Guide to Meat Shields

Guide to Meat Shields

A lot of questions have been thrown around lately about Meat Shields and I wanted to make sure I got the best answer for you all by asking some top players. I went to seek advice from one of the top 3 power level Alliances in this game (who are remaining anonymous) and found out some Super Valuable details for you guys. I don't joke around on this blog, only legit stuff here 😉

This advice comes from people who have $$$, fight A LOT, and win almost every single KvK. They primarily do only T3/T4 Rallies.

Here's a graveyard because if you do this right you can eat the enemy's hero *smiley evil face*.

The Best Troop Tier For Meat Shields

"Meat Shields" are a small amount of low Tier Troops that are used as a buffer when being attacked. Meat Shields save your highest Tier Troops by dieing in their place.

The graph below uses a dollar value to quantify the Resources required to make each Tier of Troops. T2 is the most cost effective Meat Shield (kill rates are not included).

People with T4s will often still use T3s as Meat Shields though because they have a higher kill rate. If they used T2s they would lose too many too easily. But, for most of us who only have enough money to build T3s, T2s are most effective.

Meat Shields

Don't forget Meat Shields, they are clutch! Just don't make too many so that you don't have Hospital space for your T3s when you get hit by a big.

If you and your Alliance Members are not at same Power level as these guys don't worry, just keep the same ratios of Troops and scale down the Tiers if you need to.

Most Unknown Fact About Meat Shields

Lower tier soldiers die first most of the time. I would say that 90% of GOW players don’t realize one very important element:

If you get his once and lose all of your T3, your T4 will go to the hospital first. If you get hit and you have leftover T3, than only T3 will go to the hospital.

For example, if you have 2mil T3 and 4mil T4, and you get rallied by 3mil T4 Troops. It’s likely that they will kill all of your 2mil T3 and some of your T4. If that’s the case, all of your T3 will die and your T4 will go to the hospital.

Rules For Attack Rally Meat Shields

  1. 13-20% T3 Strategic Troops per person. So for a 375k T4 March, each person includes 50-75k T3 Strategic Meat Shields. In fact, they told me they don't even train normal Troops anymore, they train all Strategic Troops because they are more powerful than normal Troops in all the battle scenarios they have tested (a post on this coming soon). If someone sends normal T3 Troops in a Rally, they cancel and start over. That's how much they think Strategic Troops make a difference.
  2. They use Meat Shields for 3 obvious reasons: They protect the T4 from dying, they give less points in KvKs, and they are cheaper to replace than T4s.
  3. They do not use T2 Meat Shields because they are too weak to attack enemies over 100-300mil  power.

Rules For Low Power (100-120mil) Trap Account Meat Shields

  1. Train 2-3mil Strategic T1, they get Hospitalized first and the event points are super low. If the Stronghold has enough Strategic T3s (an exact number was not given, I suspect between 500k-1mil) then very few T3s will die after the T1 are killed.
  2. Pump with 40-50mil of each resource before the KvK so they can instant train the T1s before the next Rally or March hits them.
  3. Have the rest of the alliance reinforce the Stronghold with T4s. The T4s shouldn't be harmed at all.
  4. Have the Hero Gear set to Research (while online) and switch to Attack/Defense gear just before the 5 min Rally hits.


This content is a bit outdated as you may have noticed, although the same concept and strategy still applies at a larger scale. To understand the most recent requirements for Meat Shields visit the pages below!

Build A Trap With $100 | How To Build A Great Rally Trap

Please leave any Meat Shield questions in the comments!



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  1. My, um, friend… has 900k strat tier 3, balanced, 400k tier1 meatshields, full tier 3 wall, level 21 sh, tier4 is still locked.100m power. 480k hospital capacity. I am sure I can`t take a rally, but would you take a solo with that setup? Am I likely to get Palin’s by a big? I’ve honestly only hunted monsters during kvk as I only recently built up my troops. All combat is researched to level 9 while I wait for academy level 21. Gear is the cheaper variety, Odysseus and such, but legendary and some good gems.

