5 Tips to Building Your Power Fast

5 Tips to Building Your Power Fast

Building your Power FAST is one of the most satisfying elements to Game of War. While you make consistent progress, your account gets more powerful and you can participate in more elements of the game... especially the fun part, aka fighting.

This post was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on 1-22-16.

1. Use 25% Hero Experience Bonus Items

game of war hero experience boost

The 25% Hero Experience Bonus Item earns you more 25% more experience in every way you get experience. For example, completing Quests, Research, Buildings, War, etc. Personally, I am a huge fan of Research power and Hero level Power, because I think they give you most return on investment. You cannot lose Research or Hero Power when you get zeroed, so can always rely on that Power.  I focus my Resources and Gold on Research first, while always having +25% Hero Experience Boost available. It can be expensive to have a 25% boost running always, so I save them for periods of rapid growth and big builds. As long as the item is active before a build is complete, you will get the extra experience.

2. Avoid Fighting, Grow Instead

game of war defense peach shield

Early game, I tried to stay out of the fighting as much as possible, I maxed out Hero Skill Points in Research, Building and Resources. I always made sure I had enough Resources to start another Research item before Building or Training. If was not shielded and needed to keep my Resources below storehouse level, I would trade them with my Alliance members and ask they return the favor when I needed to start my next Research. The higher level of Research you complete, the more experience you earn. You will notice that the time curve to complete researches 1-10 in a category look like a hockey stick, and so does the power earned.

Hockey Stick Curve

The Vertical Axis is "Time Required to Complete", the Horizontal Axis is "Levels 1-10".

You can win more battles with less troops if your power is based more on Research and Hero Points than troop size.

Check out our troop training tool that tells you the exact amount of resources and speeds you need to train for troop training events.

3. Save Your Empire Quests For Higher Gymnos Levels

game of war gymnos Gymnos XP Bonus

I didn't collect any empire quests until after I upgraded my Gymnos to level 15. I planned on rushing to 15, leveling out my Research, and leveling all my Buildings while starting to build a decent size T3 army. After leveling everything out at 15, I had a absurd amount of Empire Quests to cash in. I activated my +25% Hero Experience Boost and collected all those Quests. I also used all my saved up daily and alliance Quest resets at that point too (with VIP on of course). After doing that, I jumped at least a couple million in Power as I remember. Your Power jumps up radically as your Hero gains levels. And for the record, I didn't use another hero XP boost until level 18 so I could build up more quests and level out a bunch of buildings quickly to earn as much experience bonus XP as possible.

During this day in Game of War age, it's possible to speed through even the first 18-21 levels on ONE gold pack. When I first started playing it took about 50 packs to max out an account with T4 Troops. So if you do plan on buying a gold pack, turn on your 25% bonus and start plowing ahead through building!

4. Don't Focus On Troop/Trap Power

academy building

Travis made a good point in the comments, that this post wouldn't be complete if I didn't talk about power from troops and traps. The reason I didn't mention them first is because troop power is very fragile and fluctuates wildly. You get attacked so much in this game, that if you focus too much on building troop and trap power, you will have a lot of recovery to do after you get attacked, and you probably won't be able to win many battles. Check out these defensive strategies if you are struggling to win battles and need to protect yourself while you build.

I really didn't start focusing on troop power until Stronghold 15 because that's when T3 troops are unlocked. I didn't think it was worth wasting my limited amount of resources on a bunch of low level troops that would get killed easily by T3 and T4.

Instead, you want as much of power as possible to come from Researching. It's Research power that you cannot lose when you get zeroed, so it's the best investment of your time and money.

5. Upgrade your Explorer Dungeon for up to 100% Hero Experience Bonus

ed_dungeongate_05  Explorer Dungeon XP Bonus

The Explorer Dungeon is a fairly new addition to the game and many players still haven't realized the biggest value that it holds for your account. At max level you will receive 100% Bonus Hero Experience. That's a massive increase. If you are trying to make the climb to Hero level 60 you've probably realized the insane amount of experience required to attain it. Another 100%+ Hero Experience Bonus can drastically affect the amount of XP you earn. Every time you upgrade the dungeon you will earn 5% more XP.

Before upgrading you will earn about 5600-5700 XP from Level 1 quests, but after maxing the dungeon, you will earn over 7000 XP for each quests. That's 23% more XP from battles, Research, Buildings etc.

