GoW Dragon One Year Anniversary Scavenger Hunt!

Embark on a Fun Scavenger Hunt to Answer Questions and Win a $25 Gift Card!

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Happy One Year Dragon Anniversary from the GoW Realtips Team! Savage Arab and our team wanted to celebrate through our little Scavenger Hunt in order to reward our readers with a chance of a $25 gift card! Additionally, Savage goes over some KvK, and new research in his video, but make sure to pay close attention and search through GoW Realtips and Savage’s videos for the answers to the questions below!

How it Works:

1: Submit your answers in the comment section below this article!
2: The GoW Realtips Team will randomly choose a winner from the pool of correct answers.
3: All submissions are due by Wednesday, July 31st , at 5 PM PDT.
4: The winner will be featured on our website, Facebook, and Discord, and also win their choice of a $25 gift card.

Q: What are three Nicknames the Realtips website has referenced the Dragon Dimension as?

Q: What Dragon Dimension Player was showcased in a Player Spotlight that actually explored the career of Two GOW Players? 

Q: What Dragon Dimension Player lists one of his Game of War Achievements as being the first King of 1151? 

Q: What was the first Dragon Dimension Core to deviate from the “original recipe” from years ago? 

Q: Which Stat does Cinder List as more effective for traps in one of the trapping series? Health or Defense? 

Q: Who was the player featured in Savage Arabs Video titled “I Burned the Biggest Player in GoW“?

Q: In the Gow Time Capsule: Favorite Memory Part 2 article, which two players shared the same story as both of their favorite memories? 

Q: What was the date of the launch of the dragon realm?

Q: Name in order all of the cores that have been released in the first year of Dragon 

Q: What was the first set of gear that was released for the wonder? 

Q: Which kingdom slayed the very first Raid Boss before all other kingdoms?

Q: What is the Super Wonder called in the Dragon Realm?


Q: Name each SW winner since the dragon realm opened. 

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    Regards from PONY (NUDS) who is always interested in infos about gameplay!

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