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10 Tips For Gathering in Game of War


Gathering Basics

Although gathering is not super popular today because everyone and their mother tile hits, if you do get the chance to gather here are some tips for you.

Update: All former relevant articles and comments on gathering have been include in this ONE article 🙂 We are working on a site wide transformation to merge all our content on a single topic if it was spread out. Then, we will be updating these articles with the most relevant information on a frequent basis. We believe this will be more convenient for everyone!

1. Split Your Troops

When you first start the game you only have one march available (up to level 5) so you send out all your troops at once to collect resources. But, when you hit SH 6 you have two marches available (level 11, 3 marches etc.). When I have multiple marches available I split them when I send them to gather resources. This allows me to gather resources twice as fast. Even if I only need one type of resource like stone, I will send two different marches to two different Stone tiles.

2. Set Your Hero Skill Points For Gathering Speed

Also, I make sure my hero skills are selected appropriately for gathering (right side of the tree) and that my hero equipment and gems are optimized to boost my troop load and food or silver production. You should be sure you are safe in a hive or shielded when you have your hero and gear spec’d in this way. If your hero isn’t in war gear you will be extremely easy to defeat.

Additionally, it’s very common that people forget your hero skills are only applied where your hero isSo if you are out farming, your hero skills gathering boosts apply only to the tile your hero is on. If you are attacking with multiple marches, your bonuses are only applied to the hero march.

3. Apply A Gathering Boost

The gathering boost from the store applies to all marches.

4. Gathering Speed Increase as The Level of Tile Increases

The gathering speed on a level 1 tile is drastically slower than a level 6 tile.

5. Crossed Blades Means An Enemy

If you see crossed blades over a tile, then an enemy (someone not in your alliance) is gathering from that tile. If you are a much higher power than that enemy, attack the tile!

6. Don’t Take Your Eyes Off Your Tile When Gathering Dangerously

In reality, I would suggest never ever farming during a Kill Event unless you are trying to tile trap someone.

Although if you are truly craving some resources, never take your eyes off of your phone. An enemy can teleport next to you and attack the tile you are on with 3 seconds.

Pro Tip: If you send out a march to gather from a tile and an opponent teleports in and places their troops on that tile, a battle will occur. Additionally, some players will try to teleport next to the tile just as your march arrives then attack it immediately after it starts gathering.

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At higher levels, people realize it’s smartest to attack those much weaker to ensure a victory. If you are being hunted by an alliance much bigger than you, it is extremely dangerous to farm because your troops will not be not be sent to the hospital if they are attacked on tile, they will be killed immediately.

Furthermore, once you reach level 10 you are a much bigger target to enemies now because your hero can be taken. At this point you should be careful when sending your hero out to farm. A lot of people in my alliance don’t send their hero out at all at this point. If they do, then they are actively playing the game, like chatting friends and building or crafting or something.

The next escalation of enmity you will receive is when you reach level 15. When under threat, use turtle tactics and definitely do not send your hero to gather. Also, have a shield ready in case the enemy sees you send your troops out and tries to attack your castle to take your hero.

Pro Tip: You cannot shield if your hero is out of your stronghold (unless you are attacking a monster or making an encampment).

7. Troops You Should Use When Gathering (Proven False)

Update: Someone recently told us that this is false information spawned from rumors. We reached out to MZ and they confirmed it is false.

Just recently players have been mentioning that the actual type of troops you send to gather has an effect on whether or not you get discover loot. Here are the troops you should send:

Stone and Wood – Ranged
Stone and Ore – Cavalry
Wood and Ore – Infantry

Food/Silver/Monsters – Any

8. Finish The Whole Tile To Receive Materials

Finishing off the resources of an entire tile all at once increases your chances of getting the most amount of material drops. Also, sending 30% more than required, of the correct troop type to tiles, greatly increases your chances of getting materials (allegedly).

