Game of War Bazaar in the Alliance City (Live!)

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Game of War Bazaar (Live!)

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With all the requests Game of War has received for unused game items that keep on piling up in our forge, Game of War seems to be taking the right approach by testing out a new Bazaar building in the Alliance City. The Bazaar starts off like any of the buildings in the Alliance City do, it does nothing. But as you level the Bazaar up it unlocks more items you can buy and sell.

Levels of the Bazaar

In order to trade in higher quality items, you need upgrade your Bazaar. Game of War places more value on the items you can trade in at higher levels of the Bazaar.

Level 1: Sell Items : Requires 500 Bazaar Commissions

Level 2: Sell Gems : Requires 1500 Bazaar Commissions

Level 3: Sell Materials

Level 4: Sell Cores

Level 5: Sell Pieces

Bazaar Commissions

Bazaar Commissions are required to build and upgrade the Bazaar. They cost 8 million Alliance Funds for 1 commission, or you buy a $100 gold pack with 25 commissions. Additionally, for a limited time, you can grab 3 commissions from an Athena gift. If your Alliance is not full, collect the extra commissions from athena gifts by adding your farm accounts to your main Alliance.

100 members = 300 commissions from Athena, leaving only 200 left!

The Commissions are CUMULATIVE among your whole Alliance. So your whole Alliance needs 500 to build the first level of the Bazaar.

Bazaar Commissions Alliance Funds Bazaar Opening Gold Pack Athena's Gift Commissions Bazaar Requirement SS

Sell to Shop

Sell to Shop

Once the Bazaar is completed you are given the option to buy or sell items. In beta the list of items you can sell range from speed ups to gems to cores. I have found out that gems and cores seem to be the most profitable to sell but it is still early in the Bazaar testing in beta and I am sure the prices will change as Game of War understands which items people want to keep and which ones they want to sell.

The “Sell to Shop” does not always accept all of your items. It resets approximately every 12 hours and will allow you trade in different items in your inventory, whether they are: items, gems, materials, cores, or pieces.

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Bazaar Sell to Shop (2) Bazaar Sell to Shop

The image below is what a simple transaction looks like. When I go to the Sell to Shop page and select my Great Wave Gems. I see that each level 6 gem gives me 30,720 in copper coins.

Bazaar Sell a Gem

Copper coins are the currency for trade in the Bazaar. You sell items for copper coins, and in return you can buy all sorts of items and gear from the Merchants.

Note: That so far in beta you can only sell items and only collect 135,000 copper coins in 8 hours and then have to go back again. I hope that when the building goes live they raise the limit, because it would take some time to be able to buy items from the Bazaar in bulk.

Buy from Shop

Buy from Shop

So now that we sold our gems lets go look at the store to buy from. As you can see there are alliance speed ups, gear, chests, and items.

The Bazaar will have gems and items that you can get no where else. For example, there are legendary research and construction gems that will be interesting to see their stats once I have bought them.

Here are the items that were released with the first opening of the Bazaar: Orion Chests, Frostlord Chests, Mana Potion, Architect’s Gem, Scholar Gem, 6 Hour Hemlock.

Orion Chests Frostlord Chest Mana Potion Architect Gem6 Scholar Gem6 Hemlock 6 Hour

All items in the “Buy from Shop” have unlimited quantity.

In BETA all the items in “Buy from Shop” reset approximately every 24 hours.

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Bazaar Buy a Gem Bazaar Shop 3 Bazaar Shop Bazaar Buy from Shop Bazaar Shop 2

With the maximum copper amount every 8 hours of 135,000 and a good chests costing anywhere from 50,000 to 85,000, Game of War will either need to raise the cap of 135,000 or it will just take longer to accumulate enough copper coins to buy in bulk.

The copper generated is for individual use only. You do not get access to copper earned from your other Alliance members.

I will keep you updated as things change and when I get more copper to test out the gems. I will also do a cost analysis in the future on packs and infernos based on what you can sell the extra items for to stretch out that $100 as far as possible.

BETA article contributed by Prince Todd, and Gav

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  1. charlie says

    I had bought deeds from the bazaar which has to get but not to donate. Is there another way to donate?

    1. Brent Ward
      Brent Ward says

      The deeds are for your alliance city buildings. You should be able to view them in your special inventory or resources and select donate when you find them.

