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Welcome to the Dragon War Dimension. Or, as many call it, Downstairs, Toothless, Dragonville and more! Players have been having some fun in this dimension and it has brought a new level of strategy to the playing field.

The “Toothless” Dimension is a favorite for many players as it reminds us of old school Game of War. Along with it, we have so many possibilities when it comes to trapping. Today, we will be covering trapping in Dragonville and some of the basics regarding trapping. Many players have frequently asked questions when it comes to trapping and we will aim to cover all of those here.

Trapping 101

Welcome to Trapping 101. For a long time trapping has been unique, and a long time ago power became irrelevant to some degree in trapping. However, it is relevant when it comes to trapping in the Dragon Dimension. So there are some basic things you need to know before you start building in this realm.

  1. Power is relevant in the world of trapping again, so there are some basic things you will want to watch that will give you a lot of power when you are trying to stay low power.
    1. Hero Level – Hero Levels give a lot of power: at level 40, your total hero power will equal 2.03 million.
    2. Empire Quests – Collecting Empire Quests will give a ton of power. Before you know it, you can have millions in power just from quests. So while at times the rewards can be tempting, this is something you will want to be cautious about.
    3. Research – Carefully plan out what research you want and need to complete. Research gives added power, so if it is not necessary, do not do it.
      Cinder’s Research Tip: Rewards Research does not give any added power. 
    4. Buildings – Buildings are another thing that add power, so be wise with building levels and outer buildings. If you can’t produce enough for it to be worth it anyway, then there really is no need to have 20 farms, and they will just increase your power.
    5. Watch your Hospitals – If you want to use hospitals in your build, keep a close eye on them. At level 20, a hospital will give 20-million-plus Hero XP. This will jump your hero level quickly, and cause an increase in power. If you want to use hospitals in your build, consider keeping them lower then level 20.
  2. Know how you want to trap.
    1. Low-level trap – This is a trap that is a low level with low research and power, but high troop levels. This level trap will not be able to fight off high-level attackers, but is a good point scorer when being hit by low level attackers during KvK events.
    2. High-level trap – This is a trap that wants to build to cap the big kids. They will build until they are able to take on the max players of the Dragon World.
    3. Solo Trap – Do you want to take only solos and run from rallies? This will enable you to remain at a lower level; however, be cautious of being caught away with your shield down when a rally hits.
    4. Rally Trap – Rally traps can take solos and rallies. These will be larger accounts and may not get as many hits, but rally trapping is always exciting!
    5. Get Creative – These are some of the more common ways to trap, but don’t be scared to get creative! The sky is the limit, and if it works, there is nothing wrong with it.
  3. Know what stats you need and where you will need to get them from.

The Science of Trapping

Trapping involves some science, as we like to call it. There are some basic stats that you will need to focus in on in the Dragon Realm, and many of these are similar to stats we have previously seen in Game of War. Each stat has its own unique role in trapping, and there is a science to building in a manner that works for you.

Common Trap Problems and How to Fix Them

Problem: I can kill off my attacker’s march, but I am still burning and losing.

Solution: Look at your Defense stats and Health stats. When looking at stats in trapping, Defense will help you to be able to lose fewer troops and win. There are a few places you can get Defense, including Research, Gear (Sentinel’s Gear is a good place to look), Gems, and Villas (Level 10 and up). Health stats can be found in Research, Hero, Gear, and Gems. If you are struggling to find more defense stats then look into adding more troops.

Problem: I win, but I cannot cap my attacker’s Hero.

Solution: In this case, you are struggling to kill off your attacker’s march. You need more Attack Stats. Attack is what helps your troops kill off your attacker’s march. So while many traps just focus on defense, this will leave you lacking. Some of the places to find Attack in the game are Research, Gear (check our Arbiter’s Gear), Gems, and Hero Abilities. Once again, if you can’t add more attack, consider adding more troops.

Problem: What troops should I use?

