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As you may have read in her travelogue, Phoebe enjoyed her journey into the Dragon Dimension and has decided to stay for awhile. In the meantime, she messaged her favorite Realtips Team and told us all about her journey. So we took our own journey through the vortex so that we could bring back the best tips for you.

We have received our own Dragon to roam with in another realm of Game of War. Entering this realm is like taking a step back in time… with a twist. So step through the portal with us, as we explore the Realm of Dragons!

PortalEntering Dragonville

“You’re traveling through another dimension,
a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind;
a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.
That’s the signpost up ahead– your next stop . . . the Twilight Zone!”

~Twilight Zone Season 2 Theme Song

Stepping Through the Portal

Entering the Dragon Dimension is an experience in and of itself. You travel through a mesmerizing portal to the other side, where you are greeted for the first time with fireworks and a hearty welcome. It can feel a bit disconcerting at first, as you don’t know what to expect, and then you find that you have somehow landed in the past with a twist, truly making it another dimension.

Getting Started

Entering the Dragon War Dimension gives one the feeling of having just downloaded the game for the very first time. You walk through a tutorial and are welcomed to the Dragon War Realm with Fireworks. However, be aware — you may want to turn you quests bar back on so it is available!

Starting Items

Just like when you first download Game of War, you are given some basic items to get started.

  • 10k of each resource
  • Name Change
  • Hero Select
  • Avatar Select
  • City Rename
  • Change Profile Image
  • 100 Gold
  • Beginners Teleports

When you enter, you can unlock your Dragon’s Den. This takes one hour to complete. While this timer is running down, use that time to begin other functions, such as joining an Alliance, building, and researching.

Once your Dragon’s Den is unlocked, you receive a Dragon Egg. In order to hatch your Dragon, you must level up the Den to Level 2. Flip to the Building Tab on your Den and hit Upgrade. There are no requirements for this Upgrade; it is an automatic level up that requires no time. Once you Upgrade, your Dragon automatically hatches.

Dragon HatchingThe Dragon

The Dragon (and Dragon’s Den) is a new feature that we have never encountered before. Testing is needed! We have, however, managed to ascertain some basics from beginning game play. Your Dragon’s Den has three tabs.

  1. Building Tab
    The Building Tab will be recognizable. From here you can upgrade your Den and find information about the Den.Dragon Den Building Tab
  2. Dragon Tab
    The Dragon Tab is new to us. Here, you can see your Dragon, as well as your HP (hit points). Just like your troops, your Dragon can take damage. When your HP decreases, so will your Attack and Defense Boosts. The Dragon is able to heal over time. You can also purchase instant Heal items from the Store if this takes too long. You can level up your Dragon and see your Dragons Stat Rating from this tab as well. In the upper left hand of this tab, you can see three symbols. This indicates where you have allocated your Dragon Skills.Dragon's Den Dragon Tab
  3. Skills Tab
    Finally, you have your Skills Tab. This offers three columns of skills. One Column is geared towards attack, one towards defense, and one towards utility (economy skills). You unlock skills and higher levels of the skills by leveling up your Dragon. You can reset skills at no cost! So test and reskill as much as needed.
Dragon's Den Skills tab
Dragon Facts
  • Leveling up your Dragon Costs Dragon Level Up Crystals.
  • Your Dragon has HP (Hit Points), and takes damage like your Troops do.
  • As HP decreases in Combat, Attack and Defense boosts will decrease with it.
  • Your Dragon’s stats can be customized utilizing a skill tree.
  • Your Dragon can join Rallies and Marches and will assist in Combat.
  • The Dragon must be at 100% HP to participate in Rallies or Marches.
  • You can send up to 9 Dragons per Rally.
  • Your Dragon can occupy and defend your Empire, Resource Tiles, Wonder, etc.
  • Your Dragon will naturally heal itself over time while it rests in the Dragon’s Den.
  • Instant Heal Items can be found in Special Sales.


What would Game of War be without Events? Just like in the Demigod Dimension, there are events to help sustain you with prizes. The events in the Dragon Dimension are attainable, and here’s the thing — the prizes are worth it, because not only do you earn prizes for your Dragon City, but you earn prizes that get sent home to the Demigod Dimension.

Linked events can include:

  • Alliance Events
  • Build/Research/Train Events
  • Inferno Events
  • Kill Events
  • Monster Events
  • …and More!

You can tell if an event is Linked because a Linked event will have two links at the bottom of the symbol, like this one.

Linked EventYou can see where your prizes are going by looking at the event as you finish the milestones. It will tell you where they went.