With a Hero XP item (25%), the Apollo's Wreath Helm (15%), VIP 17 (10%), Dungeon 14 (100%), and Gymnos 21 (125%) you can reach 240% Hero XP Bonus.



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  1. It’s surprising to see an article on building one’s empire power which avoids the key strategy of keeping power low to be a more attractive target. The last thing you want to do when building a trap is do all the unnecessary researches. Not only are they a huge resource and speed hog, some add very little to your ability to fight effectively as a trap.

    With the rate the new cores and gear keep getting released, the minimum troop count and gear stats required to withstand a hit increases. Ideally, you would want to increase just your fighting researches, before building an army that could take a hit from some SH24 monster who is max researched using the latest tricked out core set.

    To think, 1 Billion power used to be good enough to fight with. Not anymore, Thanks MZ. (grrr). Now you’re looking at solo traps being 5-10B or more.

  2. I was told not to be hastely in upgrading my stronghold to level 21. I first must get stronger and get more power. What is the reasoning behind this.

  3. It would seem that gunning for max dungeon would be a bit of a pipe dream if you are a small account starting out. The ungodly amount of keystones would be impossible to obtain without having purchased several packs or spend a huge amount of time in the dungeon its self, hoping you get lucky, and some of your loot is keystones

  4. Good Article.

    I have been playing for a year and our kingdom was recently declared Ancient. There are a lot of 20 billion players here.

    Some warnings in your race to power. Everytime you switch award brackets, it becomes harder to earn stuff in infernos and kingdom events. Going from level 20 to 21 was pretty extreme. I went from a 100,000,000 kingdom events to 160,000,000 infernos. You can get a lot of important items from the infernos by not jumping to 21 immediately.

    You also need to think about how you want to play. Do you want to be a rally leading top power player? This will require a lot of money and time to maintain. Many players enjoy a less expensive version of the game by being traps. This is a very satisfying way to play also. But having high power and being an effective trap are often conflicting goals. So plan for your end game.

    Read the turtle articles on this site for an idea of what I am talking about.

    • yo the best way right now is to NOT DO MILESTONE RESEARCH. leave that until you reach SH 22. after that wait for a good kingdom event with high rewards such as 100k hero medals. then do the milestone research ONLY until you complete kingdom event. use the rewards to upgrade SH further to 23. rewards go up every SH level and milestone research is the key to getting those rewards.

  5. Theres now a No Hero March glitch effecting people. Like always,MZ pretending it doesn’t exist . I was effected , full specced for War and 42m troop defending , an heroless 600k march killed 9.9M T2 . Without glitch , that kills 1300 T2 .Even worse , an 468K Heroless march killed 72m troops on a target With 360M troops defending and Hero home . Stay shielded until MZ acknowledges and fixes this crap

    • I would like to se SS of defending troops from that attack, if defending SH gets Neft, that about the outcome it should be!

  6. I am VIP 21 237,000,000 I can’t not gain power what am infoing wrong

  7. When researching or building for example, it tells you what your reward power will be. Well I’ve been noticing that when I complete one of these and go to collect, the power listed is far less than what it originally said I would be rewarded. Why is that?

    • Not sure what the problem is here, maybe try a support ticket..

    • I had the same question before but I got it figured out myself. That’s a bonus reward they give you. When you watch a research or building to finish, immediately look up at the top of the screen where the power is located and you will see the number has just increased. Then when you go collect, the rss and power you get is all bonus.

  8. Hi, great site. You didn’t answer the question about best way to lay out tree points for each. And how often do you change them as you kill a monster a day, and also rss. Another thing, is the 10K gold worth spending for the Lvl 11 VIP? What do you get

    • Well the best way to lay out your skill depends on your troop count and whether or not you use traps. I suggest you sign up to be a member and use our hero skill tree tool. I wouldn’t change them daily because it’s too expensive, I just switch between production and war in between KEs.
      You can see the benefits to vip levels but looking at our Normal VIP vs Prestige post 🙂

  9. Hi Rod, must be in same alliance as me. Ive maxed out everything to L5 maxed out my research for this level. I’m sitting at 250k power and I need to get to 1M. Is there another way to increase power other than training more troops being maxed at L5? I don’t think having around 500k t1 troops is very beneficial or necessary. Not to mention the actual time involved training them.

