Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 1

A look at the Best Gear for Defense and Attack

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Gear is a very important aspect of play. It gives a lot of stats that are important to be knowledgeable about. When we look at the gear we are looking at multiple uses and styles of play. As our inventories fill up and there is more and more gear to craft it can sometimes feel overwhelming. The purpose of today’s article is to walk you through the gear currently available in the Dragon War Dimension and the uses for the gear.

Getting Started

There are four overarching functions that we are going to look at when it comes to gear.

  1. Defense
  2. Attack
  3. Wonder
  4. Economy

We will break down each of these sections by gear. However, we also want to take a look at Athena’s Armory and some commonly asked questions regarding gear within this series of articles. Some questions that are commonly asked by the player base include what is the best gear for defense, or attack, or Wonder? The goal of these articles will be to answer the questions you have surrounding Gear.

Defense Gear

We will start with your options when it comes to defense gear. As a trap or filler, it is important to be able to protect your Stronghold. So knowing what gear to use for defense is important. However, remember that there are a lot of different intricacies when it comes to the stats you need to defend. So sometimes wearing a gear set will not be as beneficial as mixing gear based off the stats you need to enhance your Stronghold.

Judicator Gear

Judicator Gear Set

The Judicator Gear Set is our newest set of gear available for Defenders. This Gear Set includes some great stats. However, just as with the Frostlord Gear set it is important to note this is level 50 gear and will need the later parts of the Craft Research completed in order to help really boost its stats. Notable stats you will find in the Judicator gear include:

  • Empire Defender Attack
  • Empire Defender Defense
  • Empire Defender Health
  • Stronghold March Speed Debuff
  • Enemy Troop Attack Debuff

Frostlord Gear

Frostlord GearThis is one of the newer sets of gear that has made itself known as gear for defenders. However, there are some important thing to note when we are looking at this gear.

  1. This gear is a level 50 Gear. This is important for a couple of reasons:
    1. You cannot equip or craft this gear unless you are using a Hero with a higher level than 50.
    2. The Crafting Research tree will impact the stats of this gear, however, if you have not invested in the bottom half there may be cases where older gears are stronger as they are drawing additional stats from the top half of this tree.
  2. This Gear is newer so if you are looking to attract hits it may send your possible attackers running the opposite direction.

This Gear Set contains a few different stats that are helpful for defenders these include:

  • Empire Defender Defense
  • Empire Defender Health
  • Empire Defender Attack
  • Health Debuff
  • Attack Debuff
  • Stronghold March Speed Debuff

Vindicator’s Gear Set

Vindicator's GearThis next Gear set is another great one to look into when working to defend your Stronghold. One of the most effective stats in defense is Health. Players tend to do better when increasing Health over increasing Defense (however, always be willing to test and see what works best for you). Vindicator gear provides great Health stats that will help decrease your losses so that you can protect yourself.

These are the stats that are really going to help out defenders:

  • Empire Defender Health
  • Stronghold March Speed Debuff
  • Altar Boost Duration (will extend the amount of time on your Altar bonus)

Sentinel’s Gear Set

Sentinel's GearSentinel’s Gear Set is one that a lot of players look at. This gear is easily identified as being for defense. Some of the stats that it provides include:

  • Troop Defense Bonus
  • Trap Attack

However, what is important to note is that while this gear provides Trap Attack that is only useful if you are actually using traps. Many accounts do not use traps and so this is a stat that is not useful. When looking at this gear set the main benefit is the defense, however, recall that many times Health has more impact on protecting your troops. The Helm from this set has the most defense and may be beneficial to use in mixed gear sets.

Arbiter’s Gear SetArbiter's Gear

Arbiter’s Gear Set may be more of a surprise to see listed under sets to consider for Defense. When we look at the stats on this gear what we see are:

  • Troop Attack Bonus
  • Troop Health Bonus
  • Troop Defense Bonus

However, the majority of the stats on this gear are geared towards Attack. However, one thing that is very important to recall as a defender it is important that you have attack stats in order to be able to kill off your attacker’s march. Making this a good choice for defensive players as well.

