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Endless Inferno Provides Huge Rewards!


Endless Inferno Can Provide Amazing Rewards

Endless Inferno allows you to complete a single inferno event multiple times.  It requires an Endless Inferno Event item that can be purchased from the gold store. Typically, these boosts are available in the latest full pack.  The Endless Inferno item lasts 15, 30, or 120 minutes so you must be strategic in your use of the item.  Below I provide two strategies for gaining HUGE rewards from just one Infinite Inferno item.

Endless Inferno and Stacked Bonusesinfinite inferno

The trick of this strategy is to use the Infinite Inferno item so that it spans two infernos.  Also, you want those two infernos to be different types of point systems.  For instance, completing a gold pack purchase inferno first, then a building/research inferno next will allow to net the most rewards.  Using this strategy, (GnQn)Nneelix  completed and collected rewards from three “Buy Infernos” and three “Research/Build Infernos” while reaping the following rewards:

  • 100,000 days in speedups
  • 300 billion in resources
  • Many high end boosts including 75% research and build
  • Countless cores and chests
  • And much more

The total spent using this strategy was just under $200.00 USD.

Accumulate Massive Amounts of Important Cores and Pieces

Before we jump into the “Huge Rewards Strategy,” I’d like to take a moment to explain a strategy provided in one of Real Tips Line rooms from “NoburuRyuu”.

NoburuRyuu suggests that the the Infinite Inferno can be used during a purchase inferno that contains  hard-to-get pieces and cores.  Use the Infinite Inferno to complete the purchase inferno multiple times if you plan to make multiple pack purchases in a short amount of time.  He was able to accumulate multiple full sets or top cores such as Nike by using the $20.00 “secret prize” pack which contains a random gift of resources and core sets to complete the inferno.

Thank you NoburuRyuu for the awesome tip!

I will now continue to explain how to achieve Nneelix, Huge Rewards Strategy with Infinite Inferno!

Timing of a Huge Rewards Strategy

The timing of this strategy is the hardest part.  You will need to wait for the ideal time to pull this off.  In this case Nneelix had the following scenario:

  • Locked epic rewards chest
  • Buy Inferno $50.00 USD
  • Limited time rewards chest requiring 25 m gold
  • Several bonus chests in the gold store available

For this scenario to be successful you need to buy two 12 million gold full packs and a small filler pack to reach 25 million gold.  If you wait for another buy inferno to make the third filler purchase of a small pack then you can gain some rewards from that inferno as well.  Unlocking the bouncing rewards chest is not necessarily required to do at the same time as completing these infernos.

It’s also important to evaluate your pack options before attempting a buy inferno.  Nneelix had 1 unlock pack and 2 others that looked decent.  Nneelix decided that buying an unlock pack was likely the best option since he’d need multiple packs anyway.

Preparing to Complete the Infernos

Once the timing looks good its recommended that you use Amazon Coins to get enough coins to buy two full packs or 9,900 coins and some for the 3rd inferno or 1900-9900, also your infinite inferno purchase of 990.  If you are not familiar with Amazon Coins check out our tutorial:

Use Amazon Coins and save HUGE on Game of War packs!

If you are able to use Amazon Coins great you can save up to 25% on gold packs!  However, its is not necessary to complete this strategy.

Also, go ahead and set your Hero skills and gear for building and researching and perhaps pop a peace shield so you can devote your full attention to reaping incredible rewards!

Steps for Completing Strategy

With all preparations made it is now time to execute our HUGE REWARDS STRATEGY!

Step 1: Purchase your infinite inferno item and your regular rewards chest will unlock.  Go ahead and collect it but do not use your inferno item just yet.

Step 2: Buy your first full pack.  The first inferno is complete. Epic rewards chest is unlock.  Collect it!

Step 3: Important! Now wait until the Buy Inferno has about seven (7) minutes left on the clock (or less if you can move quickly).  Get ready because you have to move quickly! Pop your Infinite Inferno item!

Step 4: Buy your second full pack, 2nd inferno complete. Buy your filler pack with at least 1 million gold and enough points to finish 3rd inferno.  3rd inferno complete, unlocked limited time reward chest, collect this from the city view.  Hurry before it disappears.

Step 5: The buying phase of the strategy is complete.  Now we must wait a few minutes for the inferno to end and the next to begin.  We hope that it is a good one!  While we wait open all the gold you just got because you’re going to need it if you want to max the next infernos.  Double check that your Hero is set for Building and/or Research.

Step 6: Once the research and building inferno begins, pop your construction or research boosts and begin.  Complete the timers with large speed ups or the gold you just attained.  Nneelix was getting entire inferno done with one research.  Now repeat this over and over.  Nneelix was able to complete five infernos before the Infinite Inferno timer was up.  The last inferno can be done at a slower pace so long as the final inferno was reset before the timer was on the infinite inferno was up.  Now the 6th inferno is complete.

Step 7: Start a final Building or Research while your boosts are running.

Now the fun part!  Collect all the amazing loot you just acquired and send Nneelix a thank you mail in-game thanking them for the awesome TIPS!

Nneelix provided this strategy in one of our new Line Rooms!  If you’ve not already done so, I urge you to join one today!

GoW Real Tips Line Rooms!

Note: An inferno may only be completed 100 times.  Once you’ve completed the inferno 100 times you must wait for a new inferno to begin regardless of whether your Endless Inferno boost is still running.

Have you used this strategy and reaped HUGE rewards?  Leave a comment below and tell us about it!


Special thanks to (GnQn) Nneelix!

  1. Jax5999 says

    An update you may want to put on here is that the “Endless” Inferno is definitely no endless. I found this out a few months ago. I was doing a troop training inferno with the prize notification turned off, just more clicking to slow me down. After finishing the event I checked to see the total rewards, knowing with the resources and gold used I should have finished about 300 times. It had stopped giving the rewards at 100 times. I sent MZ a message saying it messed up and they sent one back saying here, have a 10 min “Endless” Inferno on us. I told them I wanted the prizes, millions in gold, billions in rss, and the tokens for the special event that was going on. They didn’t reply so I fired another one back, of course the special event had ended which didn’t really matter because they told me after checking it had worked 100% like it was designed to.

    1. Brent Ward
      Brent Ward says

      I’ve also discovered that the Endless Inferno is actually a 100x limit inferno. I will update this article to include the note about the 100x limit. Thank you for the reminder.

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