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In the Game of War World at some point, all of our Heroes are bound to die. Some deaths may be more gruesome then others as our Heroes sacrifice themselves with Hemlock. However, other death’s are quick and peaceful as heads roll from the Guillotine.

However, each of our Heroes (or Hos as they are affectionally nicknamed) leaves behind a legacy. With that in mind, the Real Tips Team has decided to bring the humor and write Epitath’s for our Heroes. However, since we went ahead and did that we also want to give you guys the chance to vote on your favorite Game of War Hero Epitaph. Below you will see the Epitaph’s that have been written and how it works.

Game of War Hero Epitaph’s

Here lies CM Rage’s Hero
For the 10000000th time today.


Here lies Cinder’s Hero

She fell asleep in Monster Gear and woke up in a new home


Rip Savage’s Hero

He said YOLO and ended up 6 feet under

How it Works

  1. We will set up polls in our Line rooms
  2. Vote for your favorite Game of War Epitaph by June 29th and be entered to win a 25 Dollar Gift Card to your choice of iTunes or Google Play
  3. The winner will be contacted by Cinder via Line. You have 24 hours to respond to the message or a new winner will be drawn
  4. Please note the gift card is sent via email from Amazon and is in USD. This may or may not work for players with out of country app stores.

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