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Dungeon Guide – Mastering Wonder and Speed Dungeons


Game of War is widely known as one of the best mobile multiplayer real time strategy games available, but what is less widely known is that there is a way for players to take a break from the war in a more quiet place underground.  The dungeon is a great PvE (Player verses environment) aspect of the game. Unfortunately, many players either have not had a chance to experience this exciting mini game or have done so very rarely.  This dungeon guide will place you on the path to domination!

Introduction to Dungeon Strategy

The wonder dungeon does not open on a predictable schedule and is often closed for months at a time.  Add to the fact that the research required to progress to the furthest levels is very expensive and the rewards for placing well (in addition to the dungeon loot itself) have not been updated to keep up with the many recent changes to the game.

So, what exactly is the dungeon for and why should players be interested? There are three distinctive dungeon types (Speed, World Boss, and Wonder), and each provides a slightly different answer to that question.


Speed Dungeon

The Speed Dungeon, accessed from the player’s stronghold, serves as a replacement for the once very popular GoW casino. The speed dungeon does not require any specialized gear, research, or skill.  The game play for this rather underdeveloped element of the game consists of tapping on a single monster until he is either defeated or the player has run out of the specialized energy required to play.  

The amount of energy used for each tap as well as the number of rewards chests obtained from defeating the monster are both dictated by the mode (basic, advanced, and ultimate) the player has activated.  This is the only difference in the three modes.  

Much like in the other two dungeon types, the speed dungeon loot has not been updated with new cores or quantities and has very little value.  

That said, there is one valid reason to go through the speed dungeon: MZ will occasionally use this mini game as a way to promote events, altering it so that the specific energy type required can only be found in packs.  In these cases, the inferno rewards for playing are often quite good.  

wonder dungeon red blob monster

World Boss Dungeon

The world boss dungeon is a rare event, even more so than the wonder dungeon. The dungeon opens only once the world boss is defeated, but is unique in that it allows for monsters to be captured using nets purchased in packs.

For a player to access the world boss dungeon a special dungeon key is required. This key can be obtained from completing the first level of the world boss inferno or, of course, purchased in packs.

The player who delivers the final blow to the world boss receives a reward chest for each member of his or her alliance which contains a world  boss dungeon key as well as fragments to upgrade dungeon skills.

The different types of world bosses are Aquarius, Cyclops and Wild Boar with the Aquarius appearing most often. The Aquarius Boss guards a water dungeon which is the most difficult.

Captured monsters are intended to act much like cores, each boosts a different troop type in Alliance City (AC) battles and each is found in a different quality level from basic to legendary. Of course a legendary monster has the higher boost stats.  In order to capture legendary monster you must descend further into the dungeon, usually levels 6 to 8. As an AC rally vs a stronghold cannot have a hero up to 10 monsters can be used. Here too, the monsters essentially act as a core.

MZ first mentioned AC battle in the middle of 2016 but little has been heard about it since. As with the other two dungeon types, the loot from the world boss dungeon is out of date and has very little value. Lower dungeon levels offer fragments but require a high dungeon research level.

Dungeon guide

Wonder Dungeon

The wonder dungeon itself is found at 256:512 underneath the kingdom wonder. To access the wonder dungeon a specific key is required which can only be obtained from packs. When the wonder dungeon opens there is usually a kingdom wide event often with great prizes to the most skilled kingdom dungeon player. The event is time based and the player with best time for most dungeon floors cleared wins. It is worthwhile to note even if you do not exit the dungeon by defeating a boss your time of death and last completed floor level is recorded.

Dungeon research is absolutely critical to a good performance and a top three ranking in the kingdom event. Crystal fragments are the necessary currency to upgrade dungeon research and can be found in packs as well as dropped from monsters and chests in the dungeon itself.  

Another piece of loot to look out for in the wonder dungeon is the Hades gem which, when equipped, hides a player’s gear. Rewards chests will also occasionally bear boost potions. These last for a limited number of moves, but can be extremely useful as a player progresses to the stronger monsters found on the deeper levels.

tundra boar explorer dungeon

Dungeon Levels

Each level of the wonder dungeon is a sort of maze which, when fully explored, reveals a 4×4 square of rooms. Don’t worry, there is a map in the upper corner so a player can retrace his steps if he comes to a dead end.

The number of moves a player is initially allocated depends on his dungeon building level and research. Additional moves are acquired from chests and by slaying monsters. A player who runs out of moves before finding an exit forfeits all loot.

Being defeated by a regular monster costs a player 5 moves, but a boss will subtract 20 moves from the player’s remaining total if he is victorious. There is an entrance and an exit on each floor, however the dungeon may only be exited with loot upon the defeat of a boss.

wonder dungeon checkpoing

Dungeon Bosses

The bosses appear on even numbered floors. Defeating the boss allows for the player to either exit the dungeon with the loot or descend further down the dungeon levels.

There are several wonder dungeon types. Fire, Light, Water, Earth and Underworld. Initially only one special ability may be equipped and with further dungeon research a second ability slot is unlocked. Using the ability requires mana. Mana can be only purchased with gold and obtained in packs.

A year ago packs contained only few million of gold so using up mana all the time was not very practical. With packs now having over 200 million gold mana can be used in excess.

The fewer hits it takes to kill a monster, the more moves the monster will grant upon his death. The most he can grant is 4.

potion crop explorer dungeon

Elemental Weaknesses

Each elemental monster is weak verses certain attack type. The fire, lightning, water and earth dungeons mostly contain elementals of each monster according to type. Having high resistance for the particular elemental attack allows the player to clear more floors.

Water resistance is the most expensive to unlock and a as a result when a Water dungeon opens players usually can not clear as many floors as, say, a fire dungeon.

The Lightning dungeon has produced the highest number of fragment drops in the past. The dungeon with the worst fragment drops, in my experience, has been the underworld dungeon.

The most interesting benefit of placing well in the wonder dungeon event is the title, distinctive helm, and boost that go along with placing in the top 3.  

The first place title, dungeon Lord, provides a 30% attack debuff boost and a large golden helm which floats above the stronghold of the player who earned it until such time as the player is defeated in another dungeon event.  

Second, dungeon Dominator, provides 20% health debuff and a slightly smaller silver helm.  

The third, dungeon Slayer, boasts a 15% defense boost and a bronze helm.  Due to game updates these boosts are less helpful than they once were, but one can hope that, since wonder titles have been enhanced, the dungeon titles may eventually receive the same treatment.

Wonder Dungeon Game of War GoW

Dungeon Conclusions

Ultimately, the question of whether a player should invest time exploring the dungeon is one only MZ can answer.  

Will the loot be updated to be in line with current cores and boosts? Will the other rewards gain significant value? Will the wonder dungeon be open often and long enough to make crystal fragment acquisition both possible and practical? Is AC combat still on the table, making monster capture worthwhile and ensuring that dungeon players are valued members of the alliance that would then need their skills?

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