  2. How do you activate guardian shield for another alliance member ?

  3. So what is a good amount of meat shield for about 500k t3?

  4. The old under 40-50 mill power trap account at an sh21 is easier to spot especially when it has over 2mill kills. So i experimented with a diff trap acct in a new kingdom. I created 5mill t1s, 1mill t2s, and 800k t3s giving me a power of 65mill with base power at 20mill and 540k beds. with this ratio i had enough power to seem threatening and yet still had a huge success in trapping t4 players, because they assumed that i had a base power of 40-50 mill with minimal troops. i easily gained 8million kills from t4 players, eating whole solo t4 marches. but when hit by 500mill-2bill powered players i noticed that my ratio couldnt compete with their strength. i would only be able to kill on average 150k t4s and would lose 400k t1s and the other 540k would be injured. so i decided to increase the rstio to 3mill t1s 3mill t2s and 1mill t3 with 680k beds. this gave a total power of 80mill with base still at 20mill. this power lvl is easily disguised as a t4 acct with minimal t3 troops and base power of 60-70 mill. with this ratio i can take 200-250k t4 troops from a 500mill-2bill power player. in short you can disguise your trap acct as a t4 player who has just unlocked t4s with a power at 80-90mill.

  5. Chad/Navi,
    Can u discuss rally traps? Specifically, the new KvK point system as it relates to effectively taking a rally and with what troops mix? The new power point system throws some of these details into a bit of a slurry, in my mind, thoughts?

    • The new scoring system doesn’t change anything for rally traps besides a little less points from before. Troop count and everything else stays the same. If you can use lower tier troops for the same effect, than you will give up less points.

  6. But keep in mind, you have hospitals, traps and ALL your troops as backup. The attacker only has their troops, which max out at 375k if they use a boost. Particularly in KvK, you will win BIG points if you have a decent amount of “meaties” and hospitals….along with a full t3 wall.

  7. Love this site! Sorry for yet another scenario

    • Thanks Erick! We work hard on it!

      • Well that was weird. While I do very much love this site, there was an entire question/scenario that got cut off for some reason. I’ll try again- As far as points for KE and meatshields go, I’m still not quite clear on something. If I’m solo attacked by someone with 375k t4 troops and I, let’s say, have 375k t1s and 375k t3s, won’t I be getting less points do to the fact that his t4s will shred my t1s but my t1s won’t get many kills. Yes, few of my t3s will get hurt but, then again, few of my t3s will have a chance to kill his t4s. Where am I going wrong here?

        • A t1 kill is worth 1 point and a t4 kill is worth 100 points, so the enemy has to kills less than 100 times as many t1s as you kill of his t4s than you will in points.

  8. I’m a 800+M power in a good alliance, your post it’s very true, with my friends we only use strat troops for rally, meat, …
    An exeption : a rally leader with cores that boost normal troops instead of strats’ ones

  9. Ok man thank un this moment i do 2m of t3 more an go to build 400k bed to reduced the damage is ok with that again thank for all

  10. Hi i want take a full rally of t4 i have 4mil t3 and 3.5mil t4 %attack is 53 health 324% defensa 413% wall full 125mix attack of trap 388% defense 280% muy question i can take full rally t4 and how many bed i need and sorry my english and good look you are a good player maybe with TVE time me to jaja

    • You can take a rally with someone with similar gear as you, but if somebody has good relic or core gear, you would lose a LOT of troops.

  11. Hmmmm….
    I’ve done a complete revamp of my city since a month ago, now i have 5.5mil t3 1 mil t2 and 1 mil t1. assuming i get full reinforcements of 1m t4 troops, and my boosts being around 400-475% for health/defense/attack, can i take a full t4 rally?

  12. “Train 2-3mil strategic T1, they get hospitalized first and the event points are super low”..actually T1 troops doesn’t go hospital when higher tier troops are available.That is what we found out during our small little experiment.We put T1,T2, and T3 troops (20k in all) and had 15k hospital bed.And we attacked using T4.All T1 died leaving rest at hospital.It is really surprising because normally lower tier troops fills up the bed but seems its not applicable to T1 troops.

