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Even More Frequently asked Questions by Traps

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If you give a Cinder a cookie, well, of course, she will want a glass of milk… Welcome back, my fellow trappers. We are now on article 3 of covering Frequently asked questions by traps in the Dragon Dimension. Either you all ask a lot of questions or I talk a lot or maybe it is a combination of the two? Anyways, this week we are going to dive into even more questions that you guys ask because we are still working our way through the list. Before you delve into this week’s topics though be sure to not be lazy and go back and read the previous week’s articles. 

Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

A Quick Recap

RecapFor those of you who were too lazy to go back and read the previous two articles (do not deny it, I know some of you were) we have a quick recap. 

Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs Recap

For the Love of all that is good! Please stop asking these questions!

  1. How do I set up a trap?
  2. How many troops do I need?

We covered how you can answer these questions for yourselves and alternative questions to ask instead. I also explored all the reasons that you need to stop asking these questions and the fact that there is NO SUCH THING AS A COOKIE CUTTER TRAP! 

We also covered whether or not there is nerf in the Dragon dimension, the short answer is no because we have a troop capacity. We also covered what troop capacity is and no I will not cover it here again. Finally, we covered capping Heroes in the Dragon dimension and whether or not this is currently possible. The short answer is yes and no.

More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs

In More Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs, it was all about your Dragon. We covered just how effective the Dragon is when defending at reborn levels. We also covered how effective it is to take on Dragon Rein and whether or not it is beneficial to have more than one dragon reining you. Finally, we covered the cautionary tale of what happens when you have the wrong person rein you. 

That is the short and sweet of the past two articles and if you want more details you need to go and read them. They combine some wonderful sarcasm and brutal honesty with tons of great information that will help when building your trap. 

Even More Frequently Asked Questions about Trapping

You all have more questions and we have more answers! Get ready to dive into this week’s questions and how different features will impact you when trapping in the Dragon Dimension. We are going to kick it off with one of the newest features the Monster! 

Frequently Asked Question Six: How Relevant is the Monster in the wall? 

It’s October, and this month is intended for the creepy and spooky things that come with it. So we must, of course, talk about Monsters and how relevant they are to your build. However, before we dive in there are some facts that you need to know about the Monster in your Wall that are very important. 

Important Facts about the Monster that lurks under your bed (or in your wall, whatever)

Monster under the bed

  • You are not able to unlock the slot on your wall until your Lair is level 7. This means that while the stats from your lair are applying the monster is irrelevant until it is in the wall. 
  • The Golem is currently the monster that offers the best defender stats
  • When you equip your monster to your wall you will not see a stat increase in your overall boosts. While you cannot see this you are still getting the benefits. 
Testing with the Monster under your bed

Alright, so we know these very basic facts. What we do not know is whether or not the cost is worth it. How effective is it to have a monster in your wall, versus just lurking in your Lair. So with the help of some friends, we ran some tests to see what would happen when you had a monster defending and when you had a monster just lounging around. 

  • Test Numero Uno- We took a look at what a hit with no monster would look like
  • Test Number Dos- We took a look at what a hit with a monster in the wall would look like
Monster Present? NoYes
Defender Overall Loss262,495199,230
Troops Hospitalized243,338185,666
Troops Lost2,4531,872
Dragon HP Lost16,70411,692
Attacker Overall Loss577,534603,393
Troops Lost460,000460,000
Dragon HP Lost117,534143,393
What does this mean for me as a trapper?

That is a lot of numbers and if you want to take the time to dissect it and figure out what it means then three cheers for you for taking the time. However, for those of you that want the answers given to you, there are a few implications here. 

  • The defender lost less when the monster was equipped to the wall
  • The defender killed more (since he was already killing all of his attacker’s troops he was able to take more HP off his attacker’s Dragon) when the monster was equipped to the wall 
  • Ultimately, as a trapper, a monster equipped to your wall is going to make a significant enough difference that it is worth striving towards a level 7 lair, however, do not go broke trying to get there. 

Frequently Asked Question Seven: What Research should I focus on? 

ResearchResearch is essential… However, asking what Research you should focus on is like asking what the name of that there star in the sky is and here is why. There is a ton of research that you can focus in on but I cannot answer the question specific to you if I do not know two things:

  1. Your Budget
  2. What Research you have currently done

If I come out and tell you to focus on the newest and most expensive research there is and you only can buy a few packs a month then you will quickly become discouraged because typically that is also going to be the most expensive research. 

If you ask me what research to focus on and I do not know what research you have done, then I have no clue where to start you. IF you are a brand new baby player then telling you to focus on the newest research is not going to help you to get the building blocks you will need to be able to build your stats. 

Cin, that’s not an answer I still need to know where to focus my research

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…  I know but here’s the thing it’s intricate. Where your focus is going to depend on where you are and what you can afford. I can tell you that research has become more and more important in the Dragon dimension to the trap population as most research no longer adds power. So it is a great place to get the hidden stats that we love as traps. So I am going to give you just a few basic guidelines on how to focus your research. 

Basic Guidelines on how to Focus your Research
  1. If you are a Noob then make sure you hit the building blocks first. This means you need your combat tree and your crafting tree before you can start diving into the more advanced research. 
  2. If you are not a Noob but a low spender then focus on the research that can get you the furthest for the lowest cost. As new research comes out we begin to see older research get cheaper which is great for those of us that live in the budget trap world. 
  3. If you are not a Noob and a high-level spender AKA the Whale Trap (you know who you are) then focus on the research that will give you the highest level stats that will help you to be successful in your endeavors. However, do not abandon older researches because they are your building blocks. You can do the newest research but if you do not have the older researches done as well then you will be missing out on essential stats needed to build your city. 
Want to know more about Research? 

Do you want to know even more about Research? We have entire articles covering the latest and greatest when it comes to Research in the Dragon Dimension. Make sure you check them out:

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A Glance at New Research in the Dragon Dimension Part 1

A Glance at New Research in the Dragon Dimension Part 2

We know, you still have more questions about Trapping in the Dragon Dimension. However, once again we are out of time. We will continue this series next week with, Yes, Even More, Cookie Cutter Trapping for Noobs. In the meantime come join us on social media for the latest and greatest and lots of fun! 

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