Picking my Gear as a defensive player

Above we have listed four gear sets that are good choices for players who play as traps or simply want to defend their Stronghold. However, which set should you use? Frostlord is obviously the newest gear that is marketed towards defense, however, not everyone has this gear and if you have it, you may not have the research level needed to fully make wearing this gear worth it.

When it comes to deciding on your gear for defense a lot of it is in the strategy. Sometimes wearing a mixed set with a little bit of this and a little bit of that will benefit a player more than actually wearing a full gear set.


Mixed GearHere we can see an Arbiter Weapon being used with a Sentinel Helmet, Vindicator Armor, Feet, and Accessories. In this set, the player is optimizing on the Attack (to help kill off their Attacker’s march) from the Weapon and Defense from the Helm (to protect troops). The rest is geared towards Health to further enhance stats. Remember, that Set Bonuses come through your Athena’s Armory so you do not need to equip a full set in order to receive the set bonus. You are getting the set bonus at all times as long as you have the gear in your inventory.

However, what is important is knowing what you need. When you look at your reports are you not killing off enough of your attacker’s march? Add Attack. Or are you losing too many troops? Add Health and Defense. Being able to adjust your gear and know how to do this is what makes the difference between a good trap and a great trap.

Gear for Attackers

Obviously, the first gear that was geared towards Attackers in the Dragon War Dimension was Arbiters. However, over time we have seen more Attack sets released specifically for Attackers. It is important when you are looking at these gear’s to realize that many times the stats are specifically designed to be useful for Attackers and no one else.

For Attackers, the choice when it comes to gear is a little easier. If you are able to craft cores with great stats those are useful too, however, in this article we want to specifically look at permanent Gear Sets.

Northern King Gear Set

Northern King Gear

The Northern King Set is the newest Attack Gear that is available. Once again this gear is specifically for hitting stronghold’s because the stats that you will see in this gear set are Empire Assault Stats. Using this gear on Wonder or tiles will be a waste of time. The stats that are helpful for Attackers in this gear set are:

  • Empire Assault Attack
  • Empire Assault Defense
  • Empire Assault Health
  • Attack March Speed
  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff

This is the gear that you need as an attacker. However, if you do not yet have it, it does not prevent you from still being able to attack. Below we will look at a couple of older Gear options that will help while you work to obtain a set of Northern King.

Skeleton King Gear Set

Skeleton KingThis is the next most recent Gear Set and the one that all Attacker’s want to be using. This gear provides:

  • Empire Assault Attack
  • Empire Assault Defense
  • Empire Assault Health
  • Defense Debuff
  • Attack March Speed

The stats on this gear are specifically geared towards attackers and do not help defenders. However, if you do not have this gear then there are older options that are easier to obtain to use while you work towards a full set of Skeleton King Gear.

Dragon War Haunted Assassin Gear Set

Haunted AssassinIf you do not have Skeleton King Gear then your next choice you want to look at is the Haunted Assassin Gear Set. This set is unique in that over time the accessories have changed somewhat. Make sure that you are crafting the correct accessories to get your Set Bonus but then also look closely at the different accessories in order to be able to ensure that you are using the ones that will best boost your stats.

This gear set provides:

  • Empire Assault Attack
  • Empire Assault Defense
  • Empire Assault Health
  • Attack March Speed

Many players have gotten this set solely through doing events. Often the chests themselves for this gear set will have the pieces of gear themselves. Making this easier to obtain if you have not yet been able to craft a set of Skeleton King Gear.

Older sets of Attack Gear do exist however, these two are the most recent and the ones that should really be looked at when you are looking into equipping your Hero for Attack. Note that the stats on these gear sets are designed specifically for Attacking Strongholds. Be sure to use this gear correctly.

Gear Up

We have addressed Gear for Defense Players and Attack Players. In the next article in this series, we will look at Gear for Wonder players and begin to look at other important information when it comes to crafting your gear.

In the meantime, we would love to hear your questions. What questions do you have about crafting gear that we can answer for you? Maybe you will see your question in an upcoming article! Comment below and for more information on the go be sure to join us on Line (add thatcinder and ask for an invite to the Game of War Real Tips Room) or Discord.

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