  13. Guys honestly with these new cores, especially defense and health, its not so much troop # as it is hero gear and gems… you can have 1.5t3 and get soloed in one hit… defense cores with boar gems can end a lot of players. Honestly you can have 650k t3 and to better then the guy with 1.5mt3, it boils down to hero gear. But i think what a lot players are missing is, you dont need to kill more to win a battle, you can lose less to win also. This new xena gear makes that possible… the health given by the gear is huge… the defense debuff isnt that great for hitting low level players, its a great and i mean great for rallying bigs aka 300-350m without the help of cores and relics. Also know before cores came out a 400m player could be rallied with relics, not with these new cores the limit has been pushed to 530m..(This is the highest we have rallied). I would advise that to hold a hit (Win the battle), a player go with over 260% defense and 220% health with 800k t3minimum, at least 220k beds, full wall. Then rebuild after the first hit. Obviously these are the very minimum. sh18 trap accounts will need more troops and stats to take a t4 hit with these new cores out. Dont get me wrong, very very few people go around running with cores just to solo traps, but stay cautious.

    Blak anyone under 70m can be soloed,(cores,relics) unless you have great gear. 80m might be a stretch but it has been done before…

    Jerry your stats are phenominal, but nowhere near enough to take a full t4 rally, i would advise 6.5 m t3 if you want to take t4 rallies with those stats, but even then you might lose because of the defense debuff present on the new xena gear…infact i would advise you get t4 before taking a t3 rally, if you read my huge post, the rally killed 5.5m t3 , its bizzare, they are simply too weak to take rallies because of the 10% altar boost present, which is huge and i am not talking 50k troops huge, it gets exponential. Dont try to take rallies without getting t4 first, you can easily get crushed while the attacking side might lose 30m power spread over 30 players.

    80, you have a good enough stats to take a hit, provided you have over 220k beds, you wont lose as much so its fine… just be advised of people with cores porting in to hit you, then you really stand no chance.
    Happy hunting 🙂
    P.S. Meat shields are something you need to be careful about, they are lower tier troops so if you want to win a march having meatshields, its not going to work… however for the sake of points it will. When i was a little guy i had 900k t3 flat and thats something to plow through. having 900k t3 and 50k t2 will result in more loses on your side even though you have more troops… just keep that in mind.

    • I’ve been working a lot on the meat shields and now im a sh 21 49 mil power with 680k t3 and 90k t2 and troop attack %s around 350-400%, with trap as 415%. Ive got 360k beds, but the rallies can be costly 🙁
      glad theres a kvk this weekend 🙂

  14. 80 your most unlikely to get a t4 solo on you now. Im 57mill sh18 and last kvk nobody would solo not even 1bill plus players. They would drop to many points. All i was getting all day was rallies and no way was i going to even try take that on lol

    • Every time someone rallies me, I notice how many players jump in to rally, and if it is like 6 or less players, I can take it. I have beds for 360k, so I have none killed, while like 300k from a 1.6 mil rally get killed

  15. I am 47 mil power currently with 650k t3 and 35k meat t2/t1 troops with 125k t3 traps. I have a full embassy with 1 mil t4 troops reinfocing

    My trap attack % is 413%, heath around 340%, with ranged at 400% and cavalry at 360% attack.

    Can I take t4 solo hits? Rallies?

    Thanks Chad I love reading your stuff
    I’m in your kingdom btw 🙂

    • You should have another 50k t2 meat at least. closer to 100k t2.
      You will be more than fine against a solo t4 march. but don’t even think about taking a rally.

      thanks for the compliments! 😀

    • It depends on the hero gear being sent to you by the attacker. In my battle brag post in the forum, I had over 1.2mil troops (60% T4) and got 170k wounded from a 375k T4 hit. This hero was decked out with legendary cores/relics. If that same solo attack hit your SH it would hurt a lot. You’d probably manage to kill quite a bit of the attacking troops but I guarantee he would “win” the battle and depending on your hospital coverage, you may get troops killed.

  16. So I am at 82 million power. I have 1.55 million t3 troops and 500k t2 troops. I have avoided taking a rally over the past couple events due to I could get zeroed. How many troops do I need to take a T4 Rally? My boosts are decent: Infantry attack is 326%, Trap attack 330%, trap defense 112%, Troop Defense 354%, Troop Health 425%. How many more troops do I need to train to feel comfortable about taking a rally with reinforcements of course.

    • You can take some solo T4 hits easy. But a T4 rally you will need many more T3 troops. As it is you have less troops than a whole t4 rally.

