Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 2

A closer look at Wonder and Economic Gear

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Last week we began covering gear in the Dragon Dimension by taking a look at Gear for Defenders and Gear for Attackers. This week we will continue looking at gear for Wonder Players and Economics.

Gear is very important when it comes to your Stronghold whether you are protecting, defending, playing Wonder, or researching we want to make sure that your gear is up to par so that you can do so successfully. In this week’s guide, we hope to answer the questions of aspiring Wonder Players and to be able to take a closer look at gear for Economic Functions.

A Quick Recap

In the last Gear article, we looked at potential gear mixes for Defenders. We also took a closer look at the current best permanent Gear for attackers. However, as a reminder, this is always shifting and these articles will address permanent Gear not cores.

For a more in-depth look at the gear for Defenders and Attackers make sure to take a look at:

Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 1

Gear for Wonder

When it comes to Wonder stats are very important. Having that extra edge can make the difference when you are trying to Obtain or Hold Wonder. If we look closer at Wonder some of the most important stats we will see are March Size, Health, and Attack. While there are cores available for Wonder we are going to take a look at the permanent Gear that is important when it comes to playing Wonder.

Jiao Dragon Set

The Jiao Dragon Set is the newest set of Gear for Wonder Players. This gear was released prior to the latest Super Wonder. With this gear, you will get an abundance of wonder stats to help those of you who love playing the Wonder. The stats that you are going to find on this gear include: 

  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff
  • Troop Attack Bonus while occupying the Wonder
  • Wonder Troop Health Bonus
  • Wonder Rally Troop Attack 
  • March Speed

For Set bonuses you will find the following stats on this gear set: 

  • Wonder Troop Health Bonus
  • Wonder Troop Attack Bonus

This Gear set replaces the Paladin of Sola Set which players will still need if they do not yet have Jiao or if they need the set bonus that is available from the Paladin Set. 

Paladin of Sola Set

The Paladin of Sola Set is a wonder gear set that has a lot of benefits to help players who are interested in playing the Wonder. This Gear set is not the newest but it is one that you will want to obtain for the set bonuses and that you will want to use until you do have access to the newest gear. In this gear you will find the following stats that are available to help you in your quest for Wonder: 

  • Enemy Troop Health Debuff
  • March Speed
  • Troop Attack Bonus while occupying the Wonder
  • Wonder Troop Health Bonus
  • Wonder Rally Troop Attack 

In the set bonus, you will find stats for:

  • Wonder Troop Health Bonus
  • Wonder Troop Attack Bonus

This is a great set to wear while you are working to obtain newer gear sets. Make sure you are testing and swapping pieces in and out to see what works best for you when you are working on your Wonder set up!

Colossus Gear Set

Colossus GearThe Colossus Gear Set is the most recent when it comes to Wonder. This gear set is going to be more difficult and costly to obtain currently. When we are looking at this gear set the stats that we are going to see that are beneficial when it comes to Wonder are:

  • Troop Defense Bonus
  • March Speed
  • Troop Attack Bonus While Occupying the Wonder
  • Wonder Troop Health Bonus
  • Wonder Rally Troop Attack Bonus

Here is what is nice about this set, it eliminates the need to switch sets when Holding versus attacking. The previous gear had stats for Attacking or stats for Holding but it did not contain both stats.

When you look at the Health in this gear set it is not specific to holding or attacking so if a piece of this gear has Health in it then it is going to be helping you in each scenario. When we look at the Attack in this gear set we notice that if a piece of this gear contains Attack Stats it contains both a stat for Holding and a Stat for Attacking. This eliminates the need to switch gear sets like was previously required. However, not every player is going to have this gear yet, so let’s take a closer look at the older sets that can be used while working towards obtaining the materials to craft a set of Colossus Gear.

