Tile Trapping: A Dead Art Form?

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Tile trapping requires quick reaction time and vigilance beyond anything else in Game of War.  Be sure to practice and work through the execution steps and scenarios if you get a “bite”.  In many cases you will have only a few seconds to react.  Train your muscle memory to do exactly what it needs to do.  If you don’t want to take the hit know where the recall or shield buttons are located and how you will avoid the hit.

Back in early 2015 when March Size Increase research came out it was possible for big T4 players to bait other into hitting them on tiles. The early days of trapping was actually possible on tiles, but nowadays tile trapping is a rare occurrence.

We are updating this article show players how tile trapping works if they want to attempt it, but mainly show it’s very apparent danger and that you probably shouldn’t try it unless you are extremely crafty and fast with your fingers.

Editors Note: This post was originally published in January 2015 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on April 11, 2016.

The Rules Have Changed

With March Size Increase of 50%, 75%, 100% bigs can now place over 1M T4 onto a tile for farming.  Unless you care to use expensive march size boosts you are opening yourself up to being hit by a larger march while tile trapping.

For a short period of time, it was easy to trap on tiles because a gathering march size limit was much greater than an attack march size limit.  Since you typically outnumbered the attacking opponent you’d win nearly every battle.  However, march size research leveled out the playing field.  

Also, if new core sets such as Zeus and Frostbitten hit you on a tile, you’re guaranteed to lose a lot of troops unless you are wearing a counter set.

Furthermore, with Hermes set a march can hit from offscreen very quickly, allowing you very little reaction time.
If you still think you are up to the Tile Trapping challenge below are some tips below to pull it off.

How to Use A Tile Trap

  1. Tile Trapping should only be attempted at this point if you are burning a set of top cores with march size increase boost.  Otherwise, you are placing your hero and troops in an extremely vulnerable position.
  2. Research the March Size Increase in the March tree.
  3. Use a 50%, 75%, 100% March Size Increase and send a massive army of T4 with enough T3 to ensure you lose no T4. After some feedback, it is recommended that you use a 20-30% meat shield ratio because you do not have the bonuses of your buildings and traps from your Stronghold. With a March Size of 1 M troops you will want at least 300k T3 even after all Item and VIP boosts are activated. Some people will suggest using all T4, but the benefits of having T3 meat shields are that you can win on points, and lose less T4 which are far more costly in terms of resources than T3. However, most players intentions these days are to capture the enemy hero, which is impossible when using T3. 
  4. Include your Hero.  With the increased power of cores and research it is now a battle of cores on the tiles in most cases.  Have a preset of cores prepared for an attack.  If you have game crashing issues it is recommended you do not try tile trapping.  It will require quick reaction time if an attack is launched. If you have a desktop PC or Macbook we recommend downloading and using Nox App Player.  It’s stable and utilizes your PC’s hardware which is typically far superior than a phone or tablet.
  5. Turn on Anti-Scout and wait for a hit.
  6. Also, a quick way to prevent being crushed by an attack is to use a resource shield.  If you are awaiting a specific troop type and core set but the attacker launches something different you can either recall troops or activate a resource shield should you have one.

Executing A Tile Trap

  1. Leave your Troops Gathering in the forest or wherever for awhile before a kvk or kill event starts so that enemies think you have forgot your troops out there. Make sure your Hero is on the tile, and use an even mix of Normal Troops.
  2. Change your name and port somewhere else every time someone hits you so that it’s hard for enemies to keep track of you.
  3. If available, gather from tiles that noobs farm, ie. gold tiles or monster tiles. This will make you look inexperienced.
  4. Risky: Send your troops out a little far from your Stronghold so the enemy does not immediately check your Power. Some bigs will just attack a tile without actually looking at how much Power the enemy has, or will attack even if the gatherer has a lot of Power because the enemy wants to smash them on a tile.

Tile trapping requires great skill and trickery in today’s Game of War.  If done properly you can capture enemy Heroes and set them up to be rallied or soloed.  However, the reverse is also true. Use great caution when Tile Trapping and have a clear plan in mind before proceeding.

Pro Tip: Plant your farm nearby with a nearly identical name as your main. Send marches to nearby tiles with your farm so that it is hard for enemies to spot the one tile that is occupied by your main.

Is anyone out there able to successfully tile trap these days? Even in new kingdoms maybe?



Special thanks to KoopTheTroop and LT for their input on this.


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  1. Renee says

    I haven’t been able to use my resource shields even with troop max. Anyone else having this problem?

  2. Mike Litorus says

    It was working for me in full frost lord, but then a 97 billion power burning cores took my hero. When I got him back I switched to cores myself.

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  5. Leah says

    I have used this tactic a few times, its a good baiting tactic if a big player sends there hero – usually if I already have defence cores running, also works with attack cores with more losses as long as they have troop health as well. I once lost 7k to a 9 bill player with defence cores and got his hero to boot, he then decided to get a few members of his alliance to rally me, in an hour I got over 1 bill ke points and 3 heroes and all they did was hospitalise my t3…

  6. T-Rex says

    If Anti-Scout shows up on a tile isn’t that a dead give away a Hero is on the tile?

    1. Leah says

      Not really – during kvk ke’s most people who are going to be unshielded at all whether currently shielded or not (your shield does not cancel the antiscout) will have antiscout on – I know I deffo put it on at the start then keep replacing it with whichever other boosts work for what I am currently doing defence/attack and usually replace both of those straight away as well – I am a rally trap with 6 piece cores so can lead a rally for below 1.5 bill power as well so it varies.

