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Start Streaming Game of War With YouTube Gaming!


Start Streaming Game of War Today

With streaming sites such as becoming the norm for watching live video game gameplay, Google has finally decided to get in on the revolution.  With their new platform, mobile game streaming will become ridiculously easy.

Watching Other Playing Games Is Huge

“I just want to watch,” is no longer something that you’ll hear among children who are timid to play their friends’ new game.

With YouTube Gaming Channels bringing in upwards of 3.5 billion views a month, and viewers watching 144 billion minutes of footage, it is no wonder that Google has decided to expand their already ridiculous functionality for this rapidly growing audience. This Thursday, YouTube released a new app called “YouTube Gaming” which will allow you to not only watch live streams of your favorite games, but more importantly, will make it easier than ever before to stream mobile game play.

YouTube Mobile Game Streaming Capture 2

The app is linked to your Google Account and will make uploading your content extremely streamlined.  Currently, the app which is only available on the Android store as of now, will allow you to capture game play and in-game sound.  For an even more personal touch, you can use the “Go Live” button to  utilize your “selfie” camera and microphone to offer live commentary on your stream.

YouTube Mobile Game StreamingSource

Create What You Want, When You Want, With A Streamlined Interface

This unprecedented level of accessibility will allow all users to become streamers without a steep learning curve.  On the flip side, this app is fully integrated to EVERY game you can play on an Android device.

How will YouTube Gaming contend with the largest game streaming platform on the internet, Twitch?  As of 2014, Twitch had 100 million unique viewers watching 16 billion minutes of live streams a month. Those are incredible numbers, but Google doesn’t seem fazed.

With 900% more minutes watched on a monthly basis, it’s no wonder why Google has finally decided to create a mobile game streaming platform.

So then, how can you kill it with mobile game streaming?  By getting Sponsorships.  In the early phases, half a dozen YouTube gaming channels will give the option for fans to pay them $3.99 a month for specialized perks like admittance to exclusive chat sessions.  As the app grows, this monthly fee will add more lucrative features, so keep your eyes peeled.

Currently, only the Android App has the ability to stream, but the iOS version still has awesome the same awesome functionality to view your favorite steams.  Due to the awesomeness of this new app, it should only be a matter of time before the iOS will have the upload feature.

We are looking to promote some Game of War streams, so if there are players out there, tell us in the comments!

Since Youtube streaming only works for Android devices, I’ve written an article on how to record your Game of War gameplay on ANY device!

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  1. Awesome456 says

    Here are some game of war players on! :
    Darkthorne (Twitch username: gameofwartips)
    Awesome456 (aka me) (Twitch username: Le_Glitz7)

    1. Chad says

      Darkthorne is awesome, we talk all the time. I checked your past broadcasts and didn’t see any though!

      1. Awesome456 says

        Probably since A) I haven’t done any in a while since B) I don’t have time to due to school and all that :/

        1. Chad says

          Ah bummer man, I hope to see some soon.

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