Protect Your Troops and Hero With A Rally

How To Rally

Setting a Ghost Rally is essential to protecting your Troops and Hero. To Ghost Rally is to send your Troops on a Rally March for a set amount of time from 5 minutes to 16 hours so that enemies cannot attack your Troops.

To Rally, tap on an enemy Stronghold and tap Rally, you’ll be presented with a screen asking how long until you’d like to start your Rally and then how many Troops you want to Rally. When you do this, your Alliance will get a notification that a war has been declared and they can donate Troops to the war and strengthen the attack. Once the timer is done, your Troops will march to the destination, Attack, and March back.

Ghost Rallying Saves Your Troops and Hero

Ghost Rallying is doing this, but for the sole purpose of protecting your Troops, because once you Rally your Troops they can’t be hurt by incoming attacks. This is a great way to protect your Troops while you’re offline for a while, be it work, play or sleep.

I was Stronghold 9 before I even knew what Rallying was so don't be discouraged if this is new to you 🙂

Some people Rally against their farm nearby because it's a no-risk target, if you hit it you won't be hurt. There are no Troops and there’s no chance of provoking vendettas (from attacking other Alliance farms).

If you need more than 8 hours, perhaps you’ve the luxury to sleep in or are unfortunate enough to be working more than 8 hours a day, this will take some planning.

  1. Find a Stronghold with an empire name (Empire 9023984) that is in an Alliance.
  2. Make sure that the Stronghold is on the opposite side of the Forest from you. This way your March goes through the Forest and is slowed down.
  3. Use Siege Troops in your March to make the March last even longer. The higher tier of Siege, the slower the March. They are the slowest troops available. With Siege Troops you should be able to extend your march to 4 hours. Therefore, your maximum Rally time will be 4 + 8 + 4 = 16 hours.
  4. Bookmark Rally points at different distances away with names like, "Rally 1 hr, Rally 2 hr, Rally 3 hr, Rally 4 hr".

Note: If your Troops are needed, recalling them is going to take awhile if they are out Marching. Your March starts after the 8 hour mark hits.

Other Ways To Protect Your Troops and Herorally march banner

These other ways can be used if you have more Troops than you can include in a single Rally by yourself.

Join Another Member's Rally

If you don’t have a farm (you should) just ask one of your Members if you can join their Rally, most will say yes. The drawback to joining a Rally of your Alliance Member is that your Troops will be returned to you when your teammate cancels the Rally.

Reinforce A Shielded Member

If you have a Member Shielded, ask if you can send your Troops to hide in his city via reinforcing.

Warning: Always set a Rally March timer on your phone so you don't log in late and find yourself zeroed!

Send Your Troops to An Encampment

Send your troops out to an encampment somewhere. This can be very dangerous if someone scouts your encampment and realizes you have a lot of Troops just sitting there. I don't recommend this method. Whenever I'm burning a hive I always Scout the encampments to see if anyone left a bunch of Troops in them. #easykills

To read more about protecting your Hero read: Turtle Tactics

Are there other ways to protect your Troops that I missed? If so, leave in the comments below.



Contributed by Geoponic

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  1. How do I use the March Banner?

  2. What happens if you use a 25 percent march increase boost that is supposed to last for 4 hours to reinforce a person in your alliance for 5 hours? After 4 hours, does your troop that exceeds the regular limit of 250,000 get returned to you?

    • Actually, it stays even if it expires. Same foes for 50% boost. You could reinforce with 375k and it will stay there until you bring the troops home even if the timer expires. Same goes for rallying your troops. 375k can last the whole 8 hours.

  3. Asking more along the lines of treasure maps than rallies.

  4. Is there anything that affects march distance, more troops, some kind of research, etc.?

  5. Do I cancel my rally before marching?

  6. hero on a rally means my trap gems would loose their effect ?

  7. If you rally your hero does it effect any of your defense or attack boosts?

  8. If you rally your hero does it take away the economic hero boosts from your empire?

  9. march times/distance. I’m trying to get more than a one hour march added on to the 8 hour rally. Some guys in the alliance are claiming they can get 12 hours, but not sure why. They also can actually march farther than I can. For example, if I select on a city south of the forest, the march is too far to send my troops. However, if the person next to me does this, they can do it successfully. What determines march distance?

  10. Rallies are nice, but they are terrible, when you are in a kvk or battle. The person attacking you, just has to wait until your march comes back and attack.

  11. Another way to lengthen your rally is to make sure the rally marches through the forest (the center of the map. Marches through the forest are very slow.

  12. It’s also a good idea to send you march across the wonder this will give you even more time