    • Chad is right. Solo 375k T4 you could take although you would still incur significant losses, especially if the attacker has on any of this new core/relic gear. Rallies are a completely different story. You would probably need about 4-5mil T3 PLUS a full embassy of T4 from your alliance mates. Rallies are no joke and don’t attempt to take them with just T3 unless you have twice the size of a T4 rally (of 2.3mil).

  17. So, from that are we saying (all things being equal) 900k T3 will stop a T4 rally? And by stop what are we saying?

  18. Lol chad, anyway i would love to help… as to make a comment more related to this topic about meat shields, it is better to use strategic troops as meat shields, as we know strategic vs normal, strategic wins, so why use normal… although it has come a shock to me that using some regular t4 in a rally is much better than a full strategic t4 rally… althougth i am not certain because our gears were different.

  19. Hi Chad, I will email you when i get the information from the others… my alliance members have been a little uncooperative lately… it gets hard to control them when they hit 700m + even though i am sitting at over 4 billion power :I.
    Buddychasta, if you really want i will let you control the wonder lol, but you declare war you will get hit by 7 rallies within minutes, including one from me…

    • Haha sheeet that’s legit. I love this tension! Don’t mind me guys.
      I’m actually in the process of a new series that only VERY few people can help with. If you are interested, email me for that as well. I would love to get some input from a 4 bil player.

    • Hey Josh, I have something to ask you. How can I contact you, or can you contact me?

  20. LOL JOsh you here bud… xd anyway you should probably mention that the reason why you killed 5.5 million of my members troops is because of the core and boar gems … I DECLARE WAR! 😛

    OK i think i have the numbers down for the stats… at least in one way. Let us imagine that the stars on the stats represent 25 each, so a tier 3 would have 75 attack,health,and load. Similarly tier 4 would have 100 of those given stats. What does this mean? How much troops (t3) are needed to block a full tier 4 march (375k), provided both parties have the same exact boosts? Well that would leave tier 4 with a 25 more bonus on health and attack…… Not defense. But before i get started i just want to make clear, all troop research bonuses are 10/10 for both sides and neither of them are using any attack/defense boost and neither of them have hero skills alligned for fighting what so ever, and neither of them are using gear with any troop bonuses, neither are they using gems what so ever. No traps are present on the defense side, and there BONUSES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME… also both have equal buildings and the level of the building remain the same. Yes this is possible if you are under 2 million troops. Anyhow lets get started, so the attacker has these following boosts:
    Attack:131%+ (the initial one in the tree i forgot the percent, sorry)
    Defense: 262%
    Defense side:
    Attack: 131%+( the initial one in the tree i forgot the percent, sorry)
    Health: 131%
    Now let it be clear that these bonuses are raw. So the attacker is using tier 4, meaning
    131%+x(The one i dont know about)+100
    SO basically 231+x% for attack
    262 for defense and 231 for health
    Now lets see the tier 3
    Attack 131%+75+x%= 173.25+x% ( as you can see a vast difference already, showing how power full a 25 difference really is).
    Defense: 262%
    Ok now lets begin the scenario, how many tier 3; with exact base boosts as tier 4, would it take to stop a full tier 4 march. ( NOTE: DO NOT TAKE THESE NUMBERS FOR RALLIES, IT IS MUCH DIFFERENT, A 375K RALLY IS MUCH MORE DEADLY THAN A 375K MARCH BECAUSE OF THE ATTACK BOOST PRESENT ON THE ALTAR, 10%, WHICH IS HUGE WHEN YOU HIT THE MILLIONS.) so basically lets do this: 231-173.25 ( i am ignoring the X, when i shouldnt be, but basically it means, its gonna take a bit more troops then the amount i am about to say, to stop a full tier 4 march). = 57.75, basically a tier 4 will kill tier 3 in one hit… with 57.75 to spare onto its next target, and this is why as you can see tier 4 are truly destructive… however we have defense boost, meaning the player will save 2.6X more troops compared to raw scores… but we will calculate that later… so a 375k tier 4 march has a little over 21 million attack power (57.75 X 375k) to spare divide that by 2.62 and then you get 8.2 million let us stop here and look at the tier 3 side… however we need a number to start us off… lets start with equal 375k tier 3, so they would attack at a 231-173.25=57.75… however this is how much health the tier 4 has remaining.. and as we see it would take 2 tier 3 to counter 1 tier 4… now let us go back to that 8.2 million, so now lets add 750k tier 3 to this equation…so 213-173.25(2)=-115.5.. thats the health so we have 115 attack on the tier 3 side after that… right away we see, we need less than 750k tier 3 to defend a full tier 4 march. now the goal is to get tier 3 # equal to tier 4 # (attack #) so in this case 57.75… so 231=173.25(Y) so 1.3333333 repeated… so now we put this into our first equation 375k(1.33333)= 500,000 tier 3… 500k tier 3 is how much a tier 4 can easily dent… ( because i do not know the value of x)… so a little over 600k would be enough to hold a tier 4 march… as in victory….. NOW PROVIDED THIS, I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT A T4 PLAYER HAS MUCH BETTER BOOSTS THAN A TIER 3 PLAYER… BASE/RESEARCH/HERO ALL OF THEM, THEREFORE IT IS SAFE TO ASSUME YOU PROBABLY NEED 900K + TIER 3 TO HOLD A TIER 4 MARCH…. ALSO A T4 RALLY IS CRUSHING, THAT 10% ALTAR BOOST IS HUGE WHEN YOU START PILING TROOPS IN MILLIONS… A FULL T4 RALLY CAN EASILY DESTROY 6-7 MILLION TIER 3… EVEN IF YOU HAVE SIMILAR BOOSTS TO THE ATTACKER…
    NOTE: The tests above have been done, i will be posting the screen shots soon, it is safe to assume 650k tier 3 are enough to defend a full march with some traps… strategic troop tests have been done, and you need around 600k to defend with strategic vs strategic… If i have missed anything please tell me. Oh and btw, yes, our alliance killed someone with 7.3 million t3 with a full tier 4 strat rally i will post that here… over 515k troops were lost in these testings both tier 4 and tier 3… as for the rally we lost 1.5mt4 i think i will recheck and post the results.. thank you