Solution: Unfortunately, there is a myth out there that certain troops tiers are inherently bad and T2 will send you up in flames like kindling. This is not the case. While that does not mean you should go out there and spam-build T1 traps, it does open up the board for discussion when it comes to this. We will explore troops more below.

Troop Science

We had some help from our friend Cheminem, who compiled the following information! We thank him so much for the time and effort he put into testing to help benefit the community.

Chem took some time to test the different troops. Since we are going to do a little science, we will look at this like a science experiment.

Purpose: To see the differences using different Troop tiers for defense.

Hypothesis: Different Troops will react differently based on their tier to an attack.
Method: In order to control the results of the test, the troop power remained the same for each test. Each defense used 70k power’s worth of troops for each tier. Troops were put in an encampment, and then attacked to see how they would react to each individual attack.


TestingDiscussion: You can see from the chart above that with each Tier there were differences. For example, switching from T1 to T2 meat reduced losses by a significant amount. In addition, the number of kills went up significantly as troop tiers increased. This means that if you have two traps and both are identical in power, but one is all T1 and one is all T2, the T2 trap will kill even more of the attacker’s march. This information will become more and more significant as players open more troop tiers. Looking at this data, what tier troop would you choose to use?

What does this mean in Non-Chem Geek Speak? There are different factors that we will need to look at here, but if you look at it from a purely mathematical perspective, it makes sense to use the highest tier you have. However, looking at trapping as an art will make us question this, as players with a higher level account may get a reduced number of hits. While you can use lower tiers, you will have to amass more of these to be able to be more effective. It is clear that as troop tier increases, you can kill more of your attacker’s march and reduce your own losses.

Dragon Science

Early on in the Dragon War Dimension, our Dragons felt like more of a hindrance than a help. However, as Dragon levels have gotten higher we have begun to see more and more benefits from them. A City with an appropriately leveled Dragon can actually be a benefit now rather than harmful.

Players are able to use Dragons mostly on the defensive side currently. Some uses we are seeing include the following:

  • Dragons are more effective now and not being cited as the reason players are burning
  • Dragons help to “cushion” so you do not lose as many troops when taking hits.
  • Being Reined with multiple high-level Dragons can improve your ability to take on your enemies.

As we do more testing and find out more benefits of using the Dragon we will keep this section updated.

Example Set-Ups

As mentioned previously, there are different setups you can use when building your trap. Below, we will give some examples of successful setups. Thank you to those provided me with reports and information surrounding their setup!!

Setup 1

This is actually my own setup. My account is a SH 10 with low research and high troop count. I have focused on a combination of defense and attack stats. My account is built to be hit by solos coming from small attackers, and is quite effective in taking these hits. However, being a small T2 trap, it is not very effective against larger attackers and will burn quite freely to a T4 hit. Here is an example of a successful defense.

Dragon Trapping

Setup 2

The next setup belongs to HungryStick from D:V. He is SH 20 with high research and troop power. As he is well-known in his kingdom, he does not get many hits there, but he does well in KvK events. He uses T3 to defend and can successfully defend against larger attackers.

HungryStick D:V

Setup 3

Our final example setup is from FinsUp in D:V. He has been building to be able to take rallies from large players. He is running a mix of T2 and T3 troops. He gave us some of his reports and we pulled one where he was soloed by a max player.

FinsUpWrapping it Up

Trapping is something very unique to the individual. Being able to take a hit and successfully defend is not always easy but when you are able to be successful it is a blast. Trapping is a bond that many Game of War players share in our sub-community. We have shared some of the science behind it here today, but there are so many more avenues to explore in trapping in the Dragon Realm. What is your favorite part of trapping? Comment below!