  2. Pacanchik7 says

    Hi all,

    For some reason bazaar purchases are not reflecting in my inventory list. Just bought 200 units of bottled sunfire with my copper savings and I can’t see it in my inventory at all. Anyone knows why this may be the case? Anyone had a similar problem?

    Many thanks,

    1. Juke says

      They show in your treasures.

  3. […] a new item called “Eye of the Sentinel”. At the moment, the Eyes are available from packs and Bazaar for 18,000 copper each.  Other requirements include Deeds and each of the Alliance City refined […]

  4. Zachary Ruggiero
    Zachary Ruggiero says

    We have built the second level of the Bazaar and Level 3 cost 2,000 commissions to build. You are also limited in what gems you can sell. There are some that the bazaar does not take but it could be similar to buying. It might accept certain ones each 24 hours.

  5. jenny says

    Thanks for the information, but it looks like the Bazaar will not be useful as I thought. Still it is better to have it so I can trade in my junk and get something in return for it.

  6. Spoiledbrat says

    Anyone know what happens to the items you sell to bizarre it’d be nice if they are available to other members to purchase as they need them a swap of some sort would be great

  7. Meatloaf says

    You can only get 150K in copper from the marketplace every 24 hours. Assuming I had an infinite amount of unneeded stuff to sell, it’s still going to take forever to build up enough copper to buy anything useful.

    I think this is designed to get us to sell all our currently unneeded Shackles, Daggers, and books so they can make us buy them again when Prison/Altar/HOW 22-25 become available.

  8. Zachary Ruggiero
    Zachary Ruggiero says

    We have I will try to keep it updated with prices. The gear prices seem to be right.

    1. Zachary Ruggiero
      Zachary Ruggiero says

      Scratch that they sem to be much cheaper at around 1,350,000 copper. The prices for gear are aroud that price. Everything seems to be lower priced as beta people usually have more.

  9. Magnus says

    So, anyone built their bazaar yet?

  10. Carlos Casiano/silverback says

    Beat this 4h special bonus

  11. Carlos Casiano/silverback says

    Second part of 4h special bonus

  12. Carlos Casiano/silverback says

    My 4h special set bonuses enjoy silverback

  13. Lease P says

    Commissions are available in the Alliance store. They are 8,000,000 loyalty for 1 commission, so it’s not cheap, but it is an option for non-spenders. I had 80,000,000 saved up and was able to buy 10. (I generally forget the loyalty points are there, so it was nice to be able to use them on something.)

  14. Silver says

    Is prices changes from level to level of bazar? I mean maybe than bazar is leveled up selling prices grow up together with it and purchasing decrease? It would be nice and make the pill with commissions sweater

  15. Lazy says

    I think I saw (but can’t confirm) that the LVL 5 Bazaar is 20k commissions….At 25 commissions per pack, that’s 800 packs or $80,000 USD. I really hope people are emailing MZ and complaining.

    1. Zachary Ruggiero
      Zachary Ruggiero says

      They made a new pack the contains 75 commissions its t great but better. Only really big spender alliances will probably get it to the max level.

  16. Jennifer says

    I wonder how much MZ is paying you for this article. 25 commissions in a $99.99 pack…ridiculous

  17. Jim says

    This is the biggest insult from MZ s GOW – what a rip off to actually get a levels 1-6 bazaar to be built – what is the point of producing city rss and earning deeds when that means hugger all because you have to spend thousands for just to get a trade building built ( and not the trade building we as players really wanted )

    1. Jerry8Trick says

      Fully agree. Since our Bazaar opened, the list of items to sell hasn’t changed, even when you sell off all available of an item. This building should rotate sell items based upon personal inventory (preferred) or simply rotate items randomly. Including speedups as the most listed sell items is a waste.

      This building wasn’t provided as a benefit to players, rather it is just a bad money maker for mz.

  18. T1nyTim says

    One benefit is though…T4 just become easier for non-spenders right?

    I mean you can sell your useless junk, and buy shackles and stuff with it…?
    I mean it’ll still rely on your alliance having spenders in it to get the bazaar, but even if it’s just a little cheaper, that’s better than the current situation right?

    1. Jerry8Trick says

      Short answer currently is no. Sell listing is very limited and includes speedups (really). Buy items include inventory available in alliance store. You can buy unusual things (i.e. Vindicator Chest, Shovel and Sickle). Haven’t seen anything rotate out yet.

  19. xXNurseXx says

    Thanks y’all! Informative as always.

