5 Ways To Boost Your Hero Experience Rapidly


Turn Your Hero Into Hercules!

Hero Level is crucial to the overall strength of your Troops and Stronghold. Every Hero Level increase brings with it skill points that can greatly boost your stats for battle, production, researching, and building.

1. The Best Method Is Using 25% Hero Experience Boosts

Under Special Store items there is a 25% Hero Boost for 2,000 Gold. Recently, my Alliance leader Gemmy pointed out that it would be wise to save up Quest rewards for a few days, a week, or even more, and then use that Hero Boost. Every time you level up your Gymnos you gain a Bonus of Hero XP equal to +5% per level, so this Boost essentially makes your Gymnos 5 levels higher. If you look at the numbers it surprising how much the XP Boost adds up. Recently I Researched level 5 Infantry Attack (I think it was this one) and the reward was 180k Hero XP. With the +25% Boost you would get 45k more XP, or 225k XP total.

Pro Tip: "The 25% boost DOES NOT work on hero experience special items." - Kyle V.

Editors Note: This post was originally published in January 2015 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

Before using this boost I save up a bunch of Daily and Alliance Chances to use when I reach VIP level 7 and 8. You can easily save up 10 or more of each chance type and just auto complete them like a mad man when you reach VIP 8. I even save up Alliance points and buy additional Chances because of how much Hero XP I gain from doing this.

There's A Fine Linegame of war hero experience boost

There is somewhat of a line you should balance on when using this method. On one hand, you need to remember that leveling up your Hero will give you Research, Training, Construction, and Resource Boosts; so you don’t want to wait too long to use your Boost. On the other hand, you want to use your 2,000 Gold and receive the “maximum” return of Hero XP. This decision will come down to personal preference and patience.

Leveling Out Decision

A lot of my Alliance members have recently been waiting until they reach the level they want to "level out" there Stronghold on. "Leveling out" your Stronghold means to stop increasing your Stronghold level and start bringing up the levels of all your Buildings. Often people chose 9 or 14, the levels right before the consequences of losing your Hero goes up. Or, they chose level 15 so they can build T3 Troops. But, that's only if they are big spenders and ready to build tons of Troops and Traps to protect their Hero.

2. Power Leveling Via Packs

Packs will by far give you more Hero Experience than every other method. There are specific Hero Experience packs that are available every so often with hundreds of millions of Hero Experience in them. In addition to experience there will be a fair amount of Speed Ups to use for power leveling.

Once again, if you are going to be power leveling your account ie. upgrading everything as fast as possible after buying some packs, then you should be turning on your 25% Hero Experience item on to get increased experience for every upgrade. It may seem you like you are progressing through the Hero levels quickly at first, but the experience requirements grow exponentially as you go up.

If You Plan On Kingdom Jumpinggame of war beginners teleport

I’m starting a new Stronghold right now and preparing it to Teleport into a new Kingdom soon. Since I have a lot of time before the new Kingdom pops up—about 1-2weeks—I am not going to collect any quest rewards until I have Built and Researched as much as I can. Once I have maxed out my Stronghold at lvl 5 I will use the Hero Boost and collect all my rewards. This will ensure my Hero is  higher than any other Hero in the new Kingdom from the very start.

Kingdom Jumping is an art, it requires preparation and patience, but can payoff tremendously in the long run. There are few rules you need to keep in mind though. Forgetting them can really ruin your week.

3. Explorer Dungeon Upgrades

Each time you upgrade the Explorer Dungeon you will get a permanent Hero XP Bonus just like the Gymnos gives. The Explorer Dungeon is far more expensive to upgrade than the Gymnos, but upgrading the Wonder Dungeon early can mean huge amount of Bonus XP over time.

The XP Bonus for each upgrade is below:

Explorer Dungeon Hero Experience

4. Killing A LOT of Troops

Every battle rewards Hero Experience, but certain battles reward more than others. Hero Experience from a battle is determine by two factors:

  • Amount of Troops
  • Tier Level of Troops

So to earn the most experience, participate in as many T4 Rallies as possible.

