Game of War Anniversary Predictions and New Garrison

Savage Arab Gives His Thoughts on a Possible GoW Anniversary and Discusses the Merge Event and Master Garrison Level 20 Benefits

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Game of War’s 6th Anniversary is coming up, and Savage has his predictions of what is going to take place!

Savage discusses the new Merge Event that was highly requested by the community. Granted this is not a KvK Merge Event, but a Raid Boss Merge Event.

The Raid Boss is a lot easier to approach, it’s encouraged that as many players as possible to help participate.

Master Garrison Level 20 was released and Savage goes over the insane benefits and bonuses that were given.

Finally, Savage has a personal challenge for his fans. If you predict the event for Game of War’s Anniversary, Savage will personally purchase a pack of your choice!

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What are you looking forward to in the GoW Anniversary? How are you enjoying the new Master Garrison levels? Are the benefits worth it, or were you expecting more?

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