9. T1 Infantry Is The Optimal Troop Type For Gathering

The age old question, “Which troops should I farm with?” has now been answered…

The chart is color coordinated by tiers.

troops to farm with


Optimized Cost, Load, and Time: T1 Infantry troops

Biggest Load (4.0): T4 Infantry troops (Really T4 onagers are best, but most people don’t train or research those)

Fastest Time (1.0): T1 Cavalry troops

In addition, it’s best to farm with T1 because they won’t  cost you much points or resources if you get hit on a tile.

Contributed by Arcturus I in Sangul

10. Spread Out Your Hive To Keep Resources Tiles Nearby

About a year and a half ago when I first started playing in K58 everyone was building “alliance hives” for protection and proximity, although we quickly realized that resource tiles were getting farther and farther away from our hive.

My alliance came to the conclusion that the algorithm responsible for tile respawning tries to spread tiles out, and so having a largely grouped hive would push the resources away from us. To counteract this we spread out into a bunch of mini hives of 4 players each that were complementary in terms of hyper farming and could provide adequate reinforcements to each other. This allowed resource tiles to respawn in-between all of the mini hives and thus stay close to us.



Partially contributed by Kristi

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  1. 555Legend555 says

    So the biggest question I have is do regular troops actually have a more efficient speed gathering from demi resource tiles or do mythical creatures or demi troops?

  2. Reiderator says

    I have recently seen players gather huge tiles (level 10 behemoth) in a few seconds. Same with alliance gift tiles. What is their secret? It takes me 8 minutes to gather an alliance gift tile and this is the experience of everyone in my alliance.

    1. Cinder says

      Are they using Prospectors Gear?

  3. Stacey T Corbin says

    What are the new Nerf Settings….???

    1. Darkthorne says

      They’ve not changed. Troops with less than 10 troop power could nerf you. If your average troop and trap power is less than 10 you will suffer a penalty. If you have no troops under tier 3 then you are safe.

  4. jenny says

    Besides packs, how do you get rss or dig site shields?

    1. NinjaWabbit says

      Prospectors gear with prospectors gems, it’s the gems that give the shields but they only work with that gear.

  5. Nochotwo says

    I would be interested in knowing how prospectors gear would change this dynamic. Is the siege match boost enough to swing it to onagers being the most efficient collector? The shields would help with any troop, but the boost are very specific.

    1. Chad says

      Maybe, but since onagers aren’t useful for anything else really, I wouldn’t train them.

  6. Sean says

    Do you have to clear the Monster Materials after a Monster Kill for it to respawn or is the kill good enough to allow it to respawn somewhere else?

    1. Chad says

      I actually don’t know. I feel like I see a lot killed monster grouped together, so you probably don’t have to gather them completely.

  7. Real Head says

    Im coming to kill you on tiles! BLAH

    1. Chad says


  8. Ygltazanya Mo says

    “Pro Tip: You cannot shield if your hero is out of your stronghold.”

    this isnt true, you can shield if your hero is hitting a monster or encamping

    1. Chad says

      Thanks for the catch, I was only thinking about war at the time. #updated

  9. Beezer306 says

    Who writes these articles. Setting your hero skills to gathering is only effective if you’re silly enough to send your hero to a tile. Same goes for gear. Unless their has been some changes made.

    1. Chad says

      There are many kingdoms with time periods where farming with your hero is completely safe. Such as, when you win a kvk and are collecting gold, during non-kvk events, if you are a top alliance and don’t need to worry about others hitting you.

      I am glad you are aware it’s dangerous in most scenarios though.

  10. Boiler says

    When using gathering gear, does it have to be equipped before the march or just before you arrive at the tile?

    1. Chad says

      Before arriving at the tile

  11. terry says

    For gold gathering on tiles after a monster kill, does the troop level matter? In other words, does a T4 gather gold more quickly than a T3?
    Thank you!!

    1. Chad says

      No, the only things to think about are march speed (cavalry), and troop load

  12. Kat says

    What are the crossed blades I see at treasure chest digs and resource tiles, what do they do how do I activate?

