How to Avoid Negative Food Production

Game of War Food Tile Trap

How to Avoid Negative Food Production

Negative food production is not something to worry about.  There are ways you can avoid it or manage it if you are careful. Most players have negative food production on a regular basis.

How to Avoid Negative Food Production

Hyper Farming

The cheapest way to avoid negative food production is to have 22 farms and 1 of every other resource tile. This is called Hyper Farming. The compounding production rates will cause your food production to skyrocket. The downside of this is obviously that you cannot produce any other resources. If you are not hyper farming Food, you should be hyper farming some other Resource that is more valuable than Food and you can trade with another Food producer in your Alliance. Leveling up your farms is way cheaper than the next option.

Food Production and Upkeep Reduction Gear

Food Production and Upkeep Reduction gear are the best way to prevent negative food production. You can use our Hero Gear Tool to find the regular gear with the best food production bonus shown below. With this gear you can have millions of T4 troops and still positive production if you set your Hero Skill Tree correctly. Which leads me to your last option.

Food Production in Hero Skill Tree

If you need a little extra boost in production you can put some points in Food Production or Resource Production, but most of the time people use the large majority of their points to the Troop Training categories when setting their tree for Troop Training.

Upkeep Reduction Items

upkeepreduction_25p_24h upkeepreduction_50p_24h upkeepreduction_75p_8h upkeepreduction_100p_8h

There are four different upkeep reduction items:

-25% for 24 hours

-50% for 24 hours

-75% for 8 hours

-100% for 8 hours

Food Production Regular/Relic Gear

Food Production Hero Gear Snip

Find more here.

Upkeep Reduction Regular/Relic Gear

Upkeep Reduction Hero Gear Snip 1

Find more here.

How to Check Your Food Production Rate

Select a farm tile and screen below will show.

Hourly Income - The amount of food that single farm is producing per hour.

Total Hourly Upkeep - The amount of food all your troops required per hour.

City Food Capacity - The amount of food your city can hold before your farms stop producing food altogether.

Overall Hourly Income - The amount of food that your city is producing all-together. This number reflects any food production boosts that you may have active.

Negative Food Production

Good Things About Negative Food Production

The #1 concern new players have about negative food production is that it will cause their troops to die. Fortunately, that does not happen. Your food resources will simply stay at zero. The catch is that you need food to train troops. So the more your production is in the negative, the harder it will be for you to get the food required to train troops for an extended period of time.

Implications with Negative Food Production

Remember, if someone sends you food, you gather food, or you loot food it will decline at the rate of negative food Production you have. If you request Food from your bank, they may not give it to you unless you are online and can use right away. Otherwise, you are just wasting the Alliance's Food.



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  1. Half the stuff ya show I need to buy and I’m not a spender at least not yet

  2. there is no upkeep reduction for the Architect Set Gear

  3. Architect Eyes do not have a Upkeep Reduction; Am I missing something?

  4. You forgot to mention that Upkeep Reduction (typically helmets) combined with the Upkeep Reduction boost can make you food positive no matter how many troops you have — provided those two numbers add up to at least 100%.

  5. I thought I remember reading a blog from this website on a trial ran to test whether or not more troops die in battle when your food supply is at zero, but I can’t find it anywhere. Does any one know what I’m talking about?

  6. In response to jack’s comment above, does anyone know if that is true about the negative defense boost when you have 0 food? Has anyone tested it?

  7. This is an area of this game that is sorely needing a revamp.

    Food upkeep should’ve been meant to provide a check against massive armies. A 10m troop army should have a massive food upkeep requirement, with associated debuffs like negative troop attack or defense. Better yet, troop desertion should become high when production is too negative.

    To me the “perfect size” of cities here are about 3 or 4 million troops, higher than that should be significantly hard to maintain, due to upkeep.

  8. Thanks , i was looking for the answer to this question for a long time. I was told that it drops your troop defense boost to -20%

    I never tested this theory myself.