  10. Hi Rod you must be in the same alliance as me. I’ve hit 250k power and only way I can see to get more power while staying at sh5 is to build troops. I am going to get bored real quick. I even put 2 more barracks for max of 2400 troops at a time. It takes about 5 hours. Without speed ups and training 3 times per day, I’m looking at months to hit 1M power. I’ve maxed out all research for l5. Is there anything else I can do?

  11. I need help i am now power lvl of 196.??? Thousand at lvl 5 sh and was told thats a very very low lvl and i researched my toon to capp lvl of sh 5 and my buildings of lvl 5 only at this time so is it true that my piwer lvl is really bad?? If so how is that when i capped my research and building capped. Will so one please tell me what it is i did wrong to only have 196,??? And i am now starting to fight the lvl 1 monsters and the xp is a very very slow process and here i am told that my 196,??? Is very very low. Please tell me if that is indeed very very low or what is the normal please because i have done everything i can do.

  12. So rush to stronghold 15 then start lvling and researching?

    • Hold at 14 for awhile, because if you are weak when you hit 15 someone will take and execute your hero which is very bad.

  13. I’m saving my Empire quests for a long time (since sh8 and I’m now sh14) but when I looked, it only shows that I can collect around 5 quests but I know I completed way more than that. Do they just not show until you start collecting them?

  14. click on wall, click on the trap you want to destroy then go stat, there is a slider there for destroying your own traps (for when moving from t1-t3 traps etc)

  15. how to destroy your own traps?

  16. Is there anything special to do between sh15-18, sh18-21 similar to holding at sh14 till all research, building, etc. is at it’s max? I am considering doing the hold at 17 till everything is complete but not sure if it is really necessary or to do it at each level. Any help and/or advice would be appreciated.

  17. Is there a full list of empire quests available?

  18. After reaching level 50 Hero, how do we get more hero skill tree points?

  19. So I notice that a lot of the events talk about “research power” and “building power” to score points. What exactly gets you these points? Is it the collecting of the Empire Quests that get you the points (as it does for “increase power”) or is it the actual completion of the research or building?

  20. You can dismiss troops and destroy traps if you don’t want to have your main city lose power by attacking. It also allows you to be precise on what power you end up at.

  21. So here’s my question. I have a city I’ve been using as a trap but now really has too much power (people starting to avoid hitting it during kvk). What’s the best way to reduce the city’s power?

  22. What is everybody doing these days that is causing them to grow by 100+ mil in a week or two in some cases.

    I’m talking about the 1 bil+ power guys who were in the 100+ mil race like a month ago.

  23. I’m new to the game..and I don’t spend money on the game….I have been saving all my alliance and daily chances but never thought to save the empire quests, GREAT TIP but what is this 25% hero experience boost you spoke about? I am only level 9 and have been talking to my alliance members NOT to bother building traps and I have been building traps like crazy…..so are you saying to not worry about building troops until sh 15 ?

  24. The use of the +25% hero experience boost interests me very much but have they changed it now so it is useful only for 24 hours? If so, you revert back to the level prior to its use; therefore, the tactic of saving and using this boost has been nullified.

    • No, it’s always been that you can only use it for 24 hours. That’s the whole reason you need to save up your quests and complete them all at once, because you only have 24 hrs.

  25. Also I am 14 million power all t3 troops and strategic troops I have 100k troops but I don’t want to be eating more than I produce or do I not care about that and just overload my troops I have plenty of shields and antiscouts, I am going to lvl out all my buildings and I also hyperfarm, I have all farms except 1 of each other rss tiles is this wise or should I have spread them out evenly but food is what I struggle with seeing t3 troops like to eat through my rss. Stewart1970 (sora)

    • There is no penalty for have negative food production. It just means that you won’t be able to produce food, no troops will die or anything 🙂

      • I keep hearing about there not being any drawbacks to not having food production. But how do you build or research anything if you don’t have any food?

  26. Hi there I have now been playing the game for about 80 days I am a lvl 21 sh and I am now struggling to gain more power and all my research and building is crazy timescales like 57 to 113 days per lvl up how can I shorten this and also what is the best way to do the high roller casino??

  27. So is it better to stay at a specific sh lv and do all the research for that level or is it better to push to sh 21 to get more helps in order to do the research more effectively?

    • This is a really good forum question because there are no straight answers, but I think I will make a post encouraging some people to answer this question as well.

