Let’s Talk Hyper Farming! (1 of 3)

What is Hyper Farming?

Alright guys, welcome to my first article in a series that will focus on Hyper Farming!  This will be an intro with more focused articles for people who are spenders or who want to try to wring some cash/gold out of this strategy coming later.  So with no further pretense, lets get into it!

Hyper Farming is simply having an account that only builds one particular resource generating building type (Food, Wood, Stone, Ore) and then puts 50 points into the Production III skill of that Resource for a 347% boost to the Production, some Alliances do this with their members and send all those Resources to a central account that serves as an Alliance bank.  If you are doing it yourself then most often you will have a main account that will be the one receiving and holding it all.

How many accounts will you need?

This really depends on several factors, namely what you want to do in the game and how you go about doing it.

If you are a non spender or someone who might spend a little bit of cash here or there but really isn't looking to go big time, never will have tier 4, etc etc and you have no real interest in massing huge amounts of Resources with the intent of selling or trading then you will probably only need 5-6 accounts max.  Your main account I strongly suggest being a food farm as that will likely be the one with the most crafting Materials and highest level Hero so obtaining the high quality food equipment(Icarus Wings) will be easiest on that account.  Also without T4 it is unlikely you will ever get to the point where your upkeep will drastically outweigh the amount of food you can produce.  Then of course one account for each other Resource.  This setup will pretty much ensure that you will never be short on Resources for anything you want to do unless you use some serious Speed Ups.  The only real question is if you want to put the work into that sixth account which will not be a farm account but your personal bank.  If you do decide to go this route it will mean spending some money as an un shielded bank is pretty much useless.  Good news is with the addition of the Treasury the amount you will need to spend is significantly lower.

For spenders and people who want to make money by trading and selling the answer is even simpler, as many as you can stomach 🙂  For big spenders there is basically no way you can possibly keep up with the sheer amount of RSS you need and you will end up buying from someone like me or trading/fighting for it as much as possible, but having farms will help significantly.  Selling and trading anything non silver you need ENORMOUS amounts of it for it to be worth your while, even silver you want a lot if you are looking to do anything more than grab the occasional shield or speed up.

What level should my farms be?

There are a few schools of thought here, I have my farms at level 14 and dont intend to take them beyond that.  This keeps my heroes safe from execution and that allows me to deconstruct all the support buildings I would want if they were susceptible(Gymnos, hall of war,  barracks, hospital, etc) And lets me turn every account into a silver farm as well as whatever RSS they are dedicated too.  The option to level them beyond 14 is one I personally would only take if you intend to utilize the treasury which I will talk about in a later article.

Level 14 farms can generate about 400-500k per hour and max out a 9 million stored.  As you can imagine this adds up very very quickly, there is virtually nothing that will hold you up from an RSS perspective.  A level 14 silver farm generates quite a bit less (about 300k per hour with some equipment) and will max out at 4.5 milion.

If you are using an account as a bank then you will want to level it all the way up to 21 because you want the level 21 marketplace, you just lose too much doing two transfers with a low marketplaces.  Only level whatever is needed for your SH upgrades since your bank should always be way above what your city can generate for any RSS and since it will be permanently shielded you will never have any need for troops.

Thats it for now!  Leave any more questions you would like me to answer in the comments.  I will always respond as much as possible!

Contributed by Dan

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  1. When you use acronyms (RSS for example on this page) on a page can you spell them out the first time – but only that once? I’m reading this as a new player and it is a bit frustrating to go find acronyms elsewhere to understand the sentences fully. Some turn out to be “oh duh…” after I dig them up, but not most. 🙂

  2. I found an app for Android that will help the tedious login of each account.
    Download it from Google Play, ExtraAccounts.
    It allows you to save your login information to a keyboard. Using this keyboard, I was able to log into 8 accounts in under 5 minutes. I was able to get in, grab my Athena and secret gift, make sure my Peace shield was up then move into the next account.
    It works great.

  3. Thank you for this post Dan! I just want to share with you (and others reading this) that I was struggling like crazy switching between accounts, not to mention that the “dictionary trick” never worked for me on the stupid login screen!!! I complained to MZ and, like with everything else, just a pre-written answer and still doesn’t work…
    But I found this App called “Extra Accounts” which is fantastic for this because it saves the login information for every account I added to it so now I don’t have to type it EVERY SINGLE TIME I switch between my farms or I have to administer a friend’s account… And now I can also grab Athena’s gifts on 10 accounts in less than 1 minute!!! I love this app…

  4. Daniel, you will need the storehouse to level a farm to 14. Once it is at 13 and sh is upgraded from 13 –> 14 you can destroy and reap the rewards

  5. Do you need to keep your storehouse on a hyper farm, I was going to hit mine to get the RSS each day?

  6. this is an old post, so I’m not sure I’ll get a response but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere else…question: does my second account have to be a member of my alliance to receive RSS? Or when I need to take the RSS, do I just attack my ALT account? This is the part i’m confused on….thanks!

    • Yes your second account has to be a member for you to transfer. If so, you will incure less taxes. If you attack your second SH you will be taxed more.

  7. Hi, dude, I dont see any trick for people who attack their farms, a lost 30% of RSS…i see this video but i cant understand very well, can you please talk about this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdzYotsNO1w&index=16&list=PL308qpUey8Ee0IxdmQ61k4ecwLbBhoACy

  8. Hi dan, how much do you sell silver? How much gold do you sell 50mil silver?

  9. Great Dan Thanks! Simple question – currently I have a level 13 main and level 9 farming account. How do I transfer food from the farm to the main without simply attacking the farm? Right now I am only able to transfer 160k food at a time and then 40k tax.

  10. Just press done and it fills it in, Cheetah. Great tip and nice piece. Lots of food for thought, thanks, Jesse.

  11. But how do u use thats shortcut while loging In

    • once you type in the shortcut, click space and it will paste in the full phrase – be sure to backspace to delete the space. The other thing I do is have a common password for all of your farms. You can use the shortcuts for the login and paste in the password to save even more time. Good luck!

  12. A tip I like to share for people with multiple accounts that use iOS devices – set up a keyboard shortcut for your login emails.

    Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Add New Shortcut

    Make the phrase your login email, and the shortcut something like farm1 or f1. Saves you some time as you switch to each.