Free to Play: Enjoying GoW Without Destroying Your Wallet

Ten Dragon Dimension Free to Play Realtips to help you along your way

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When it comes to Game of War there are a couple of types of Players when it comes to spending. You have players that have the financial capacity to spend as much as they want and max their accounts. These are the players you see winning in events such as Super Wonder or Fortress Wars. Then you have players who have the ability to spend but are on more of a budget. These players tend to be the ones that make up the support team for the big spenders. Finally, there is a set of players that we do not address very often. The players that do not spend (Free to Play) or only spend when they are able to get a catch-up pack at the deepest discount.

My intention today is to spend some time talking to these players. At times when you do not have the ability to spend, it can become very discouraging. When bigger players are hitting you and knocking you off tiles and you feel that your growth is stunted by these players, giving up seems like a good option. However, there are a few things that we will look at that’ll help you have your own level of success within the game. Also, some tips in this guide will be useful to players who are willing to spend as well.

Ten Dragon Dimension Free to Play Realtips to help you along your way

Free To Play Realtip Number One: Adjust your Expectations

One thing that is necessary to realize is that you will never be the Dark King. Many of you know who I am talking about, and if you do not then you should check out his player profile. This guy is a beast. He hits hard and can hold a Wonder against multiple attacks without batting an eye. He is a player that is able to spend more than your average player and has the skill as well.

When you do not have the ability to spend, you need to be able to adjust your expectations. It is okay to play at a different level and you can still have fun. However, adjusting your expectations of what your capabilities are will help you to enjoy the game even more. If you expect to be one of the best traps or attackers without spending then your expectations need to be adjusted.

Free to Play Realtip Number Two: Grind Events


Events are huge in the Dragon Dimension. A lot of progress can be made if you are willing to Grind the events that are available within the game. With events right now it is very easy to get enough VIP points to get your VIP to a decent level. You can also get gear mats, Hero XP, and more using events. However, it is important to note that when you are doing events you want to be sure to do just enough to complete that event. As a player who is not able to spend it is unlikely you will place very high in events.

However, if you only do enough to complete Tier 3 of the event and then stop; you can do the event again the next time it rolls around, and receive even more prizes. For example, instead of adding all your VIP points and leveling up as high as possible all at once, add just enough points that you are able to hit the VIP event, then STOP, because this event will reset the next hour.

After that, add just enough points to take you to the next VIP level that completes the VIP event. By doing this you will get more speedups, resources, VIP points, and other prizes because you are completing the event multiple times instead of just once. In addition, every hour there are events that give items needed for Seekers Research. Completing these events will give rewards that can help further those free researches. For more information on grinding in the Dragon Dimension be sure to check out our article the Dragonville Grind.

Free to Play Realtip Number Three: DO NOT Hatch your Dragon

The Dragon is a huge feature in the Dragon Dimension. Recently, we saw the release of the Dragon Reborn and we are seeing more use out of the Dragon then we ever have before. However, as a player that is not spending, you do not want to hatch your dragon right away and here is why: A low-level Dragon is quickly going to be demolished by a higher level Dragon. In addition, players will hit you just to kill off your Dragon and get more XP to level up their Hero. Hatching your Dragon before you have the ability to level it up is a liability.


Free to Play Realtip Number Four: Find an Alliance

Having a good Alliance can make or break the game. This is a group of people that can help you out with resources when you are running low, tips to help you keep progressing, and the occasional Gift. Finding an Alliance that is willing to accept you at the level you are but is still an active Alliance is very important. Not only for the reasons I listed but because a huge part of Game of War is the friendships we make and the camaraderie. So it is important that you are active and contributing in that Alliance as well. The last thing you want is to look like a beggar to your Alliance mates.

In addition, without an Alliance, you are unable to complete Alliance Quests. Building up your Loyalty as much as possible is going to be essential to help you keep moving forward. Making sure you complete your Alliance Quests and build up your loyalty cannot be stressed enough (remember you can also obtain loyalty from Events).

Free to Play Realtip Number Five: Farm, Farm, Farm

Resources can quickly become a big issue. When you are building up and constantly running out of resources it can be exhausting. However, especially at the beginning stages of your gameplay, it is simple to farm the resources you need. Continuously Farming and keeping resources coming into your inventory will help to keep you going.


Free to Play Realtip Number Six: Monsters or Raid Boss

When it comes down to it you have two choices on how to spend your Hero Energy: You can spend it on your normal everyday Monsters or you can spend it on the Raid Boss and Special Monsters. As a Free to Play player, you will not have as much Hero Energy as players who are buying. If you want to hit normal Monsters my recommendation is to do so by using the energy your Hero accumulates over time. The Energy that you have open; save for Raid Boss or Special Monsters. By doing this you will earn more rewards that will take you further than what a Normal Monster Drop would.

Raid Boss

Free to Play Realtip Number Seven: Build up Slowly

Take your time building up your Stronghold. Level with events and do research with events as you are able to. Remember that when you go past Stronghold level 14 your hero will be able to be captured. So stopping at Stronghold 14 and making sure that all of your Research is done to that level will help you keep your safe Hero at home. If you have a Hero that is able to be captured and decently leveled you will see bigger players trying to grab your Hero for a boost.

Free to Play Realtip Number Eight: Protect Yourself

This is a continuation of the last tip. There are several ways that you are able to protect yourself as a non-spender. As mentioned above if you stay at SH 14 or lower your Hero cannot be captured. However, let’s look at a few more ways that you are able to stay safe:

  1. Build Hospitals and then only build enough Troops that they go to your hospital beds
  2. If you have enough loyalty or shields you can pop a shield
  3. Ghost Rally your Hero and Dragon (if hatched)
  4. If your Hero is able to be captured, have a friend hold it for you, especially if you are worried about not being able to get back online in time to reset your Ghost Rally.

Free to Play Realtip Number Nine: Read Realtips and participate in our events

I referenced the fact that the game will occasionally offer a 20 Dollar Catch up Pack. Every Month we do an event on the website and many times there is a 25 Dollar Gift Card offered as the prize. By entering our contests you have the chance to get a little money for a pack that will help boost you.

In addition, throughout all of our articles, you will find quick and simple money saving tips that can help you continue to move forward.

Free to Play Realtip Number Ten: Join Our Line Rooms and Discord

Line and Discord are a huge part of the Game of War Community. We use these forums to let people know about what is going on and tips and tricks to help you make the most out of what you have. These rooms are a great place to have some more camaraderie or grab some quick tips.  Join us on one of these forums!

For Line: Add thatcinder and request an invite to the Game of War Room

For Discord: Just Click here

Remember that you are an integral part of the community.

It is easy as a player who is unable to spend to think that you have nothing to contribute. However, just because you play at a different level does not mean that you cannot be of use. A community is made up of many different types of people. Many times the people who are not spending are the ones who best know how to get the furthest on the least. What are your favorite Free to Play Tricks for Game of War? Let us know in the comments below.

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