      • Chad, did you ever get around to doing that post? I’m at sh16 now, and busy upgrading all my buildings and slowly building t3 army, but getting bored really fast 😀

        • Sorry I never got straight answers from anyone, it’s up to personal choice.
          I think you will find something on this topic in the forums actually, if not, make a post.
          The thing is, everyone and their mother is going to want to burn you if they see you a high level with low power, because they know you are weak in research power.
          I would still give the forum post a shot so you get a bunch of opinions.

  28. Power and total kills mean nothing IMO…its about having a high KDR and hospitalizing more enemies than your own. Maximize kills while minimizing losses. Rebuilding is a waste of time and rss. Quick trick for beginner to demo every building at beginning, and build 10 of each rss building, and 10 barracks, hospitals, and villas. Those are semi-secret quests that could boost your power very high, very fast, but like your post, its best to save those until getting a high level gymnos.


    • WordPress.com Support


      Thanks, and ya everything you’ve mention above I’ve got in different posts scattered throughout my blog. Sometimes posts get too long if I include every detail on a topic at once.. i’m sure you understand.

  29. Very good point. Great comment.

  30. Ahhh. Okay, thanks! What’s the fastest way to increase your VIP points?

    • WordPress.com Support

      There is no faster way except open gifts which have VIP point rewards. Hopefully you are in an alliance with some spenders 🙂

  31. I’m new, so excuse my ignorance. What do you mean when you say, “leveling all my buildings while starting to build a decent size t3 army”?

    • WordPress.com Support

      No worries, good question. It means you want start “filling out” or “leveling up” or upgrading all your buildings to the level of your SH. So, you may push you SH to 15 fast to get T3 researched, while ignoring to upgrade “excess” buildings, but once you get to SH 15 you want to upgrade all your buildings and not push your SH higher.

  32. I would like to know how many books, daggers and sheckles are required for each level to build up the Hall of war, prison and alter. Is that written anywhere?

  33. Haha I just read your wall of text. Good stuff. But ya dude I’d be happen to post your story up here if its well written, and then give you all some feedback 🙂 I’m sure a lot of readers would be interested in that

  34. I sent you an invite in the game. Though I prefer to answer questions on here so everyone can see them and my answers to them 🙂

  35. designermarissa

    Now that I’ve read all the comments I have a few more things to add about myself. 😀

    First things first, my kingdom, Serrai, won the most recent KvK, whoot-whoot!!! Awwwww yeaaaa baby! (Just messing with you all bragging like that.) Only thing I’d seriously brag about is all the free gold we got after the event was over! Immediately Level 1 gold tiles with 10 gold began popping up everywhere with plenty to go around. Thankfully the gold gathering speed that normally applies to gold mine tiles DIDN’T apply to these gold tiles, it was much faster. Est 1 gold per two seconds instead of 1 gold per 15 seconds, (Lol or however painfully slow it is. I have gold mine speed researched up to level 4, btw.)

    After Level 1 gold tiles cleared (an hr) Level 2 gold tiles with 100G on each began popping up, then Level 3’s w/ 300G, then Lvl 4 to Lvl 6 each level increasing with the amount of gold per tile. Yea, I became pretty brutal once we started getting Level 4’s trying to get to them first. I must have used about 13 recalls during that whole fiasco. Well worth it though because I came out with about 5,000 gold!

    My alliance used to be the top alliance, held the wonder a few times but now have been surpassed by an alliance with 1B power last time I checked, probably 1.3-1.5B by now. : / Its extremely challenging being in my alliance, SxM (Sexy and Murderous, power over 500M) for the past 6 weeks, reason being this top alliance HATES our guts and we are at the top of their kill on sight list. To add to THEIR power and OUR challenges, they have TONS of allies, brother/sister alliances, sub-alliances, etc who follow their orders. So there isn’t many alliances that don’t want to destroy us. I’d like to elaborate on what my eyes have seen in SxM, lol so people can learn what happens in a situation like mine but in another post. Yes? And hopefully I can get some feedback on what my alliance and I can do to overcome these bully super force. (Tips, other than “rally your troops and hero like a mofo because your heroes life depends on it!” – Ha ha)

  36. designermarissa

    Hi Chad, great site. Is there a way for me to do PM you or do I just have to send you an email to the address provided above?

    Btw, I tried to find your profile in GoW searching for the name you’ve provided in a previous reply to a comment and nothing came up. Perhaps you have changed your player name since then?

    My GOW name is: Metal Milita
    (Not “Militia”, missing an “I’ on purpose, didn’t fit)
    That is for you or anyone else on this site to msg me if you want to say hello or whatever. Just give me a heads up who you are.

