Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 3

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As mentioned in previous weeks posts gear is very important when it comes to your stats in the Dragon War Dimension. We have covered gear when it comes to multiple types of players. However, this week we are going to look at some things that every player really needs to be aware of when it comes to gear.

A Quick Recap

In the first part of this series, we took a look at gear for attack and defensive players. It is important to be aware of what gear will be beneficial for your hero to be equipped with when you are playing. For defensive and attack Players be sure you take a  look at:

Dragon War Dimension Gear Guide Part 1

In the second part of this series, we looked at gear for Wonder Players and Economy Uses. This is something that impacts many players as well. When you are playing wonder your gear can be the difference between a win and a loss. In addition, Economy gear can and will save you a ton of money over time. So it is important to know what gear to equip for different functions within your Stronghold. For more information on Wonder and economy Gear check out:

Dragon War Dimension Gear Guide Part 2

Three Important things you NEED to Know about Gear in the Dragon War Dimension

While we have addressed what gear to wear there are different things you need to know about your gear in the Dragon War Dimension. These are the things that can make a huge difference in your stats and help to really push your account over the edge.

Number One: Athena’s Armory is a must!!

Athena’s Armory is a must! This little building can really push you to the top. However, it requires that you unlock it first. This building is available to level up so that you can receive set bonuses at lower levels however, this is not required. A lot of players choose to only craft gear at a Legendary level and do not need to worry about trying to receive bonuses at lower levels, therefore you simply need to unlock the building. However, if you are wanting to level up your Armory here is what you need to know:

12Unlock Set Bonuses up to Basic20 Blueprints
23Unlock Set Bonuses up to Common40 Blueprints
34Unlock Set Bonuses up to Uncommon60 Blueprints
45Unlock Set Bonuses up to Rare80 Blueprints
56Unlock Set Bonuses up to Epic300 Blueprints

This building unlock can be purchased in packs, and it can also be purchased in the Black Market.

What you Really Need to Know about the Armory

Set Bonuses come from Athena’s Armory in the Dragon Dimension. In order to receive these bonuses, you must first unlock the building. However, once you have unlocked it and have crafted the sets as long as they remain in your inventory you will receive the bonuses without even needing to equip the gear. If you break the gear and no longer have a full set you will no longer receive the bonuses.

We have created a table covering every gear set in the Armory and what players it helps to benefit. When we look at these stats we can see where some of our stats are coming from and how quickly these bonuses can really add up.

wdt_IDGear SetSet BonusPlayer Type That Benefits
1Northern King Gear SetEmpire Assault Attack 400%
Attack March Speed 45.5%
Attack Players
2Magister Research Gear SetBasic Research Speed 60%All Players
3Colossus Gear SetTroop Attack Bonus 400%Attack Players
Wonder Players
Defensive Players
4Glorious Architect Gear SetConstruction Speed 50%All Players
5Dark Hunter Gear SetHero Attack Bonus 125%Monster Hunters
6Frostlord Gear SetEmpire Defender Defense 300%
Troop Attack Bonus 100%
Defensive Players
Attack Players
Wonder Players
7Skeleton King Gear SetEmpire Assault Attack 400%
Attack March Speed 45.5%
Attack Players
8Architect's Gear SetConstruction Speed 50%All Players
9Dragon War Monster Slayer SetTroop Attack Bonus 100%
Hero Attack Bonus 100%
Troop Health Bonus 100%
Monster Hunters
Defensive Players
Attack Players
Wonder Players
10Dragon War General's SetTraining Speed 21%
Troop Queue +5,000
All Players
Gear SetSet BonusPlayer Type That Benefits

Number Two: The Gear Workshop is available

The Gear Workshop is available in the Dragon War Dimension. However, there are some important things to note about it.

What does the Gear Workshop do?

The Gear Workshop allows you to improve a piece of gear. Say you craft a level 5 Weapon but need a Level 6. In the Workshop, you can improve this piece of gear as long as you have the materials needed to do so.

Is the Gear Workshop Worth it?

Many players at this point in time do not use the Gear Workshop. There are various reasons for this including the fact that in order to improve your gear you must level up your Gear Workshop first and materials needed to improve gear are not always readily available. However, if you do choose to upgrade your Gear Workshop we have costs and benefits listed below for you.

12Upgrade Common Gear to Uncommon Quality20 Blueprints
23Upgrade Uncommon Gear to Rare Quality40 Blueprints
34Upgrade Rare Gear to Epic Quality60 Blueprints
45Upgrade Epic Gear to Legendary Quality80 Blueprints

Number Three: Research is essential when it comes to your Gear

Research? But we are talking about gear? Yes, Yes, I know. However, the Crafting Research Tree directly impacts your Gear. This tree is going to do a few things that will be very helpful when it comes to your Gear.

  1. Crafting Cost Reduction– This is going to reduce the cost of crafting your gear.
  2. Crafting Luck– Do you like to gamble on your gear? Sometimes players like to take the chance that they will get legendary gear even though they may not have a 100% chance. Crafting luck will increase your chances of being able to do that
  3. Crafting Speed– This research helps with crafting speed as well. Make sure you are saving on speed ups used to craft gear by completing this research.
  4. Gear Multipliers– Gear Multipliers are going to increase the stats on your gear. While your gear gives certain stats the multipliers do just what they say and multiply these stats.
  5. Fourth Gem Slots– Gems can help a lot in your gear. The Crafting research also opens up the fourth gem slots in your gear so that you are able to equip your gear with more stats.

For even more information about this research make sure you check out our article on this research here.

Commonly asked Gear Question

We know that there are some questions that are commonly asked when it comes to Gear. We will cover these questions below.

Should I wait until I can craft Legendary gear to craft? 

That depends. If you are planning on purchasing more to get more materials, then yes. However, if you feel that you will not be able to get more materials in a timely fashion, then you can craft at a lower grade and later work to get more stats in your gear by collecting over time. However, recall you are going to get the best set bonuses from the Armory by having full Legendary sets.

How many materials of this color do I need to be able to get a legendary material?

Combining is a thing again. Fortunately, if you have Combine all or Master Combine you no longer have to sit and click and combine one at a time. However, some people do want to know how many of each item you need in order to be able to get a legendary material. We have created a table to help you with that.

For example, to get a White Material using Grey Material, you need 4 Grey Materials. To get a Gold material using Grey Materials, you need 1024 Grey Materials.


Should I craft at less than 100%? 

That is completely up to you. You definitely can, and at 80% you have a high likelihood of obtaining the color you are crafting for. However, if you are worried about taking chances and not getting Gear at the quality you want, then you should definitely wait for that 100%.

Should I use gear sets or do a mix match of gear? 

Once again, this is something that is the player preference. Many traps enjoy cobbling together gear sets and picking and choosing their stats in place of picking a set. For example, my current gear includes pieces from Sentinel, War Boots, and Demigod Fire set. When looking at stats I am getting with my gear, it was carefully crafted to ensure that I was getting the stats that my individual account needed.

There are tons of options when it comes to gear and the gear is continually evolving. Make sure that you are testing and keeping up to date with the latest when it comes to gear. Questions? Be sure to comment here or join our Line (add thatcinder and ask for an invite) or Discord for answers on the go.

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