Dragon War Samurai Set Gear

Dragon War SamuraiThe Dragon War Samurai Gear Set has stats that can be used when Attacking the Wonder. While this is a good set if you do not have Colossus Gear Set it is only useful when you are attacking the Wonder. This is not a good Gear set to help you hold. The Stats that you will see in this set that are helpful are:

  • Troop Defense Bonus
  • Troop Health Bonus
  • Deployment Speed
  • Troop Attack Bonus While Attacking the Wonder

Dragon War Haunted Samurai Gear Set

Dragon War Haunted SamuraiThe Dragon War Haunted Samurai Set Gear is what you want to look at when you are Holding Wonder. This gear set has stats that are specific to occupying the Wonder versus Attacking. However, some of the accessories are worth a closer look when it comes to this set as well as they are not Occupying or Attacking Specific. Overall this Gear Set provides the following Stats that are beneficial to holding Wonder:

  • Troop Defense Bonus
  • Wonder Attack Bonus
  • Wonder Health Bonus
  • Troop Attack Bonus While Occupying the Wonder

The Shogun’s Winter Potion Accessory has Wonder Attack and Health Bonus that is not specific to occupying or attacking. This accessory has the best stats when it comes to choices for accessories with the Dragon War Haunted Samurai Gear Set and it may be worth switching in this accessory on the Dragon War Samurai Set as well.

Gear for Economic Functions

Now that we have covered Gear sets for our basic three combat functions let’s take a look at Gear for Economic Functions. These are things that everyone is doing and everyone needs. This gear will save you a ton of money over time so it is definitely something that is worth investing in. We are going to break down each function that you may need Gear for when it comes to various functions around your Base and what Gear Set is currently best for that.

Research Gear

Research is huge in Game of War. It currently makes up a huge portion of our stats especially with the Draconic Combat and Strategic Troops Research. Research Gear can save you a huge number of Speedups. So ensuring that you are wearing the correct gear is essential.

Current Best Research Gear:

1. Magister Research Gear Set

2. Chief Inquisitor’s Gear Set

These are the only Gear sets that address Research Speed. This Gear set will cut down a ton of time on your Research and help you save money. So make sure if you are getting ready to do some research you are equipping this gear to your Hero.

Construction Gear

Construction is something that you are either doing or you are not. Some players may choose to level up their construction to a certain level and then stop because they are happy with the benefits that they are getting at that level. However, other players may choose to level up their Stronghold’s to the highest level possible. Whichever type of player you are Construction Gear is very important when it comes to building.

Current Best Construction Gear: Glorious Architect Gear Set

This Gear Set provides help with the Construction Speed on your buildings. However, it also provides a Divine Building Blueprint Cost Reduction. So if you are leveling up to those higher levels this is definitely a Gear set you will want. However, if you have yet to obtain this gear than the next best set is a viable option as well to help you save on Speedups.

Next Best Construction Gear Set: Architect’s Gear Set

Training Gear

Whether you are choosing to be an attacker or defender everyone needs troops. The cost can sometimes start to feel like a lot. Equipping your Hero with the right gear can not only help to increase the number of Troops that you are able to train at the same time but will help reduce the number of Speedups required as well. If you are like me and like to train with Gold this can save you a ton of Gold!

Current Best Training Gear:

1. Grand Marshal Set

2. Dragon War General’s Gear Set

there are now two sets of gear to choose from. While you are working towards getting the newest set make sure you are utilizing the older gear for the most benefits you can get.

Monster Hitting Gear

Monster Gear is important as well in the Dragon World. Not only to help kill off Monsters more quickly but to help reduce the Energy Cost, Speed up your march, and increase the amount of Hero Energy that you are able to hit with at once. If you are not into killing Monsters this is a gear that is still important to have when it comes to the Raid Boss event. This event gives a ton of useful items and you do not want to miss out on it.

Current Best Monster Hitting Gear: Dark Hunter Gear Set

If you have yet to be able to craft this set than you definitely want to take a look at some of the older sets to get the benefits from them.

Next Best Monster Hitting Gear Set: Dragon War Monster Slayer’s Gear Set

In addition, even if you do have the newer sets you want to ensure that you are keeping your older sets for bonuses from the Athena’s Armory.

Athena’s Armory

Athena’s Armory is a very important feature when it comes to gear. There is a lot of information that we want to be sure that we cover here. Some of the bonuses here are going to be a huge help when it comes to increasing the stats of your Empire. However, we will be covering that in Part 3 of this series. Next week we will take a closer look at Athena’s Armory and frequently asked questions when it comes to crafting.

What Questions do you have that you would like to see answered? Let us know in the comments below and we will try to make sure that they make it into Part 3 of this series. Also, make sure that you join us on Line (add thatcinder and request an invite) and Discord for answers to your questions on the go.

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