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9 Top Tips For Game of War: Fire Age


9 Top Tips For Game of War: Fire Age Tips

Game of War is a very complex game. Start with the basic tips I have you below, and then move on to more beginner tips, or our archive of guides on every aspect of the game.

1. Use The Stronghold Upgrade Rotation

game of war stronghold

The Stronghold rotation is the fastest possible way to upgrade your Stronghold. These are the minimum requirements to reach the next level Stronghold. Unless you plan to spend money and upgrade all your buildings immediately after reaching level 21 it’s not a good idea to go straight to 21 without leveling up all of your other buildings.

The Rotation to upgrade your SH as fast as possible is: Stronghold – Academy – Quarry – Barracks – Farm – Log – Villa – Gymnos – Hospital – Mine – Forge – Walls – SH

2. Save Your Resource Items


Save your Resource Items for when you really need them. Sometimes you will get randomly attacked and lose a bunch so you want to have some Resources saved in your Inventory for backup. If your Alliance commits to hyper farming and trading Resources then you guys will easily be able keep up with amount of resources you need to grow steadily. Hyper farming won’t sustain rapid growth for your whole alliance but it’s FAR more productive than everyone trying to produce their own resources. If you have many bigs in your Alliance spending money to grow, you will need to have some members set up farm accounts in addition to their mains.

3. Get As Many Alliance Helps As Possible


One of the best ways to conserve speed ups and save money in Game of War is to wait for your Alliance to click all the helps possible for every one of your upgrades. Every help takes 1% off of the total time, or 1 minute off of total time, whichever is longer. At Stronghold level 21 you can get 25 helps from your alliance. That’s an extra 25% off the total upgrade time. Some Researches take 100s and 1,000s of days, so 25% is equivalent to a LOT of time.

4. How To Calculate The Amount of Speed Ups You Should Use

12 days of speed ups

Build Time – Instant Construction Time – Helps Available – Time it takes your alliance to click all helps = Speed Ups you should use

For example, lets say a building takes 36 minutes to upgrade:

36 min (real build time) – 17 min (VIP 7) – 11 min (11 helps at SH Lvl 11) = 8 minutes of speed ups to use!

1052 days (real build time) – 32 min (VIP 10) – (.25 x 1052) (25 helps at SH Lvl 21) = 1052 – 32 – 263 = 757 days of speed ups to use!

5. Keep Your Storehouse Below Max Resources During War


If you are going to get into a War Soon, make sure your Storehouse is empty. Storehouses protect your Resources, the higher your Storehouse the less you have to offload. You may not anticipate having extra Resources, but remember Silver can always be taken and is always needed by a spender.

6. Be Patient

This game requires a lot of patience. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money you need to be patient Gathering, Monster hitting for Resources and Gear, searching for good targets during KvK KE, etc. Try to be careful yet aggressive with what you have, don’t get lazy and build only 50k hospital space for 100k troops, then get zeroed and quit the game.

Play with other members in your alliance. Rally targets as much as possible rather than solo attacking them. You’ll save 4x more troops and get more kills / event points.

7. Remember it’s Just A Game

Game of War can be extremely unforgiving, so don’t forget it’s only a game no matter how real it seems. The  game takes a lot of discipline every day to log in and Rally your Hero / Troops  or Shield so you don’t get zeroed. If you forget one day, there’s a good likelihood you will get zeroed.

Only invest what you are willing to lose. Not only will getting attack deplete your Resources and Troops, but attacking will as well.

A lot of players end up playing the game for years because they make life long friends. Building relationships with your fellow Alliance Members will make the game truly enjoyable.

8. Don’t Neglect Research or Hero Gear


You can never lose your Research Power, whereas your Troops can always be killed. If you want a really powerful account that will last the test of time, you need to focus on your Research more than your Troop count. Currently, an account with maximum Research will have a base Research Power of 2.6 Billion.

The second most important aspect of your account is Hero Gear. Hero Gear is permanent as well unless you craft Relic or Core Gear. Choosing the appropriate Hero Gear for your play style is crucial to your success. The correct gear will allow you to target you enemies weaknesses and exploit them.

9. Use Anti-Scout To Prevent Most Attacks

Game of War Anti-Scout

The #1 way to NOT GET ATTACKED is by putting on Anti-Scout. Anti Scout is frequently given from Gifts and can be bought with Gold (600 Gold for 24 hr and 3000 Gold for 7 days). I would recommend the 24 hr, because you may to switch boosts if you plan on attacking someone and you don’t want to waste Gold.

Anti-scout results in 3 outcomes:

  1. The enemy does not attack at all because they don’t know if you are rallied or not, if you have traps, have many troops you have, or if you have Resources that would make it worth risking it to hit you.
  2. The enemy will send a few T1 troops to check if you have traps or troops beyond a Rally size. I build 50k war bricks that will always kill those Troops and not allow the enemy to get a Battle Report without investing a significant amount of Troops.
  3. A big player will attack you no matter what. So I keep my troops rallied to prevent them from becoming hospitalized or killed.



Attention Hero

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  2. Robby says

    Hi Chad!

    My name is Rob, just two weeks here in gow and doing strategy of my own… I agree staying away from war is the best choice while building up strength to the city and research levelling..

    Its my first time to do online games as i make it as my diversion from being away from home. For now i would like to ask how to use this 7 days speed up, will it be accumulated to diffrent research or a one time use to a single research?

    Im now on level 10, and maximize potential of require defense, buildings and resources. I would like to focus at the moment on research building since i have been attacked by higher SH, now level 11 tried to attacked my city and no damage on my part.

    I also give much time in tile resources, quest, and hitting monsters which i got lots of materials and gems.

    By opening your blog, i have learn something here, i will keep in touch any time. My kingdom is pavlos and im very away from my alliance.



    1. Chad says

      Hi Robby,
      Welcome to the game! When you use a 7 day speed up you can only use it once, just like any other speed up. You probably have to save it for a few months because no building or research takes 7 days in the early game.

      Sounds like you are doing great though!

  3. Derrick says

    Hi, great blog!
    I got this information second hand, and it may be worthwhile to test it out:
    Percentage of Time taken off may be increased when you equip items that decreases Construction/Research speed + Alliance Help

  4. Eric Newton says

    So you mention that Helps are a Percentage of Time, but my observations have been that they’re always 1 min. (Which for a 3d long task is miniscule)

    Have you been able to figure out the percentage? I wonder if that percentage is adjusted on Your construction bonus or Their construction bonus, or both?

    1. Chad says

      The less build time the less the help time. With a build time of 3 days, one help is worth a few hours.
      Maybe your build are too short right now. Always wait for helps before speeding up builds.

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