    • Josh,
      You have officially won the contest for the longest, most in-depth comment.
      If you want, email me this info and I will help make it into a presentable post for you

      • Chad, did you receive the screenshots for this battle report? I’m interested in seeing this as well.

        • Chief,
          Sorry I do not have the screenshots. This was post I wrote after talking to quite few people on the subject. So, it was consensus information determine from battle reports of multiple big players.

  22. Do we have an update or screen shots?

    • I’m not quite sure what you mean, but besides what I have mentioned in the post, the amount of meat shields you should use varies slightly depending on your research level.

  23. Nerfing update: This strategy still works. Our last kvk we rallied two accounts with 75 mill T1 and T2 and lost bigtime on points. Navi has the screen shots and will be posting them later. We also emailed MZ regarding this account and the response they gave tells me they aren’t stopping these types of accounts at all.

  24. Okay, i got a little question here…

    First of all, i’m no big player, only about to jump to 2m actually. I’m now at the point where i am researching my t3 normals, and well, i just want to make sure i do it right before i start, so I won’t have to regret choices made. Just want to say that i know i might make mistakes, just please tell me what they are.

    Immagine your army mainly is focused on melee troops, why wouldn’t folowing troop combination work?: (% numbers based on how far your research for that type of troop is at that moment)


    -> t3 NORMAL melee meat shield (since they are stronger against traps) (dead troops can’t kill other troops and this way more t4 will be saved)
    ->50-75% of your t4 army being strat melee
    -> 25-12.5% STRAT ranged and the same for cavalry (more kills)
    -> a bunch of siege troops, but forget that

    defense (which actually interests me more):

    -> t3 STRAT melee meat shield
    -> 50-75% of your t4 army strat melee
    -> 20-10% NORMAL ranged (more balance)
    -> 30-15% strat cavalry (to kill enemy rangeds, which would kill your melee buddies otherwise)

    It’s a big comment, i know, i know, sorry for that. Is the article of your friend finished already?
    Please, when commenting, don’t just say stuff that can be summarised as: “strategic is better”. I know that.
    I just want to hear if what i wrote above might be able to work (mainly the defence, leave the offense part if you don’t feel like writing as much as me) and if not, why.

    One final note: I’m more concerned about keeping my army alive and sustaining/being able to atk again, rather than killing a lot of troops but having to rebuild/heal mine.