Game of War EventsBuildings

As you begin to build, you will notice that the buildings are the same ones you are used to. It is truly like taking a step back into time and starting from Stronghold 1. Buildings max out at Level 30, so there is no more 1140 or 1150. In the Dragon Dimension, the numbers are once again manageable.

A big difference you will note are your Villas, Barracks, and Hospitals. We have become accustomed to these buildings giving us certain stats, but they are a little different in the Dragon Dimension.

  • Barracks give a larger Troop Queue and Training Speed.
  • Hospitals give increased Hospital Capacity and Healing Speed.
  • Villas give Defense starting at level 10.

However, all of the special buildings off to the side are gone, leaving only the Dungeon, which includes a Lightning Shardbeast who drops resources and Speed Up items for your Dragon Realm. In addition, there are special dungeons being added as well with the ability to scroll much like in the Demigod Dimension. Energy is obtainable through the Gold Store, Events, and by purchasing it with Loyalty.

In the Dungeon, you will also find the entrance to the Explorer Dungeon, which is listed as “Coming Soon!” This hints at another feature we may get to revisit that we haven’t seen as relevant for a long time.

DungeonsFinally, off to the side is the portal back to the Demigod Realm. There is no gear workshop, potion lab, or any of the other special buildings off to the side.


Loyalty is something that we have been acclimating to in the Demigod Dimension. We can earn this by doing quests and completing other things. In the Dragon Dimension, Loyalty is very valuable. This is how you will buy a large number of items through your alliance store. You want to be sure to be completing quests and earning as much Loyalty as possible, as Loyalty is essential to being able to shield.


Your Hero is once again like our old heroes. You level your hero up using Hero XP. This can be obtained through Alliance Gifts, Quests, Gold Store, and more. Opening your skills tree for your hero will truly be like taking a step back in time as it is very similar to the skills tree of the Original Hero before a million things were added.


There are Four Research Trees in the Dragon Realm. The academy has been cleaned out and taken back to basics. Here is the really exciting thing: these Research trees do not require you to purchase unlocks. All you need is regular resources to complete them.

The Four Trees you will see are:

  • Hero
  • Combat
  • Wall Traps
  • Economics

Breaking Down Dragonville

To say that the Dragon Dimension has brought a lot of conversation and opinions would be an understatement. However, while people have certainly voiced their concerns about the Dragon War Dimension, it does have some positive aspects to it.

  • There are not a million different types of Resources.
  • Research does not require unlocks.
  • Monster Killing is once again relevant for those who love to kill monsters.
  • Tiles are present for the farmers.
  • Old School Strategy is back in play, including 8 hour rallies to protect yourself when you can’t afford a shield.
  • Events give good prizes both for the Dragon War Dimension and the Demigod Dimension
  • Numbers are manageable.
  • Buildings are manageable.

The preview is a nice way to experience this dimension and find out what you think about it. In addition, the fact that progress will be saved from the preview, and that the preview has now been extended, gives us extra time to really explore the Dragon Dimension. There is still so much more to discover and learn and Teamrealtips is here to walk on this journey with you. We will be posting more updated information as we encounter it. Comment below and let us know what you would like to know about our new dimension!


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  1. Morph says

    how do you take down heroic Warlord stronghold. what the best way to take it down.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      A lot of people have had success using seige troops against them

  2. No says

    What is a Lifetime Dragon Coin and what does it do?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      They come in packs and line up with certain events. So by obtaining you are able to get points towards the event.

  3. Gary_Roofayel
    Gary_Roofayel says

    What are the rewards research scolls used for ?

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Rewards Research

  4. Bighouse52 says

    If you send your dragon to monster tiles to collect you’ll get significantly more material and prizes than if you just send troops. Other than that my dragon is useless and I never use it for a defense or attack.

  5. HELLRAISR56 says

    Hi guys and gals I have tested my dragon it’s at level 7 when I sent it out to attack someone I get defeated if someone attacks me while my dragon is home without their dragon I am defeated. Right now I ghost rally it with a few troopsevery 8hours and I pick a player on the other side of the forest to send it to it adds 2 -4 hours to the March time invade I’m busy and it gives me time to log in and cancel it right up to just before I set them on fire.

    right now the best thing you can do is ghost rally it. not sure yet what level it becomes beneficial at more testing is needed. skip the 19.99 pack dragons den, not worth it right now. buy the ones with the lifetime boosts or RSS more beneficial right now as your starting out in this new dimension.

  6. Benny says

    What is the difference between material 1:1 and material 1:2 insee this in the daily quest for the same named item.
    Please explain.

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