Comprehensive Guide to Dragons {Dragon Dimension}

A closer look at the various Dragons Skills and Unique Attributes

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Our Dragons have continued to progress and grow and level up. We have taken the time to look at each of our Dragons individually, however, we have as of yet to look at how our Dragons work together and the different benefits we will find in them. Today we are going to take a closer look at our Dragons and how they impact different aspects of the game and the things you need to know. This will essentially serve as your Dragon Cheat Sheet. 

The Dragons

At this point in the game, we have four different Dragons and each has its own use. While some of the Dragons have slightly higher stats than the others they all still have a use and specialized skills. The Four Dragons we currently have in Game of War are:

  1. The Reborn Dragon 
  2. The Inferno Dragon- Infantry 
  3. The Hydro Dragon- Ranged
  4. The Terra Dragon- Cavalry 


These Dragons follow the normal combat wheel with their strength. 

However, when we are looking at our Dragons there are many aspects to consider and that is what we are going to be covering today. We will start with Dragons for economy functions and then move into combat functions. 

Dragons for Economy 

When it comes to Economy Functions there is only one Dragon with Economy Skills and that is our Reborn Dragon. We are not going to spend much time in this section because it is self-explanatory. If you are completing the functions your Reborn has boosts for making sure you have the skills filled in. Here you can find boosts for Construction, Research, Training, and more. Ensuring that your Reborn Dragon is skilled correctly when completing these functions is important to make sure that you are getting the most benefit. 

Dragons for Defenders

Defenders are fortunate enough to be able to use all four Dragons to defend at once. In addition, as we explored in earlier articles it is beneficial to unlock and skill the newer Dragons even if you are not yet able to level them up. However, there are some other things that we should look at as defenders including reinforcement and skilling overall. 

Reinforcing with Dragons

One thing that is important to note when you are reinforcing other players with your Dragon is that this is not like reinforcing with troops. If you send a Dragon that is skilled badly it will impact the player you are reinforcing. This is because your Dragon does not take on the other player’s stats as your troops would. It maintains your skills. 

So how should you skill your Dragon when reinforcing? 

When you are reinforcing your Dragon make sure you are skilling it using the defense recommendations for that Dragon. For example, if you are reinforcing with the Inferno Dragon make sure you are skilling it heavily on type stats as that is what is going to benefit defenders the most. 

What Dragon should you use to reinforce? 

If you are reinforcing with your Dragon make sure you are sending your strongest Dragon. In 

addition, if you are able to scout and see what troops the attacker is sending you are able to reinforce with a Dragon that directly counters their march. For example, if they are sending an Inferno Dragon then reinforce with a Hydro Dragon. 

Skilling and Leveling your Dragons

When we move into this section we really need to break our Dragons into two categories:

  1. The Reborn
  2. The Elemental Dragons
The Reborn Dragon

With the Reborn Dragon being our first Dragon it is going to look a little different than the elemental Dragons. We really see this Dragon become strong enough to defend at the Reborn Levels which is level 100 and beyond. Here we will begin to see stats that are meant to strengthen our troops in conjunction with our Dragon. When we are looking at skills as a Defender here we want to focus in on:

  1. Reborn Skill
  2. Empire Defender Stats
  3. Debuffs

When it comes to extra points you can choose to put them in the HP or Regeneration skills or the Economy Skills. However, the skills that are going to impact you the most as a defender are listed above. 

The Elemental Dragons

When we say the Elemental Dragons we are referring to Inferno, Hydro, and Terra Dragons. These Dragons can be addressed together because they all behave similarly with slight differences. We cover more about these Dragons in their respective articles. However, we do want to give you some important takeaways here. 

  1. These Dragons help improve your results as a Defender even at level one so they are worth unlocking even if you are currently unable to level them up. 
  2. These Dragons seem more attack focused, however, the type stats they offer are really beneficial to defenders. This is even more true considering the act that when we are defending we are defending with all of our Dragons at once. 

