Kingdom Map Resource Zones

Kingdom Map Resource Zones

Kingdom Map Resource Zones

You can use this kingdom resource map for multiple reasons:

  1. To plan where to place your Alliance hive so that you can access the Resource zones you want.
  2. To find the level of Monsters you are looking for.
  3. Print it out and use it during a KvK to mark enemy hive locations you want to attack. (Sometimes bookmarks can get too cluttered)
  4. To evenly spread out your sister Alliances in a particular Resource zone.
  5. To manage Alliance locations in your own Kingdom.

Kingdom Map Resource Ranges

What else could this map be used for?

Contributed by Arcturus I in Sangul

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  1. I used it to set a few of my farm alliance accounts to always have a safe rally point no matter where I was attacking

  2. I believe that this is a good rough approximation of rss distribution at the beginning of a kingdom. As well as any kingdom with consistent internal conflit, which would prevent most farming. However in my experience, the larger tiles can be pulled in any direction if you have a large power base and consistently farm in the same location for an extended period of time.

  3. I like this to set a rally point across the forest. I kept missing and just skirting it.

  4. lololol my name is Jeff XDXDXDXD