    1. Knight says

      crossed blades over a tile means that a player (who is not in your alliance) has occupied that tile

  13. suavesmight says

    Gathering speed differences from the different levels of resource tiles (1-6). I just went from 4-5s to 2-3s and the 2-3s are extremely slow!!

    1. Chad says

      Yes this is true, I believe we have an article with more details on gathering speed as well.

  14. Deborah Goring says

    Do tiles actually refill though? My alliance leader said a level 6 tile would have refilled after 12 hours but I’ve never seen one refill

    1. Chad says

      No it doesn’t

  15. April says

    We are having a discussion on wether it is best to empty a tile and run on chance of respawn or to let a tile refill. We know they refill and are testing 2 lvl 4 and 2 level 5 tiles to get an idea of the rate, but we cannot find any information on the rate of respawn.
    My concern is this, a large hive of multiple alliances never have many tiles in the area. Where I have asked my alliance to not empty the surrounding tiles and let them refill, not only do we have tiles refilling but we also have tiles respawning around our hive. Can you offer any information on which is the best way and why? Everyone preaches empty empty empty! but I dont understand the why other than they respawn, but they refill too.

    1. Chad says

      April I have some great info on this that I will add to the post RIGHT NOW.

  16. jack says

    Is there a gathering speed difference between different tier troops?

    1. Chad says

      While on the tile, no.

  17. Kirsti says

    Stone and Wood – Ranged
    Stone and Ore – Cavalry
    Wood and Ore – Infantry

    Food/Silver/Monsters – Any

    Sending 30% more than required, of the correct troop type to tiles, greatly increases your chances of getting materials. True Story.

    1. Chad says

      Added, and gave you credit 🙂

    2. gphase says

      Are there any rules for how long your troops need to be at the tile to get loot? Do they need to be at capacity, or can you call them home before they’re full and still get loot?

      1. Chad says

        To get materials or to get resources? What do you mean by loot specifically? General recommendation is leave troops on tiles for the whole time to have a better chance of getting mats.

    3. Carl Kelly says

      Of all the things I’ve ever read on this site amongst the misinformation, this troop-related gathering drop rate is easily the most absurd. No offense, but this was published by another user on another website 16 months ago and was handily disproven by several who tested it. That it gets republished/regurgitated by someone who read that ancient, disproven post as though anything written on the internet must be true is a true testament to the old adage that “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

      Setting the fact that this was disproven long ago, it also offends common sense to suggest that MZ would literally add a plethora of additional nonsense code in an already cluttered game for something as simple as gathering and then have an algorithm for each type of tile one gathers on to sense the precise makeup of troops and have that in turn be dependent on the drop rate. Do the math for 5 tile types by 3 troop types and when you get done with that permutation, don’t forget to add in that according to this nonsense posted here it is apparently dependent on the makeup and precisely how many you send and whether or not it is over 30% or more. Aside from that, precisely why would a different troop type yield a different drop rate logically? MZ has done nothing like that at odds with logic in the game elsewhere, so why here in addition to the abundantly unnecessary coding? If gathering speed amongst tiers is the same and MZ does not even distinguish between that significant difference in troops (and cost, and risk of gathering), then why in the heck would anyone with a brain actually believe MZ would somehow do extensive coding to distinguish between troop type???

      So, (1) this was nonsense speculation spewed by one user on another site long ago; (2) it was repeatedly disproven to be true; and (3) it defies common sense that MZ would illogically have a ranged gather on a certain type of certain tile to yield a different drop rate on that tile (alone) than another equally-tiered troop; and (4) it defies common sense and would be a serious added cost of coding and make the program run slower to add all that code.

      1. Chad says

        Hi Carl,

        I never saw the post you are referring to from a long time ago, but I’ve a few claim this is truth and you are the only one to say otherwise. If you would like to provide some proof that you’ve seen or someone else has created, then I will be happy to change the article.

        You are right that it kind of does defy sense and that there’s nothing GoW points to that would make this truth. I’ll reach out to them to see if I can get a definitive answer.


      2. Chad says


        You were right, MZ responded to me and said that troop type does not affect what materials are gathered 😀

        Thanks for calling this out.


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