When we look at skills for these Dragons it is actually really easy when it comes to these three. Most of the stats on these Dragons are intended for attackers or Wonder players. Including things such as Empire Assault and Wonder Stats. However, the type stats are really what is going to help defenders. So that is where you will want to focus on when you skill your Dragons. Level these guys as you are able but start using them as soon as you unlock them. 

Dragons for Attackers and Wonder Players

When we look at Dragons for Attackers and Wonder Players things are a little different. While all of the Dragons have some use there is a need to consider the fact that you can only send one Dragon in a march. Any other Dragons for reinforcing the wonder or filling a rally you are going to depend on your team for. This means that it is important that your team knows what you need from them when it comes to Dragons and skills. 

Filling Rallies and the Wonder with your Dragon

It is important to note that when we look at this aspect of gameplay

 it is similar to reinforcing other players with Dragons. When you fill a rally or reinforce the Wonder with your Dragon it does not behave the same as troops. While your troops take on the stats of the lead your Dragon does not. This means that how you skill your Dragon for these functions is important as well. You do not want to send a lead a Dragon that is skilled for attack when you are playing at the Wonder. 

So how should you skill your Dragon for these functions? 

When you are skilling your Dragon to fill a rally or reinforce wonder you should skill it for that function. Take your Inferno Dragon and say you are skilling it to fill a rally, you will want to ensure that you skill Empire Assault Stats as well as your Type Stats and Battlemark stats. 

What Dragon should you use for these functions? 

The best thing to do here is to ask your Lead. When your lead sets a rally or is reinforcing Wonder, ask them what Dragon they want. However, this is an area where the level of the Dragon is important as well because the higher the level of your Dragon the stronger it is. So make sure you verify that your Dragon is a high enough level as well before sending. If the option is between your Dragon and a stronger Dragon let stronger dragons fill first. 

What Dragon should you use as a Lead?

You have a few options here. I recommend that you use your strongest Dragon as a lead. The Terra Dragon has the highest stats when it comes to Empire Assault, however, if not leveled high enough it may be weaker than your Inferno or Hydro Dragon. In addition, if you are able to get a scout report off your target you can also choose your Dragon by targetting a specific troop type. 

Skilling and Leveling your Dragons as a Lead 

Once again we are going to separate our Dragons into two categories as we look at them in this section. 

  1. The Reborn
  2. The Elementals
The Reborn Dragon

This Dragon is not as strong for attackers as the new Elemental Dragons. Even at lower levels, the new dragons are going to outshine the reborn. This has led to the Reborn Dragon not being used as much. Therefore, our current recommendation is to level this bad boy all the way up and then skill him for Defense and economy functions as needed. When it comes to attacking and Wonder our biggest focus is going to be the Elemental Dragons.

The Elemental Dragons

With our elemental Dragons, you are going to want to level these as high as possible. You will see the highest stats for attackers and type stats and general troop stats on the Terra Dragon. However, each of these dragons has its own troop type specialty. Skilling should focus in on the Empire Assault Stats for attackers and the Wonder Stats for Wonder players. After these, you will focus in on the type stats and then the overall troop’s stats. 

What’s Next? 

We have covered a lot today when it comes to your Dragon Dimension Dragons. However, we tons more info out there for you. Make sure you are keeping up to date on the stats and the strategy. 

How to Train your Dragon Dimension Dragon

We cover the Original Reborn Dragon in three articles that cover based off level increases. 

How to Train your Dragon Dimension Dragon 

How to Train your Dragon Dimension Dragon 2

How to Train your Reborn Dragon

How to Train your Inferno Dragon 

This guide covers your Inferno Dragon including the stats, skills, and costs.

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How to Train your Hydro Dragon

This guide covers your Hydro Dragon including the stats, skills, and costs. 

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How to Train your Terra Dragon 

This guide covers your Terra Dragon including the stats, skills, and costs. 

How to Train your Terra Dragon 

Stay tuned

Stay Tuned for more great information from our Realtip Team as the Dragon Dimension continues to evolve. 

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