Dragon Rally Capacity Changes & Monster Lairs!

New Dragon Rally Changes and new Monster Lair for GoW

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Savage Arab is back and with a slew of new things to talk about that dropped on the weekend!

Dragon Rally Capacity was changed from 11 Dragons to 4 (5 total including yourself with Reinforcement). This could help to boost the overall competitiveness of Super Wonder Rallies.

Monster Lairs are now live in GoW. Currently, there are three different monsters available: Cerberus, Golem, and Centurion. Cerberus offers bonuses on Empire Assault Troop Attack, Defense, and Health. Golem offers the same bonuses but for defense, while Centurion offers Wonder Troop Attack and Health.

Additionally, when you upgrade your Monster Lair to Level 10, you get a huge amount of bonuses with 1000% Empire Defending and Assault to Troop Attack, Defense, and Health, with 1000% Wonder Rally Attack and 1000% Wonder Holding Troop Health. Lastly, there’s an additional 800% Troop Attack Bonus.

Remember, the Monster Lair is a new addition so feel free to leave your thoughts, feelings, and whether it’s left an impact on you and your Empire in the game.

Lastly, Battle Mark Plus will send you notifications when the Battle Marked Empire activates a Peace Shield, if their Hero is captured, and if they use a teleport. Crucial information that will serve useful for you.

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  1. Itchybuthole says

    Yuk , why did they have to add monsters to the attack – the game didn’t need it – in the old version before Demi the monsters Addition was nuts , over complications the game and making more of a fantasy game – not impressed , poor showMZ

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