  20. Zhorteuz says

    They should allow these things to be traded/ donated directly to other players just like RSS. The Bazaar could be better than what we have now, but it will likely be another rip off. Kind of like getting lvl 1 mats for attacking/killing a LCL 6 monster.

  21. Craig says

    It doesn’t seem right that you only get 30k for a level 6 gem, but a chest cost between 50k to 80k. Are the chests all level 6 items? MZ doesn’t have those in the game now. Or will I just get a level 1 feather for my 2 level 6 gems? It doesn’t seem right to me? How about anyone else?

    1. Zachary Ruggiero
      Zachary Ruggiero says

      Chests seem to cost much less. A generals chest costs 2,500 coppers to buy, if I remember correctly.

  22. Col Angus69 says

    I predict having to “build up the bazaar” in the alliance city will be problematic, penalizing smaller more modestly spending alliances and making their larger players seek out more active, big alliances as theses will be the only places this feature will be worthwhile. Guess we’ll be seeing “bazaar alliances” just like help alliances although I could see MZ engineering the system to somehow prevent this; god knows the rise of help alliances have pissed them off. When will MZ learn they need to foster smaller players and alliances rather than continuously penalizing them.? Oh wait, they only care about big spenders and everyone else can go suck it; forget worrying about the overall health and well-being of the game!

    1. Rusty says

      Wow the Bazaar is finally release and available to build. I am totally surprised that MZ and gone to this new low level! To build the Bazaar you will need 500 commissions, the commissions are only available in the packs and at 25 commissions per pack the Bazaar is going to cost $2,000 USD to build!!!!! WHAT A RIP OFF!!! Good job MZ at taking something that could have really helped improve the game and flushing it down the toilet!! This is going to force a even greater divide between the big spenders, moderate spenders and non-spenders. I see even more people leaving the game due to the cost to play a free game!!

      1. Jim says

        Agreed – kick in the guts from MZ

      2. Rob says

        And that $2k is just for the first level of the building. Granted, a full guild will pick up 270-300 free ones but still. MZ is destroying the bottom 90% of the population.

        1. Zachary Ruggiero
          Zachary Ruggiero says

          Unfortunately, you also the the commissions to upgrade beyond level one. Level two requires 1,500 commissions.
          Also it seems the chests are much cheaper to buy.

  23. Jstadirtyleg says

    Has anyone had a situation where their alliance cannot hold the wonder. Assuming that the hero attacking in the rally is the alliance leader. Or during a KVK KE event, no members of an alliance can become king, but if any member switches to another alliance, they can become kind while with that alliance.

    1. homie69 says

      Did the alliance hold a wonder already? Your alliance can only hold one wonder. Other than that I couldn’t tell you what the issue might have been.

      1. Jstadrtyleg says

        We did not. The other wonder was held by another alliance. The same thing happened to us today when we fought for our wonder again.

  24. ard says

    i would like to know what happens if you jump alliances and try to sell items in other alliances, do you have to stay in that alliance in order to get the coins? do you lose them if you go to another alliance?

    1. Silver says

      good idea

      1. Joe says

        We tested this and once you have sold 150K worth of copper and the merchant is at 0 if you switch alliances the merchant copper supply is still 0…bummer

  25. BuffaloKing says

    He doesn’t zero anyone anymore. He abandoned us in k400 to play with cooler folks in beta.

  26. Kyle VanderSlik
    Kyle VanderSlik says

    This could be the single greatest thing to make the players actually feel appreciated, but you know what? All they’re gonna do is limit its use so far that it’s rendered useless. It’ll also be tied to some pack you must buy because they’re so GD greedy, there’s no way they’d just allow us to trade outright. It’s gonna suck. These additions always do…
    And that’s being optimistic 😉

    1. AZStrong says

      I’ve got beachside real estate here in Arizona that I’ll see you for cheaper than it costs to build a new urban plot.

  27. Chris Diktas says

    Thank you so much for sharing your insight. This site dispels all GOW rumors
    Keep up the GREAT work!


    1. Chad K
      Chad K says

      Thanks Chris! We will.

  28. TheRealABear says

    Looking forward to updates and using the Bazaar.

    Thanks for the info!

    Amarok Reborn [Ar|]
    #386 Pelagos

  29. Zachary Ruggiero
    Zachary Ruggiero says

    I hope it comes out soon for the actual game.

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