Explaining Demigod Special Buildings

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The special buildings in Demigod are now able to be upgraded to 1175. There have been a lot of questions lately surrounding the special buildings, so we will take some time to sort through everything and give you up to date Information!

Addressing the Issues

The first thing that pops out is that the Alchemy Lab is not able to be upgraded. THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE! The Lab was recently updated and potions were released that included Demigod stats. Because of this, the Lab will no longer be included in the special building upgrade. Alchemy’s Lab will be its own separate release and will combine the potions releases along with the building upgrade. You can still upgrade the Lab to 1160 if it is not already done. This is in line with the Monster Lair as well. If you remember, The monster lair was removed from the special building release a while ago.

Alchemy lab

The second issue was regarding the special buildings upgrade event. Even though the Lab was no longer apart of the special building release, it was still mistakenly left in the event. Each special building which was upgraded gave overall points to complete the event. Players needed to upgrade the Lab in order to complete the event. At the end of the event, as long as you had upgraded all the other buildings per event instructions, you were awarded the top tier in prizes.

Special Buildings’ Stats and Cost

The Special building upgrades can be a great way to catch up on stats in areas you feel that your account may be lacking. They are also incredibly helpful to build on any account to give an extra edge.

Building Stats

Black Market: attack, defense, and health
Treasury: Health Debuff, trap health
Speed Up Treasury: Defense Debuff, trap defense
Imperial Banner: empire rally attack, wonder rally attack, rally attack Debuff while holding the wonder
Explorer Dungeon: wonder Holding attack and Health Debuff while rallying wonder
Graveyard: rally health, wonder holding health, rally Health Debuff while holding wonder
Gear Workshop: empire defender attack, merc attack
Mausoleum: health, mercenary health
Archaeology Hall: empire defender defense, merc defense

Maxed Stat Highlights:

  • 26,500 troop attack
  • 37,950 troop defense
  • 12,950 troop health
  • 21,600 Defense Debuff
  • 19,300 Heath debuff
  • 26,500 wonder rally attack
  • 12,950 wonder holding troop health

Upgrade Materials Needed:

Demigod Keys to Vengeful Special Buildings

  • Level 1171: 80 million
  • Level 1172: 100 million
  • Level 1173: 120 million
  • Level 1174: 140 million
  • Level 1175: 160 million

600 million Demigod Keys to Vengeful Special Buildings are needed per building. This amounts to 5.4 billion keys needed to completely max all of the Special Buildings. Currently, there are 200 million keys per pack. This amounts to a total of 27 packs. Since the upgrade will take time for most players, it is essential to understand which buildings are best for your city set up.

Understanding the Special Buildings 

To get a more in-depth understanding of each of the buildings listed in the special building release, you can visit our page for the Extra Special, Special Building GuideThis guide goes over each of the buildings’ specific functions. Furthermore, the buildings are broken down by the three most important categories: defending, attack, and wonders. Use the guide to navigate through the special buildings to optimize your city!

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