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Demigod Rally Cores


Who doesn’t love to crush their opponent and leave them blazing in a pyre of flame? In our last core article we discussed defensive cores. Today we are going to craft some cores to be used when rallying. In future articles we will discuss cores for solo attacking, but for today let’s focus on the rally. Everyone loves to get together and have a good time! Alliance bonding at its best. We are going to craft three different sets, one for each troop type: Firelord, Waterlord and Thunderlord.

How do you design an attack core? What do I focus on? The answer is the same as we discussed in the defensive core article. It really depends on what stats you’d like to focus on in your account. Every situation is going to be slightly different based on your research, buildings, banners, hero, gems, skilling and much more! Below we will build some attack cores that are relatively general and can be adapted for your own city.

Firelord Rally Attack Cores

First let’s talk about the a Firelord Rally Attack Set. For our core today, we are going to use the  base cores below. These cores focus on Firelord Attack, Defense and Health. Everyone’s maximum stats are going to vary based on your research, hero and core levels. Be sure that you use Power Forge gear and your hero is skilled for the maximum high range boost.

Firelord Rally CoreThe Cores

  • Warmonger Helm
  • Master Dragon Seal
  • Master Dragon Staff
  • Imperial Battle Kilt
  • Master Dragon Trinket (three of these)

Now, let’s add in our pieces. We are going to focus on the same stats: Firelord Attack/Defense/Health, PLUS add some additional Demigod Rally Attack, Demigod Mythic Attack, Demigod Trap Attack and Demigod Attack.

The Pieces

  • Horselord’s Pestilence
  • Horselord’s War
  • Horselord’s Hunger
  • Horselord’s Famine
  • Fossilized Pottery
  • Master Warrior Crest

Now that we have a lovely Firelord recipe under our belt, let us move on to Waterlord.

Waterlord Rally Attack Cores

Next up a Waterlord Rally Attack Set. For this set, we are going to use the same idea as we did for the Firelord set, only shift our focus. These cores focus on Waterlord Attack, Defense and Health.

Waterlord Core RecipeThe Cores

  • Majestic Sea Regalia
  • Majestic Sea Crown
  • Majestic Sea Skewer
  • Majestic Sea Walkers
  • Majestic Sea Goblet (three of these)

Next up, the pieces. We are using the same pieces as we did for the Firelord set, only swapping out at pieces to keep the focus on Waterlord stats!

The Pieces

  • Horselord’s Strife
  • Horselord’s War
  • Horselord’s Hunger
  • Horselord’s Famine
  • Fossilized Pottery
  • Elite Crest

Last let’s round this out with our Thunderlord recipe.

Thunderlord Rally Attack Cores

Finally we have our Thunderlord Rally Attack Set. For this set, we change the focus yet again, and swap in cores and pieces that focus on Thunderlord stats. These cores focus on Thunderlord Attack, Defense and Health.

Thunderlord Rally CoreThe Cores

  • Master Ra’s Brand
  • Master Ra’s Flight
  • Master Ra’s Threads
  • Master Ra’s Visor
  • Master Ra’s Amulet (three of these)

Pieces next! Again, we move out the pieces that we used for Waterlord, and add in ones that are Thunderlord specific.

The Pieces

  • Horselord’s Plague
  • Horselord’s War
  • Horselord’s Hunger
  • Horselord’s Famine
  • Fossilized Pottery
  • Flawless Silver Rod

Some Final Tips for Crafting Custom Cores

As we wrap up this week’s episode of custom crafting let’s go over some tips that will help you craft your own cores.

  • Always skill your hero to maximize core crafting boosts.
  • Wear your PowerForge gear.
  • Keep a notebook or excel workbook where you can easily manipulate your stats and try different combinations before you actually craft.
  • Take a good look at your base stats and see what you may want to strengthen. Especially in the current GoW climate, everyone is at a different point in their research, gears, gems, etc. What we did above may not make sense for your account. Adjust it!
  • Have fun! Challenge your alliance mates to a crafting dual!

As always, Teamrealtips invites your feedback below. Let’s see what you’ve got!

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