5. Killing Troops In Farm Accounts farm_05

This method was invented by some true Game of War entrepreneurs. The strategy is to use farm accounts to train Troops and kill them off in mass quantities to earn Hero XP. Farm accounts are used only for farming Resources, but you need to log in to them to empty Resources at least a couple of times a day to keep them below Storehouse level. While you are in there, queue up Troops and Rally the ones you have to protect them. Once you have tons of Troops trained, send your farm's Hero to an encampment and attack your farm to get easy kills!

Once again the higher the level of Troops the more Experience you will receive, but remember that T1 Troops can be retrained instantly after being Hospitalized. So you can kill your T1 farm Troops over and over again as long as you have the Resources to retrain them!



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  1. I don’t see the Apollos Wreath mentioned here. When you buy enough packs (22?) you are gifted a common (green) Apollos Wreath that, when worn, gives 18% xp bonus.

  2. Participating in T4 Rallies doesnt gain you any hero xp unless your the rally leader as your hero isn’t in the rally.

    Eating T4 Rallies on the other hand is a far greater source of hero XP for those not ready to lead rallies. Admittedly it comes with considerable cost in replacing lost troops.

  3. What do you think of the updates? What are your recommendations on killing troops from farm accounts?

    • Killing Farm troops is tasteless and stat-padding in my opinion. That said, in a pay-to-win such as gow, non-spenders need whatever boost they can get to level the field so I don’t mind one bit here. Also, it helps players get experience with marching/attacking/stat analysis/etc!

      • Ya i really don’t like some of the cheating happening lately regarding farming T3 troops from other accounts created by yourself. It’s distasteful and against the intention of the game.
        For farming Hero XP and not dropping loads of money to kill off troops for winning an event, I’m cool with others doing it.

  4. Thanks Nick,

    I will add these methods. My focus was primarily on the one method described because it’s by far the cheapest and easiest, but you’re right I should include all the ways:)

  5. Just wanted to add that upgrading the new dungeon grants you further hero xp boost just like the gymnos


  6. If I am going to be participating in the event then I will use a 25% XP boost. Anything I do that for that 24 hours earns XP like kill monsters or troops will all benefit from the boost. I usually save all my chances and do them while taking a break.

  7. Pretty sure the hero xp part of empire quests is allocated when completed, not collected. Diff to all others.

    • nope, it’s paid when collected. Also a little thing that gives a decent xp boost. Make some really basic level 6 gear with the materials you have heaps of. You get 512k per item

  8. Regarding the 50k/100k/250k/etc. hero xp items, I found when 25% boost is activated, the boost does not bump up those items when used. That really sucks as they’re just another item just like a quest collection in a sense.
    I could not find this tip anywhere online so I had to take the 2k gold and test it out.

  9. Chad, is there any benefit to saving empire quests? Also, does the exp boosts work on empire quests? Thanks!

    • Yes and yes. Search my site for “power” and you will find the post, “building power quickly”. It will tell you to save up empire quests.

  10. What do u think works better at leveling hero-daily chance or alliance chances. Also daily chances cost 50k loyalty and give a few extra quests while alliance cost 100k?

    • They have equal chance and range of hero xp, but alliance chance give you the opportunity for alliance points which can buy you more chances. But, typically you don’t get so lucky, so I would say to buy as many daily chance as you can.

  11. Very good help! Please keep the knowledge coming!!!

  12. I used your technique last sunday at the Coliseum. I had been saving chances for one month. So I collected all of them plus some empire quests I had completed but not saved. I’m SH15. My hero is lvl 46. I collected 29 million of hero EXP 20% of which was due to the boost. This means I could add 5.8 million EXP in a few hours for the cost of the boost (2000 gold). 5 million EXP being 18000 gold, your nice tip allowed me to make 16000 gold Worth of EXP.Thanks for this nice tip.
    (Btw I made around 40K gold plus 1 month Worth of speed-ups and gained 1.5 million of power going twice to the colliseum).

  13. One of the more experienced member in my alliance taught me the same strategy. A few more things to add though… On top of saving up on alliance and daily chances, and activating VIP8 while the 25% hero boost is in play, save a ton of speed-ups too. There will be millions of rss that will be generated and it is safer to use them up asap. His hero jumped from lv43 to lv45, and his SH from 16 to 17… within a day.