A Review of Dragon Dimension Special Buildings Part 1

An Exploration of the Costs, Benefits, and more of the Special Buildings in your City

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We have tons of buildings in our empires. From the basic buildings to the newer buildings with special functions, each one of these buildings has a function. Earlier in the Dragon Dimension, we took some time to cover the basic buildings and some of the stats they offer at lower levels. For more information on those be sure to check out the following article: 

A Dragonville City Walkthrough

While this guide covered a few of the buildings to the left of our city since that time we have had a few more released. Today we will cover some of the buildings that were originally in a Dragonville City Walkthrough more in-depth as well as taking a look at new buildings that have been added. 

What is a Special Building? 

Special Buildings are defined as buildings that are not a part of our basic city setup. These buildings have special uses and functions. In the Dragon Dimension, we currently have 15 special buildings. 

  1. Portal
  2. Dragon’s Den
  3. Graveyard
  4. Black Market
  5. Dungeon 
  6. Athena’s Armory
  7. Mythical Training Grounds
  8. Hero Hall
  9. Lifetime Boost Hall
  10. Imperial Banner Stand
  11. Monster Lair
  12. Master Garrison
  13. Alchemy Lab
  14. Training Garrison
  15. Gear Workshop

While each of these buildings has a special function, not every one of these buildings provides stats. In this guide, we will cover what each of these buildings does and the benefit of this building for different types of players. Also, if applicable and available we will cover costs for each of these buildings. 

Special Building One: The Portal

PortalThe Portal is one of the most simple buildings that we will cover. The sole purpose of the Portal is to help you move between the Dragon and Demigod Dimension. Enter the Portal and you will have the opportunity to go to a different dimension and collect any linked rewards you have earned. 

However, if you are like me this simple building is often forgotten as I logged into the Demigod side… recently… I think…

Special Building Two: Dragon’s Den

Dragon's DenThe Dragon’s Den is where your Dragon is housed. We have a few guides that will help you know what you need to know about your Dragon, dependent on the level. However, here is what you need to know about the building. 

Building Benefits

The Den goes to level 2 the benefits of being at level 2 include a Dragon Reinforcement Capacity of 4, a Dragon March Size of 1, and a Dragon Rally Size of 3. 

Building Capabilities

In this building, you will be able to level up and skill your Dragon. Do not forget that with recent VIP releases there is now a skill to here function for your Dragon. 

Do I need this? 

Not only is this building simple to level but you cannot have a dragon if you do not have this building leveled and your Dragon Hatched. With the Rebirth of the Dragon, it has become even more relevant to Game Play then it was previously. So hatch your dragon, level it up to Reborn Levels and reap the benefits. 

Where can I read more about the Dragon? 

For more information about the Dragon check out these articles:

How to Train your Dragon Dimension Dragon Part 1

How to Train your Dragon Dimension Dragon Part 2

How to Train your Reborn Dragon

Special Building Three: The Graveyard

The GraveyardIn the past, we were used to our Graveyards having the capability of being leveled up. This gave us stats and special capabilities. At this time in the Dragon Dimension that is not the case. Currently, the only function of our Graveyard is to display our Losses (Heroes that have died either through execution or Heroic Sacrifice) and our Execution (Heroes we have killed). Word of caution to the traps out there!! A high-level Hero or well-known Hero in your graveyard could make some leads question whether or not to hit you, or present a challenge, who knows? 

Special Building Four: The Black Market

Black marketThe Black Market is another building that goes to level one. It does not provide any special stats or functions. The sole purpose of the Black Market in the Dragon Dimension currently is to provide a place for you to purchase items with your Black Market tokens.

When the Black Market is open there are a variety of items you can purchase there from ports to gear mats to building items. This is a feature you want to be aware of especially when first starting the game. Items like Combine All or certain unlocks (Such as the Armory) have historically been available in the Black Market. This is a feature that can help you get things you need without having to get it in a pack. 

Special Building Five: The Dungeon

DungeonThe Dungeon also only goes to level one and provides no stats for your city. It is not a building you have to unlock or purchase. The Dungeon has one function and that’s to use your Energy in various dungeons to hit monsters. 

Why is this building important to me? 

This building provides access to your Speed Dungeon, Black Market Dungeon, and Hunter’s Gear Set Dungeon. There is also a place for the Explorer Dungeon, however, that is listed as coming soon. 

DungeonWhen you are hitting the monster’s in these Dungeons be sure to do so in conjunction with events to earn even more prizes. The Speed dungeon provides different resources and other items. The Black Market Dungeon is going to give you Black Market chests which when you open will provide Black Market currency and Loyalty. Finally, the Hunter’s Gear Set Dungeon provides mats for Hunter’s Gear. The most utilized function of this building currently is likely going to be your Black Market Dungeon. 

Special Building Six: Athena’s Armory

ArmoryAthena’s Armory is a very important building in your city. This building is a must-have for players at every level and is one you will want to focus on from early on. The Armory is going to provide set bonuses for your gear. This means that even if you are not wearing that gear set if the set bonus is unlocked you will be getting those stats. 

Building Benefits

This building currently goes to level 6. By unlocking the lower levels of the building you will unlock set bonuses at various gear qualities. Simply unlocking the Armory will give you set bonuses for legendary gear. However, by leveling up you will get set bonuses for Epic, Rare, Common, Uncommon, and Basic Gear. That means that if you are not able to craft a full legendary set you can still reap the benefits from a full set bonus. 

However, here is what is important to know, these bonuses do not stack. So if you have the building fully leveled and a set of gear at each level of bonus you only get the set bonus for the highest quality. 

Building Capabilities and Cost

1Unlock Legendary Set BonusArmory Unlock
2Unlock Set Bonuses up to Basic20 Blueprints
3Unlock Set Bonuses up to Common40 Blueprints
4Unlock Set Bonuses up to Uncommon60 Blueprints
5Unlock Set Bonuses up to Rare80 Blueprints
6Unlock Set Bonuses up to Epic300 Blueprints

Do I need this? 

Yes, Yes, a million times yes. While it is not necessary to level up this building you at least need to unlock it. When looking at stats the bonuses you get from the Armory are going to quickly add up. This is going to be one of the most important buildings you can have when it comes to boosting your stats. 

Special Building Seven: Mythical Training Grounds

Mythical Training GroundsThe Mythical Training Grounds do what it sounds like they do, they train Mythicals in your city. 

Building Benefits

The Mythical Training Grounds currently goes to level 10 by leveling up this building you can increase your Mythical Creature Capacity and Training Queue. 

Building BenefitBuilding Capabilities

Here you can train Mythical Creatures. There are currently four that can be utilized: 


  1. Draconic Guardian- These are Defense Mythicals
  2. Dragon Raider- These have a few benefits including double the speed T1, a bigger load carrying capacity, and 5 times the damage of T1 Troops against Barbarian Citadels (However, we have not seen an event with Barbarian citadels for awhile).
  3. Dragon Caravan- these are farming Mythicals and are intended to help with gathering
  4. Draconic Legionnaire- These are Mythicals that are intended for Attack. 

Do I need this? 

Probably not, this is not a building that is going to make or break you. The reason that you do not hear about Mythical creatures a lot in the Dragon Dimension is that not many players are actively using them. Those that do use Mythicals tend to see them die first in battle situations. If you want to play around with Mythicals and see what they can do for you, have at it, but when focusing on what you need this is a building that is not going to be a top priority. 

There are a ton of buildings that are available in the Dragon Dimension. This week we have covered 7 of the 15 special buildings available. While some of these buildings do not have many functions they all have their use. We will continue to explore these buildings and their functions in part 2. 

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