Even More Monsters… An Overview

SavageArab breaks down the latest drops and events in Game of War

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Even More Monsters… An Overview

Overview of the New Monsters

Game of War just recently dropped an updated Monster’s Lair. With it came new level 20 bonuses and four new monsters to recruit into your armies.

Monster Lair Lv 20

The four new monsters released are the Bone Ice Dragon, the Tempest, the Timeless Dragon, and the Serpent Dragon.

New Mercenary Troops

Ironically, with the addition of the new Monsters, are new Mercenary Troops: Elite Dragon Slayer, Dragon Sentry, Elite Dragon Enforcer, and the Dragon Shield.

Not only do these troops completely destroy the Dragon Monsters listed above, but they also do work on our new friends: Dragon, Inferno Dragon, and Hydro Dragon.

These new Mercenary Troops are incredibly powerful in Rallies, but only for the hardcore Rally Leads in the game. Otherwise, you’ll be spending a pretty penny trying to fill your armies with these troops.

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