  7. […] reality, I would suggest never ever farming during a Kill Event unless you are trying to tile trap […]

  8. eric says

    What kind of gear do you recommend? Assuming no cores…

    High defense/health or Attack gear with even troop attack boosts

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      For the tile trap you want health and attack because you should have a very large troop advantage on the enemy, in which case don’t worry about a few extra losses by not boosting defense.

  9. eric says

    Can you clarify a few points?

    1. Definitely put your hero on the tile?
    2. Even troop mix or one type?
    3. Strategic or regular?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      1. Definitely need your hero.
      2. Even troops
      3. Strategic are stronger.

  10. KBSr says

    Just saw someone do this by occupying a tile and then planting their farm (40ml) nearby and deploying a marches on other nearby tiles from the farm. Because their farm had an almost identical name it was hard to spot that one tile was occupied by a 1bl player and therefore a trap. Saw someone lose an entire march to the trap tile.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Awesome idea! I just added it to the post

  11. Great balls of fire says

    Is gathering March size increase the one I need to research for this tactic?

    1. Navi
      Navi says


  12. Cballz says

    Been using this tactic for a few weeks now and find it works really well. As long as your research isn’t terrible you’ll usually come out on top. My hero gear is decent and I usually win the first hit against anyone but the really big players. The trick is to recall your march after the first hit of course to avoid them learning your troop type and shattering the next hit. You stay way ahead on points as you’ll usually kill more t4 on your first hit. I got lucky today and had a fool hit me with 312k t1-t3 mix of troops and his hero against my hero and 495k troops 100k strat t3 inf and mix of strat t4 inf, rang. I zeroed the march and took his level 50 hero. He scouted first and got nothing since I had anti on so he should have moved on 🙂

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Nice work! Spread the word of where you heard about the strategy 😉

  13. Sinister Spi says

    I love the tile trap tactic. I have done a few KVK with it now and have great success. The one thing I learned fro me is I was best off putting 100k t4 strategic even mix, then 65k t3 each strategic troop (495k Total). This is great when the really big guys trying to take advantage of their cores and try to hit you. I have not taken a single hit on my t4 with this layout.

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      Great info. Thank you sinister.

    2. jose rosario says

      were you using cores or permanent gear?

  14. suztv says

    What about those of us with just T3 and below? Does this work for us at all?

    1. Navi
      Navi says

      No, because a T4 march would destroy your T3 troops even if the enemy had much less troops.

  15. Jasmina says

    The last kill event we had some members test this out. They took on 3 hits from outlanders. 2 without their hero and one with. Our member didn’t lose any t4 during the hits and marches back with the third kvk prize in a few minutes. Use lots of meat shiełds but be careful of them tag teaming. We suspect that’s what they were trying to do just poorly executed.

  16. Tokyohenjin says

    I used this in the last KvK and it worked like a charm. You can’t port with your hero outside of your city, so I found the best strategy was to speed my troops to a tile somewhat far away from my city. I favored silver tiles because it seems more plausible for a big and I get some silver out of the deal 🙂

    I only had a couple of players scout and decide to move on. Most players either scouted and took a risk versus anti or just hit me without scouting. I had a few people send 250k T4 marches with no heroes, but most generally sent T3s without heroes. Consequently I cleaned up on points, including one time when I devoured an entire 250k T3 march.

    I didn’t change my name, so one player who hit me with T3s tracked me down and hit me with 2 375k T4 marches with buffer and hero. I recalled after taking those in quick succession, winning both hits on points and kills. I don’t think I could have won a third march, especially as my remaining buffer died on the 2nd march.

    In all cases, the right strategy was hitting a 75% attack boost when the march was incoming.

  17. Nick says

    Cant BIGS place 600K on a tile…not 500k? SH21 allows you a 250K troop march, then if you were to research up to lv10 of the new March Research that would allow you another 150K troops, and then finally adding 50% March Boost. (250K + 150K = 400K + 50% boost (400K x 0.50 = 200K) = 600K troops. I believe this is to be correct but let me know when you have a chance. Thanks

    1. Zed says

      Level 10 research for March is still locked

  18. Bewley says

    How do you March 500k to a tile? Can you attack with 500k? Is it researched under marches?

  19. silverhair says

    Tested it a few days ago. Yes, clearly you win with 495k on a tile, but unless you are a big who is extremely vigilant (not common), then it is unlikely that you will be able to apply a 75% attack or defense boost. The test I did with the attacked using 375k, with 255k strat t4 and 120k t3 meat shield and 75% attack boost, with optimized dual troop hero gear, they lost 145k, including 25k t4. This defended had damn good permanent hero gear and had 70k t3 meat shielding 425k balanced strategic t4. No boost applied. The defender lost 86k, including 16k t4. Moral of the story, both sides needed more meat. On defense I would recommend at least 100k t3, and probably more like 125k. On attack, use good CORE gear and 100-125k t3 shield with attack boost.

    1. CHIEF says

      This tile hitting strategy would probably be best suited for those with tons of villas for their urban buildings. You can re-train the troops lost much faster. If you have hospitals as your main urban building, this strategy is very risky. For the latter empire, I would rather bait solo attacks on SH to utilize the hospital coverage instead.

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