    • This requires a long answer, but I will give you some things to think about and let you make the final decisions 🙂
      1. Make sure you only research what you want to focus in, and do the easier research for what your meat shields are in.
      2. I am releasing the strategic vs normal report from my friend tonight so look to that and then chose whether or not focus in all normal or all strategic.
      3. I personally like to keep some siege around whether I have an offensive or defensive build because I join rallies with both.
      4. Your percentages seem pretty on par to me.

      • hi chad
        thanks for the answer (and all those great posts), the first tip actually helped me most, because i tend to forget not to research things i don’t need.
        I read the norm vs strat post with great interest, it helps 🙂
        I don’t join rallies, since they are all ghost rallies (we are surpressed by our paranoid king…). Does making siege troops still make sense then?
        I’m not a native English speaker, so would you mind explaining me what you mean with “Your percentages seem pretty on par to me.”? Google translate says my percentages are “in a line”… :3

        Thank you very much man, love your work

      • it does :D, thank you once more

  25. Why would you say obsolete?

  26. I think this post may be obsolete, due to the latest MZ decisions, don’ t you think?

    • If anything, it’s more important since the meeting, as MZ wants to safeguard T3/T4 combat over the use of T1/T2s.

    • Not at all. MZ gaming is making huge amounts such as 10 million t1/t2 troops have less strength vs higher tier troops. Using a few million as a meatshield still works just fine!

  27. I am still compiling all of the data needed for the post on Regular Troops vs. Strategic Troops. I will however, offer one bit of information not included in Navi’s post. You only use strategic meat if you have all of the strategic research to level 10. If not, you use regular T1 until Strategic research is maxed out.

    You also want to reinforce the player with regular T4 if they don’t have the strategic research done. This is a must.

    To answer your questions though. Strategic Troops are stronger. I am in the process of completing the data needed for the post.

  28. Why do you say:

    Have the hero gear set to research (while online) and switch to attack/defense gear just before the 5min rally hits.

    Why not just have the attack/defense gear on the entire time?

    • Because you wanna bait someone to rally you and its more likely they will hit you with your research gear on then you attack/defense gear.

    • Plus to what Robin said they will also assume u r offline atm if u have research gear on and they can do more when 1 rally … The attacker benefits after 1-2 rallies nobody will rally u if they know u r on

    • he meant put on research gear, not hero tree.

  29. Lol I can’t imagine the amount of patience you have appsorium hahaha #respect.

  30. WTF! Are you kidding? I Just spent $99 to maximize my regular troops researchs and set all of them to 9! The strategic, I did not even researched t3 yet! At least, for consolation I won an inferno event doing it.

    Could you please confirm this strategic troops information?

    • Ivan,
      *smiley concerned teeth face*
      The confirmed reports will be up this week sometime. Fortunately you won an inferno event and won’t invest any more time in normal troops if the strategic turn out to be a lot more powerful.

  31. I do agree about the attack strategy thats what we also use but works max up to 250 mil players if they are reinforced After that if u want to zero player 250-400 mil mayby a bit over u have to sacrifise t4s and a lots of them trust me ….. As for defensive strategy i doubt it works with players who have 100-120mil which includes only 1-2 mil t1s and the others r all t3s thats not much t3s there max around 2 mil that city will be zeroed with full t4 march definetly ….. Its other story if u got a player 100mil full of t2s now thats a t4 eater :)))) we have one in our kingdom

    • iDoc,
      Your comment allows me to bring up an important point here. As you know, hero strength is a large factor when it comes to winning battles. So, although some people may require a few more meat shields when attacking or defending, others with very strong heroes may not. Each player will have to experiment to find out exactly how many T1s or T2s they need to eat a full march of T4s.

      • Yes definetly the hero equipment plays major role in rally battle specially the new core thing is crazy power like i mentioned in one of my previous comments above ( and im pretty sure it was done by MZ after the request of very big spenders so they could hit the trap accounts we r talking about) plus the 4th gem slot, just u have to understand that its much easier to creat trap account using t2s rather then t3s that was my point cause they give less power then t3s(powers over 250mil make ppl cautious) its very difficult to eat t4s march …… to prove my point i will bring a small example that happend during last kvk we had this dumb idea to zero a 409mil player and wanted to hit him with 3 simultaneus rallies ….. We hitted first unfortunately:)))….. Our hero had 3 gold anniversery equipment and 3 gold relics his hero had all normal 5gold equipment and a lvl 5 anniversery …. We had 75% attack boost on he had anti on so no boost from him ….. We hit full t4s strategic balanced equally (thats 2.3 mil for those who don know) he had 2.1 mil t4s mixer of everything a bit more strategic and 5 mil t3 s mostly strategic plus they reinforced him with 1 mil t4s … The result was we lost 1.5 mil t4s and he lost 600k t3s plus another 280 were hospitalized …. Yes we had stronger hero and the attack boost but still look how much more troops he had and couldnt eat the whole march
        Sorry i know i write a lot just like to share the expirience it helps:)))

