  • Third: Send a Scout. While they may be running anti scout if they are not there is a lot their research and troop count can tell you. If they have low research, a bad troop composition, or are heavier on one troop type that can help you decide whether or not to hit and what troops to hit with. 
  • Finally: Post the target in alliance chat if you are unsure and ask your team for their thoughts. 

What’s Next? 

We have tons of articles to help you with your in-game strategy! Check out some of these articles. 

The Little Things

This article takes a comprehensive overview of the little things that will help you when you are building your stats in the Dragon Dimension.

The Little things you should not forget in the Dragon Dimension  

Stay tuned

Stay Tuned for more great information from our Realtip Team as Game of War continues to evolve. 

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