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  1. HELLRAISR62 says

    howmany villas should i add to my level 19 health and defense trap. i currently have 1 villa and 1 level 19 hospital 4 at level 18 and 8 at level 17 and. 1 at 10 until i can build my altar. I have a multipurpose account. I’m having trouble taking hit from the bigs because of having 14 hospitals. i would like to take more hits. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. HELLRAISR62 says

    Cinder you mentioned villas for trapping how many should i have to add more defense i have 13 level 17 hospital right now and 1 level 10 until i can build my altar and 1 villa. im having issues getting hit by the bigs having 14 hospitals. im a defense and health trap presently

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      honestly most of your stats are going to come from your gear. The Villas start at adding defense at level 10 at 0.5% per villa. if you were to replace your 13 hospitals with Villas and have 14 Villas you would add 98 defense to your set up (assuming all 14 Villas were level 17)
      A purple Sentinel helm adds more then double that (197%). I do have some Villas for an extra boost but I mostly use hospitals to save on troops plus they have yet to give points for hospitalized troops in KvK which means that having troops go to the hospital in events is actually a good thing because you are getting kills off of them but they aren’t getting points off of you. I would recommend seeing where you can add troops and gear stats before changing over your buildings because until you get to higher levels the numbers are still small. Although I’m not saying the 98 defense wouldn’t help if you do decide to got that route.

      1. HELLRAISR62 says

        Thanks. I decided to wait and see, howeverything works together, before destroying anymore hospitals. I was capping everyone at SH level 24 as soon as i upgraded to 25 i kept losing. But i have the time and patience to wait until i get all my gear pieces to gold. I’m getting there, in another 117 more days I should have my 1st full 7 piece set of Sentinel Gear.

        I’m finally seeing improvements in my stats and damage and kills with the gear pieces i have been able to craft so far. I’m getting there slowly but surely.

  3. Kobus Janse van Rensburg says

    How many t2 troops are needed to cap I am a strong hold 19

  4. Big B says

    Newb question, if your going for a trap build, do you recommend building wall traps to go with your troops and if so is there a ratio of how many trap to troop

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      it depends. if you are using a larger build where you are able to access more of the stats for traps then they will be more effective. However, because I choose to go with a smaller build I can’t access the research to strengthen my traps so I’m not currently using them. I do fine without them too.

    2. HELLRAISR62 says

      i use traps with my higher level trap account you just need to test it with traps and without. see what works best for you.

      i have noticed in the dragon dimension that most attackers send infantry and cavalry mostly so making more anti infantry and anticavalry is a plus and do make the anti ranged as well

    3. HELLRAISR62 says

      I can answer this question. We have found that your just wasting your time & rss to make traps. what with them level 40’s now that can take them out with one hit. Save your rss for completing more research and healing your troops.

  5. Micarta says

    Many thanks for a most useful article!

    I agree that collecting Empire Quests should be approached with caution, lest one’s numerical power grow so much as to deter potential attackers.

    May I ask how many farms the Pemberly account required to achieve a 120K T2 troop count while staying at SH10?

    Trapping should include deconstructing buildings and changing their type as certain goals are cleared, and other goals become more important.

    For example, let us say that a trapper decides to stop at a specific SH level (say 10, 14 or 19), but wishes to maximize research and inner buildings within that SH Level.

    While the construction and research is happening the outer buildings would be evenly balanced between Wood, Stone, Ore and Food, but once the trapper has attained the maximum construction and research that can be achieved within their chosen SH Level, then all of the outer buildings would be changed to farms to maximize the troop count, leaving only one or two each of Wood, Stone, and Ore (for the replacement of troops lost in battle).

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      My food stays in the red lol… I only open what I need.

    2. HELLRAISR62 says

      athats a false assumption, your troops would devour all your food in seconds. Haven’t you noticed that Stone is the dominant rss needed in Dragon Dimension. If your only using one account my best advice would be to keep your rss at 6 each then add a 7 th stone & ore if your not using one for your gold mine. You can hold a Million or 2M T2’s easily with 6 food farms.

      If you need more food & silver consider bringing in another account just for farming with 0 troops and refrain from hatching your dragon.

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