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Game of War: Fire Age – Building Boosts, Descriptions, Tips


Game of War: Fire Age – Buildings

In Game of War there are many methods to maximize productivity and efficiency, yet players always seem to overlook using the specific boosts that apply to different buildings. By strategically managing your building, numbers and ratios will put you at a massive advantage over your enemies. In this article I will give a breakdown of every Building, its purpose, and the bonus it provides.

Buildings are listed in alphabetical order for your viewing pleasure.

The Bonuses provided by Buildings are additive.

Academy – Research

academy_01academy_03academy building

The Academy is where all your research is done. Each time you upgrade the Academy, the more research will be unlocked until you hit max level. Upgrading the Academy provides a progressively higher Research boost which decreases the time required for your Researches.

Research speed also affected by: Hero Gear, Hero Skill Points, Set Bonuses, and Boosts.

Helpful Tip: Every other Building in your Stronghold will need to be upgraded to Level 21 in order to upgrade the Academy from Level 20 to 21.

Altar – Extra Boosts for Executing Heroes

altar_01altar_03altar building

Executing an enemy Hero activates the Altar, providing a multitude of bonuses: Attack, Health, Defense, and Marching Speed to your Hero.

Altar Bonuses can be increased by: Hero Skills.

The Altar is one of the more difficult buildings to upgrade because it requires many Sacrificial Daggers to complete. For a guide on how to get all the sacrificial daggers with the help of your alliance, read the Trinity Challenge Series.

Barracks – Train Troop and Increase Defense

barracks_01barracks_03barracks building

The barracks are where you train troops. Upgrading your Barracks provides multiple Bonuses: Troop Training Speed, Troop Training Capacity, and up to a 10% Troop Defense Bonus for a Level 21 Barracks.

Training Speed can be increased by: Hero Gear, Hero Skills, and Villas

Troop Training Capacity can be increased by: Research and Hero Skills

Troop Defense can be increased by: Defense Boosts, Hero Gear, and Hero Skills

Embassy – Receive Reinforcements

embassy_01embassy_03embassy building

The Embassy allows you to receive reinforcement troops from other members of your Alliance. Upgrading your Embassy increases the number of reinforcements you can hold. The Level 21 Embassy gives a 10% Embassy Defense Boost.

Reinforcement size can be increased by: Research.

Forge – Craft Gear


The Forge is for Crafting Hero Gear. Upgrades give a Crafting Speed Bonus, which goes up to 125% at Level 21. Additionally, Level 21 Forge unlocks the third Accessory Slot for Hero Gear.

Crafting speed can be increased by: Research and Hero Gear.

Gymnos – Increase Hero Experience & Retain Hero Experience


The Gymnos boosts how much hero experience bonus you will receive when earning experience for your hero, with a maximum of up to 125% at Level 21. Additionally, the Gymnos allows you to retain a percentage of your Hero XP if your Hero is executed, based on the level your Gymnos has been upgraded to. Furthermore, a Level 21 Gymnos increases your available Monster Skill Points by 10, and your Hero Skill Points by 20. On a side note, if you destroy the Gymnos you seem to keep the extra Hero Skill Points, but lose the Monster Skill Points.

Hero Experience can be increased by: Boosts, or with one Piece of Hero Gear: Apollo’s Wreath (Gives 18% XP Bonus), which is obtained as a gift from Athena for reaching a certain Gold Streak Level.

Hall of War – Rally Setting


The Hall of War is used for setting a Rally on an Enemy. At level 21, you are able to receive a maximum of 2,000,000 Troops to supplement your rally from your Alliance. If the leader equips a 50% March Increase, this will bring the total Troops you are able to Rally with to 2,375,000. Level 21 provides a 10% Rally Attack Boost which is increased with Research, and VIP (3.33% at VIP 16).

Hospital – Healing Troops


The Hospital is for healing troops that would otherwise have been killed when your Stronghold is attacked. Level 21 Hospitals hold 40,000 Troops and each Level 21 Hospital provides a 5% Health Boost.