  32. The reason you use Strategic troops as meat is because they earn more points in troop training kvks. MZ have had to boost their appeal artificially.

    • Ppl train more strategic in train events yes cause they give a but more points although lately some events events even gave same points….but as meat shields i doubt they use em on purpose plus there is no difference which kind of troops u use as meat shields i mean strategic or normal

      • iDoc,
        I would disagree with your last point. Just previously you mentioned strategic are more powerful. So if you use them as meat shields, you could use less of them technically and in general your upper tier troops would be more protected than if you used normal meat shields.

      • Technically yes u got a small point that its better loosing normal then strategic cause they r more powerful but it depends really on the count of your troops or the power you have …..i will explain ….. I answerd from my point of view which is my city and has over 400 mil power and over 10 mil troops lol…. So from my point really doesnt matter which 100-200k i will loose each time cause i cant be solo hitted plus i prefer to loose strategic cause i train only them so i don loose the number of my normal ones….but for ppl that don have many troops and thats at least 1 mil t3s i would suggest yes use normal as meat shields cause the strategic will do more damage if u r solo hit

  33. How much hospital space should you keep when doing the lower powered “bait defense” model?

  34. Yes Chad, I can spen hours reading all your posts here. Great stuff!!

  35. Honestly this is the best gow strategy website ever, i really mean it, second come to appsorium haha

    • Jack7,
      Appsorium is great for data, no doubt. But he doesn’t write too much about strategy, that’s where I come in 😉

      • yup I agreed tho, u may find every single data of gow over that website and I can see he/she updates frequently.

        So strategy= realtips and data=appsorium haha

        U both r just awesome, gow should hire both of u lol

  36. I would love to see that upcoming post about strategic vs. regular troops. I’m no high-powered player, but I came to the opposite conclusion from my own experience and only build regular troops now. So I would love to see some hard data.

    • BobMM
      It’s being written right now. Might take a week or so.

    • Strategic troops are definetly much stronger with one small problem u cant send one type of strategic during the attack unless u are sure that he has only one type of troops as well ….normal troops are more balanced …. For small and mid power cities i would suggest normal troops for over 50 mil def strategic

      • iDoc,
        I really like this distinction you made. I think you comment is very valuable for solo attacks. And for rally attacks the leader just has to make sure there is a good mix of every strategic troop in there right?

      • Yes exactly u got the point correct the comment was about solo attacks …. Rally def balanced strategic if thats possible atm that rally is done… if u have seen all the rallies for wonder which is the most common big rally in every kingdom they all include balanced strategic t4s only 804500 each if im not wrong therefore the equipment plays role now in those and MZ came up with core staff :)))) its much more strong then relics

  37. Because they are “meat,” I am perfectly okay with taking a higher rate of loss that is associated with Strat T3. This higher rate of loss comes with a higher rate of kills which is, of course, the number one priority, especially since they’re just meat! MZ always seems to reward any attempt to strategize in favor of more kills than conservation of troops (reference the great post on attack vs. def boosts here)

    • Depends on your pt of view I suppose as to what the priority is. If u are trying to optimize your entire game from an economics standpt then I prefer to lose less troops while still doing a lot of damage as this mostly comes from the t4s anyway. In the end you will need less rss to recover (replace your meat shields). If u get a few less kills on the first hit, rally again or attack again. It comes down to preference in the end. If u know you will only get one hit in, then probably strategics across the board are the better option.

  38. Strategic t3 should not be used for meat shields cause they die easier than normal t3. The meat shields should always be normal troops. The strategics troops are to be used for killing. I.e. Send normal t3 meat shields and then the rest as strategic t4. This optimizes your kills while minimizing your deaths.

