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Dragon Cores


Cores have arrived in the Dragon Dimension and players are very excited to see these, however, to some players Cores are new and they are not familiar with how to craft them without the use of the VIP crafting system. In this article, we are going to break down some of the basics that may have been forgotten and then take a closer look at the Cores that are being offered in Dragonville.

Crafting Cores 101

When crafting cores think of it as cooking soup. You have your pot (your core) inside your pot you are going to put your different ingredients (your pieces). When you are making this you have to consider how your ingredients will mix with each other. Your soup cannot create something that was not already there. Therefore, the stats in your pieces are important to consider before just tossing everything in the pot.

When you enter your forge you will go to craft core equipment. Here you will first encounter your cores.

Cores TabCores Tab

Below the cores tab are six subdivisions of types of cores. Each type represents an equipment slot. The general guidelines for each slot are:

  • Weapon (Weapon icon/Weapon slot)
  • Helm (Helm icon/Helm slot)
  • Chest Plate (Chest icon/Armor slot)
  • Ring (Accessories)
  • Boots (Boot icon/Foot slot)
  • Helm/Sword/Armor (Core Sets)

Next, let’s look at the pieces tab. Note that the “Pieces” tab is highlighted, signifying that it is active.

PiecesThere are seven subdivisions under the pieces tab. They are listed below with a brief description.

Pieces Subdivisions
First up the Equipment Bag: All Bonuses

This sub-tab is a catch-all. It gives access to all pieces available in your forge inventory.

Equipment Bag

The subsequent tabs subdivide the pieces based on their characteristics. These guidelines apply to each of the next five sub-tabs: If the specific characteristic appears in the piece in any amount, it will be included under that tab. This means that any piece, regardless of troop type or sub-type, will be included under a specific sub-tab if it possesses that characteristic. It also means that a single piece might be included under multiple sub-tabs. Pieces under any tab are always listed in alphabetical order. Continuing from left to right, these sub-tabs are as follows:

Second, Crossed Swords: Attack


Pieces with attack stats, regardless of type, can be found under this sub-tab. This includes any piece with Troop, Infantry, Ranged, or Cavalry Attack stats.

Third, Red Cross: Health


Fourth, Defense Symbol: Defense


Fifth, Troop: Attack, Defense, Health, Debuffs

Attack, debuffs,etc

This sub-tab is slightly different. It characterizes each piece based on troop sub-type. Any piece with any characteristic of that troop sub-type will be included. For example, infantry is the first troop type listed. All pieces with Infantry Attack, Defense, or Health can be found here. It will also include all pieces with Infantry Attack, Defense, or Health Debuff. Pieces will be listed in alphabetical order, irrespective of its characteristics. The order of the sub-types is Infantry, Cavalry, then Ranged.

Sixth, Coins: Hero Attack and March Speed

Hero Attack and March Speed

Finally, Core Set Pieces

Core Set Pieces

This sub-tab contains each of the pieces relevant to creating Core Sets. Again, they are grouped by specific set. The core sets are grouped with the most recently released set at the top and get progressively older (by release date) as you scroll down. However, in the Dragon  War Dimension, this is not currently relevant.


In the Dragon War Dimension, the most important research you will encounter at this time for cores is the Crafting Research Tree. This tree does not open until you reach at least academy 20 and as you go further in the research you need to progressively increase the level of your academy to access more of this research.

The research within this tree that is relevant to cores includes:

  • Helm Stat Multiplier
  • Armor Stat Multiplier
  • Feet Stat Multiplier
  • Weapon Stat Multiplier
  • Accessory Stat Multiplier
  • Crafting Cost Reduction
  • Crafting Luck
  • Crafting Speed
  • Special Gem Slot Unlocks

For more information about this research be sure to check out the Crafting Research Article.

Crafting your Core

Let’s get into how to craft the actual core. Unless you have been playing Game of War for a long time this may be new to you. Many players never crafted cores or if you did, you crafted using VIP craft and are not familiar with how to craft from the base up.

A common question we hear people asking is what’s a good core recipe? However, you can build your own and try out different combinations to get the best stats possible for you. For more information on how to build your gear stats be sure to check out this article.

Step 1: Go to your Forge

First, Click on your Forge.










Second, Click on “Craft Core Equipment”.

Craft Core Equipment

Then this will open you to your Cores Inventory.

Once you know what stats you are aiming to maximize, pick the core and pieces that have the highest bonuses for your target stats.

At the bottom left of your screen, you will see a button that says “Cores Stats”.

Cores Stats

Click on this button to bring up each stat for all the cores you have.

Core Stats

As you can see, each item that is available for the weapon slot is shown. If you scroll down you can see the others you have. Clicking one of the other categories on the ribbon will give you different choices. First, choose the core you would like to use based on the stats. Stats are key to getting the specific items you want. Whatever you chose, will be your foundation core. Then, click the Add button to add it to the queue.

Next, click the Pieces tab.

Click the pieces stats button and use the same process. First, go through the categories, then scroll through the pieces, and add your pieces. You can add up to six pieces depending on how many slots you have open. This can increase your gear’s stats enormously!

Also note, that you can add level 6 pieces to any level of core, the core is the foundation and the pieces enhance the core. You can combine a level 4 core with level 6 pieces for better stats. Although just because you use level 6 pieces does not change the core to legendary, it stays at the same level even if the pieces are higher.

You can easily delete and place a piece or core back into your inventory to chose a different one if needed.

Check your Stats

Before you craft, be sure to check the stats you will be getting to make sure it is what you want. By doing this you can change the build over and over until you get something that will fit for you. You can do this by clicking on the core that is in the forge.


Craft Your Core

So let’s say you have a core and three pieces queued. First, at the top of the screen, you will see all the items ready. Next, at the bottom of the screen, you see three buttons: pieces stats or core stats depending on the screen you were last in, an instant craft button, and a craft button to use silver to craft your piece. Either gold or silver can be clicked to craft, it is your choice.

Next, speedups are used to reduce crafting time. Finally, when completed, you see your core and stats and you get an in-game email, with a link to the core you created. It will show you the name and quality of the core, and the stats it contains after combining.

Core Crafting

To help explain it more we have created a video where you can see us working on crafting a core. For time sake we have speeded up this video. However, it allows you to see every step of a core being crafted and at the end a comparison of the core Stats to the equipped gear. Please note that there are a lot of different combinations that can be played with not just the one seen in this video.

Cores in the Dragon War Dimension

Currently, in the Dragon War Dimension, we have some very basic cores. Core “sets” do not exist currently in the Dragon War Dimension. You can get the items needed to craft through Attacking, Events, and the gold Store. However, please note that there are unlocks needed for legendary cores and piece slots that are only available through purchases in the gold store.

UnlocksThe Dragon War Dimension cores are divided into three simple categories:

  • Infantry
  • Ranged
  • Cavalry

When crafting your core be sure to pick the stats you want to enhance and use the correct core on the person you are attacking. Scouting will be important when deciding. Make sure that you use troops that compliment your core. For example, if you craft an infantry core you want to use infantry troops and have any fillers follow suit. One of the best things about cores is that the timers are currently four hours. This is a good amount of time, however, be sure you use your cores when you will get the most value out of them and have a few targets. Many players like to save cores for kill events.

We will be working to come up with recipes to be able to share with you as time goes on, however, get out there and try out your own custom combinations. You never know, you may stumble upon the next great core.


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