Our Favorite Game of War Memes

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We have all seen the memes, they circulate Line rooms and Discord and bring us all laughter. Today I will bring you some of our favorite…

Game of War Memes!

Let’s kick this off with everyone’s favorite Shield Memes! Whether your alliance member forgot their shield or you are sitting under a shield here we have memes to cover all!

Meanwhile In a Shielded city

That player who refuses to shield and then cries when they are zeroed!

Crying because you have no troops

Then the feeling when you get zeroed!

When You Get Zeroed

Next up, we have our KvK memes. We all love going out and burning others. Whether it’s KVK or just in your kingdom who isn’t ready to join in the fun when Rally up is called!

KVK on the Blog

You all know that player… That player that is really 3 or 4 players and are operating multiple devices at once.

Multi Device Player

Then we have the player that has been playing forever. The player that loves to talk about the good old days!

Back in My Day

Who else here hates scout bombers? When you’re being lagged by scouts and you just want to burn the guy that won’t stop and then do!

Pesky Scout Bomber

Then there are the overall game related memes.

When the Game goes down! Everyone flocks to the line rooms wondering if everyone else is shut out of the game as well. We all impatiently await the moment we are able to go back online.

Game of War Down

We all come running when it comes to a pack.

Pack Kitty

Gold isn't Free

Created by your Gow.tips Team

Can't Zero Got a Target  Max Lead Capping with All T1 T2 Don't Work

Is T3 Nerf

That Trap YOLO

So what is your favorite GOW Meme?

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  1. Queen Wilson says

    My Recent Favorite

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Hahaha.. been there, done that!

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