    • Hey designermarissa,

      Read ur post & would luv to chat with u about the game or anything else….so what kingdom are u in? Im in #164..so if ur in the neighborhood send me a message ok…



  37. I could also post your story up on mine too, its pretty hard to post every day. I can attest to that. Email me at gowrts@gmail.com

  38. I was in the second strongest alliance in k144. there were kill minimums in the alliance and i left because they go too high. I lived on my own for a couple of days and used the last of my rss and speed ups and now building SH13 and i grew a lot. All i have to say is stress the importance of an alliance. They are here more than rss trade and stuff like that. It was hard being on my own and i feel in only those couple of days i changed a lot. I do not like the situation i am in now ( third Strongest alliance) becuase it is awkward for me and im trying to get used to things. Luckly for me i am 1m power which is a lot in only 20 day kingdom so i didnt really get in that much danger. I have more to this story that i would love to share but dont want to fill up your comment board. My jump from k138 to k144 was crazy and its a true deep story. I want to tell you sometime

    • Hey survivior, i would love to hear the details of your story and post them on my blog. Email me the whole thing at gowrts@gmail.com. I like posting up stories, it adds a intimate aspect to my blog rather it just being plain knowledge thrown around.

  39. i also have one more thing in mind. maybe you should think about keeping all of your iteams because before i used to destroy armour or boots after i craft a stronger one. for now on i will have sets of armour for different events, ( war,reasearch/troop/powerbuilding,) and fit the gems with the armours strengths. that way for what ever pourpose i can grow in that area quickly. And how do you know if your kingdom is dead or not

  40. we just hit 54mill search up snF i havent been off all day so idk where we are at now. most likey we wont be in the same bracket because we jumped from 300million power to 40 mill to be in a lower brack and get more gold. we have 100 members. we are in a 17 day old kingdom so i think we are doing good for oursleves. and next kill event get at 40 mill. power because i would love to go agaisnt UkE

  41. If you really want to make this “growing power fast” useful put in the tiers. T2 troops grow power fast. last night I was sitting here in Farmville mode I hit past the alliance minimum and boom it hit me. I am building t1 traps. So I use my 15hrs speed up to boost past academy 10 and all research of t2 traps. I build 1,000 snares and after a total of 3 minutes I gained 71k power, also flex the importance of SH15 and T3. these beginners need to know the value of regular troops not strategic. I am in a kill event alliance last time we got sixth. we are at 40 million and trying to get 20k gold…..

    • You make a good point Travis, I’ll update my post with reason I didn’t include that kind of power.
      And my alliance is at 30 mil and counting, let’s see who gets the gold 😉
      Whats your alliance btw? mine is UkE

    • I don’t understand how to tell the diff between Tier 1 and 2. Also, each quest gives you finite resources, so I don’t understand what good it does to save them

      • Tier 1 troops are weaker than Tier 2 travis.
        Quests also give you power… the second paragraph thorough explains why you should save quests to get more power bonus

  42. I noticed something tonight when I was attacked. All my troops were in the hospital and I didn’t have enough ore to heal them all. So I was going to go into the gold store and buy some ore and it was like 400g for 150000 ore and I needed about that much to heal my troops. But then I noticed in the hospital there was a instant heal button that only cost 80g to heal all my troops! This was including the ore that I didn’t have + the food and wood that I was going to use.

    • Interesting… I feel it shouldnt be like that..

      • Can you trade resources for Gold anywhere, and how do you build a farm account?
        Thanks for the tips on growing power quickly.
        I’m a lvl 15 stronghold now but will not Cash them I’m anymore and save tjem.if that will help.

      • But how would that be accomplished if you weren’t in the same alliance, and even if you were…how can someone just give you gold?
        I know you can gift rss…to alliance, but gold too?

        • Temporarily join the other persons alliance and you can gift them speed ups and other items with gold. You need to have spent $100 on the game to unlock gift mode.

      • Awesome thanks for the info
        so, if I’ve spent say…70….do I need ro buy 100 pack….or just spend 30 more and the gane will know when I’ve paid 100 cumulatively

      • Thank you for your response
        last question

        If my current food uptake is 80k per hour, and I upgrade food production at +7 percent
        does that go to 86k per hour?

        • If you increase your BASE food production stats by 7% than yes. Click Power > Stats > find “food production” bonus

  43. Thanks, I never thought of saving my quests up like that. I’m going to start doing that now.