Hospital capacity and healing speed can be increased by: Research

Hospitals are not one of the “vital” Buildings, meaning you can destroy them all if you want. However, doing so ensures that Troops will die should you get attacked. Be aware that the lowest Tier Troops present in you Stronghold will hospitalized first. For example, this means that if you have, 100,000 Troops of which 40,000 are T4 and 60,000 are T1, the T1 will be hospitalized before the T4. So, if you have 60,000 beds you can potentially end up with 40,000 dead T4 and 60,000 weak T1 occupying your Hospital space. Healing Troops requires resources, silver, and speed ups. You may also instant heal for Gold.

Marketplace – Trading Resources


The Marketplace allows you to transfer Resources from your SH to another member of your same Alliance. Upgrades increase your Resource Help Capacity (the amount you are able to send) and decreases your Resource Help Tax (the percentage you are required to pay when transferring resources). At Level 21, you receive and additional 100% Trade March Speed increase.

Resource Help Capacity and Resource Help Tax can be increased with Research.

Trade March Speed is also increased with March Speed Boosts.

Prison – Capture An Enemy Hero

prison_01 prison_04

The Prison is required in order to take an Enemy’s Hero captive. Upgrading your Prison provides an Execution Delay Reduction (further reduced with Executioner Set Gear), which reaches its maximum at Level 21. Also at Level 21, an Attack Boost based on the highest prisoner’s Hero Level is provided.

Helpful Tip: Level 21 Prison, Altar, and Hall of War are required to upgrade the Academy from Level 20 to 21. After upgrading the Academy, you do not have to keep your Prison. However, you will be unable to capture or hold Heroes.

Storehouse – Protect Your Resources


The Storehouse is used to protect your resources. At Level 21, it guarantees 2 million silver will be saved. While this building has to be upgraded to Level 21 in order to complete your Academy, I honestly can’t think of any other use for it. It was the first Building that I destroyed and I can honestly say that I’ve never missed it.

Stronghold – Upgrade All Other Buildings


You are required to upgrade your SH before upgrading any of your other Buildings to the same level. In a sense, the Stronghold makes every other Building Bonus possible. It also provides other unique benefits. These include increase March Capacity and Alliance Help Max (which benefits Research times, Building times, and Hospital Healing times). In addition, clicking on your Stronghold in the City View provides general details (Troop numbers, resource totals, bonuses, etc.), as well as an overview of both Rural Buildings (Farms, Mines, Logging Camps, Quarries) and Urban Buildings.

Treasury – Invest Gold


The Treasury works like a bank for your Gold. Upgrading to Level 7 (the highest level) allows you to deposit up to 20,000 Gold at an interest rate of 85% and bonus interest rate of 20%. What this means is that after 30 days, your Gold has grown to 41,000. Reinvesting 20,000 Gold every month provides you with a monthly bonus of 21,000. The Treasury requires no maintenance, and has been well worth the investment.

Here’s another article describing the ROI of the Treasury.

Villa – Producing Silver & Increasing Training Speed


The Villa produces silver for your stronghold and increases training speed by 1% every level up to a maximum of 25% at level 21. Additionally, every villa at level 21 provides a 2% attack boost.

Silver production can be increased by: research, hero skills, hero gear, and resource boosts

Training speed can be increased by: research, hero skills, and hero gear

Walls – Defend Your Stronghold


The walls allow you to build Traps to protect your Stronghold. At Level 21, your Trap Capacity is increased to 125,000. This can be further increased through Research to 375,000. Also at Level 21 it adds a 10% Trap Attack Bonus.

Trap Attack can be increased by: Research, Hero Gear, and Hero Skills.

Watchtower – View Incoming Enemy Marches


The Watch Tower will allow you to view details about an incoming enemy War March. For example, at Level 21 you are able to see: the exact number and type of Troops in the March, the Research Levels of the commanding Hero, the Hero’s level, and how long you have until the March arrives. It also imposes a 10% Attack decrease on incoming War Marches, and provides you a Retaliate Button (allowing you to immediately send a Scout or a return War March to the Stronghold that is Attacking you).

I hope you enjoy this brief overview of the Urban Buildings and their specific purposes.

Being able to determine your own numbers of many of the individual Buildings allows you to customize your Bonuses and strengths to your personal playing style.

Game Overview article contributed by Creed XS

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