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In the Game of War community, we often hear that the people are the reason we play. The alliances we forge and the friends we make often only exist in the digital world. However, in between burning and being burned, for many players, the friends they have made have become family. Here at Realtips, we are dedicated to celebrating the people in our community who have become our family. We will be introducing a monthly feature of a player in our community. We want to hear from you guys! We want to hear your highs and lows and who you are. You are the reason this community exists.

This month, we will kick things off with our reigning Emperor, Huckster. Huckster is a force to be reckoned with in Game of War. He has held the Emperor title since March, winning three Super Wonders in a row. To say that he is a talented player would be an understatement. Huckster was awesome enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to me and share his Game of War Experience. He has a long history in Game of War as a top player and friend to many (and of course, along with friends come foes).Today we will take a closer look at him and his journey to Emperor.

Huckster 73v

Huckster is now the winner of not one, not two, but three Super Wonders in a row. He has won an uncountable number of events, and over time he has worked to build community within the Game of War playerbase. In speaking with Huckster, he really attributes his success to the community that surrounds him. However, while Huckster has become a force to be reckoned with, he was not always Huckster the Emperor. As many great players know, your greatness goes back to your roots.


All of us have a beginning. From our beginning, we grow and are shaped and formed as players. Whether we download the game with no clue what we are doing or download it with a history of success in MMOs, when we download Game of War, we are launched into our Kingdom and the beginning of our journey.

Huckster started out in Kingdom 336. There, under the mentorship of the R5 of his alliance (U5), SuperN008, Huckster grew to be the largest account in the kingdom. Huckster recalled how his mentor ran his alliance. The focus was always KvK and Super Wonder.

SuperN008 stressed that those were the real game and stressed to the alliance not to waste resources fighting over the Kingdom Wonder. This mindset quickly allowed them to become the largest alliance in their kingdom and gave them a long streak of winning KvK events. Huckster spoke of how he would go take the Kingdom Wonder and SuperN008 would come yell at him and ask why he was wasting resources for this.

One of the most unique things about this game, according to Huck, is the wide variety of players that the game attracts.

He recalled how back in his early days when the R5 could not shield, there was a player in their Kingdom that would torture smaller players, and no one could ever get him. This player was cruel in his play style and cruel in chat. Eventually, they were able to get an account into the alliance and drop the player’s shield. Their team spent three hours zeroing him in retribution.

Eventually, as all the greats do, SuperN008 retired and Huck took over leadership of U5. He began to build his own relationships with other players and eventually U5 merged with 73v. So began the journey to becoming Emperor.

Becoming Emperor

While Huckster clearly dominated in his kingdom and KvK alike, he stayed away from Super Wonder for a long time. At the point he had been playing for 4 years, he still had not made his own run for Emperor. He recognized the need to have connected relationships in order to be successful. During the time that StayAlive, Ctesse, and other major powers were dominating, he did not feel he had the support required to win a Super Wonder.

As many who have participated in Super Wonders know, it is a huge undertaking and requires a very dedicated team of players who sacrifice sleep and at times sanity to conquer the event. When Huckster finally made his first attempt for Emperor, they came in 2nd or 3rd place,and continued to build upon their successes to bring them here today.

During the last three Super Wonders, Huck has shown true skill and strategy. He has worked with teams of people to build and invest the time required to be successful. Today, Huckster has managed to create relationships with many alliances and he attributes that to his current success. Without the team, the lead cannot win. Huckster hopes to see this recognized, as he is aware that without his team he would not have succeeded in becoming Emperor once, much less three times in a row.

The Changes

After playing for years, many changes have come to the game. Many friends have come and gone and some have come back again. Huck feels that the game has come down to a few Super Alliances. Alliances that were once enemies are allies and joining together to make the most of the game they all love. Huck talked about how, with some of the changes and people leaving, we have lost as a community some of the middle-sized players that made the game fun. These were the players that trapped and waited to be hit and created the targets that you could rally around as an alliance. What Huck doesn’t want to see is the game becoming Huckster Vs. Doc and many shielded cities.  

The community has a voice and Huck encourages them to use it. To give feedback and to work together to continue to build the strong community that this game thrived on. Because in the end the community is what makes the game. The community is what brings life to the game.

Why Does Huck Play?

One day, we download a game we have never played, and we begin. Sometimes we complain, but we stay. There is a reason we stay and I had the opportunity to ask Huck what his reason is.

“My biggest reason is because of the really good friends in the game that I like a lot. People who are smart and have insight into things. I’m reluctant to walk away because of what has been invested into the game.”

 Most Memorable Win

The victories are sweet. They are what draw us back and keep us trying. Huckster’s most memorable victories have been dominating events and Super Wonders. He hopes to continue his pattern of victory; however, he would like to see the competition continue as well. To Huck, filling the Wonder and holding is great, but what brings excitement and makes it fun are the competitors that require you to think on your feet and strategize to win.

Most Memorable Loss

Where there are victories, there are also losses. Huckster’s most memorable loss was the day Demigods were released, and he lost all he had built to one Demigod troop.

Gear of Choice

Gear speaks a lot to who you are as a player. Do you hide your gear or display it for the whole world to see? Huck’s current gear is definitely geared towards him. Right down to his gems, his gear tells you he is a lead and a successful one at that.

HucksterHuckster’s Secret to Success

Well really, it isn’t a secret. Succeeding in the current dynamic of Game of War requires two things, according to Huck: time and money. You need the time to be able to click things out and the resources to obtain them. While strategy is important, if you don’t have a strong build, you cannot and will not be successful.

Huckster is a great friend to Teamrealtips, and part of the reason that we are able to bring you in-depth information. He truly cares about the community and enjoys the competition. He would like to see the community continue to thrive and grow, as it is what makes the game great!

We had a great time talking to Huck. He has a wealth of experience and stories. Not only is he a great player but a great friend to those who know him. We appreciate the time he took to sit down with us and share some of his experience and some of his stories and wish him further success as he continues. We can’t wait to hear from our next player and would love to know who our community would like to hear from. Leave a comment below for us of who you would like to hear from and what you would like to know!


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