    • Gow guy,
      Saying this is one thing, but can you back it up? Because I know a lot of people who back up strategic troops as being better meat shields.

      • I can back his statement up… If you go into barracks under any give strat troop, it will say “Very strong VS ___. Weak VS ___, ___, AND ___” While regular troops (Not counting siege) say “Strong VS ___. Weak VS ___ and ___” While strats do more damage to one type of troop, they are very weak to more types therefore dying more.. The general idea in a rally I believe is to have the t4 do the damage and the meat take the damage.. This is MZ’s claim on stats, for any proof just check the barracks.

        • Anyone can write fluff stating very strong vs…. I want to see the stats. When I look at the actual stats, all I see is stars, And guess what the stars are the same for both T3 normal and T3 Strat troops. I want to see actual numbers that show damage, health, attack, etc….From everyhting I have read so far Strat troops have a small attack benefit against one specific troop type and disadvantages against others. So if attacking a balanced army, they are not much better. But without numbers to actually do the math, it is hard to determine the actual benefits and disadvantages.

  39. Are Strategic traps greatly better than regular traps too?

  40. Hi there,

    the rally and meatshield tactics work good for sure, but are strategic troops really that much better???
    Do you have any tested information, like 2 ppl with exact same stats fight without hero on tile 50strat of each type vs 50 regular of each type? maybe i find someone who wants to do this by creating a new account. just let it be sh2 and train 150 regs / strat without any boosts of any source and then go fighting on tile with those t1. should be equal for all the tiers right!?

    • A buddy of mine is running all the tests you can imagine and creating posts for them as we speak. In due time they will be live.

      • Here is a question NO ONE in my year of playing can answer…

        What are the base stats of each tier (and strategic tier) troop? …this means I’m looking for stats like attack, defense, hit points, etc. This is explained NO WHERE on any site about GoW.

        If we knew the base stats, then players could calculate how many T3 it takes to have a victory over T4, T2 over T3, T1 over T3, etc. I know people’s research and items matter. …but that can also be calculated after each troops base stats (strategic and regular) are discovered.

        (Note: They changed (nerfed) the base stats of T1s and T2s)

        • No clue man, that definitely seems like proprietary information to me.

        • Agree, without the actual numbers assigned to attack, defense, health, etc….it’s all educated guesses of what works best. And a balanced army will always prevail over a specialized strategic army in my opinion from what I have read so far.

      • what i have discovered during all rallies i have been part of is that strat troops kills about 5% more than normal troops.
        but then again, it appears normal troops have better defense than strat troops.
        have there been any latest testings?

  41. sadly… this tactic is getting less and less useful =(…. because everyone is using them me included haha…. points are hard to get these days. /sigh

    • There’s ALWAYS an opportunity to get points! Just gota play smart and try to be creative with your war tactics. What I’m excited to happen as more people read this site is that the competitiveness as a whole on the game goes up. If everyone knows every strategy, then execution will become the name of the game. Also, everyone can’t follow the same “landmine” or “bait strategy” because then no one will get points. People will start uncovering new tricky tactics that will be awesome. Landmines are lazy and easy 😛

  42. So does this mean as soon as a person reaches SH15 they should start training strategic T3 instead of normal troops since they are more powerful? Or should it always be kept to the ratio of 2 strategic troops for meat and 8 normal for kill?

    • Eggrolzz,
      Strategic troops all the time for everything and every tier.

    • And now nerfed t1/t2

    • Alright well I did not know where else to put this so I hope no one is too mad about it. Anyways, I took a t4 rally yesterday (of about 1.2m t4 most being regular and consisting mainly of ranged and infantry with a few exceptions) and when it hit me all of my t1 were killed (about 600k) but none of my t3 (about 900k and not all of these were affected) were killed but sent to the hospital. From my original knowledge it should have been the opposite due to how t1 are hit first. I saw your little point earlier about how there’s a range where that may happen “somewhere between 500k-1m” I’m curious why this happened and if I go over that one million mark this will still happen or if it will go back to my t3 being killed because the t1 filled the beds. Any help is greatly anticipated!

      • Sometimes theres this phenomena that if all your lower tier troops are going to be “hospitalized” in a battle, they will instead be “killed” and your higher level troops will be hospitalized instead. It’s very weird, but good.