Guide to the Treasury: Hero 61+ Even More Gold!

Game of War Treasury

Game of War introduced the Treasury which brings the magic of investment income to your game.

What it means to you all is GOLD + PATIENCE = FREE GOLD! Hooray!

Now with Hero 61+ you can get tons more gold daily!

GoW Treasury: How it Works

The Treasury is a fixed building, much like the Stronghold. It is present in every empire and permanent. You don't have the option of deconstructing it, and it is only usable at Stronghold 15 and above.

The basic function of the Treasury is to allow the investment of gold into one of four different term-length certificates of deposit (CD) - 1 day, 7 day, 14 day, or 30 day. You may only have one active investment at a time.

The minimum deposit for all CDs is 10,000 gold. The maximum deposit is also the same for all four CDs, but is dependent on the Treasury level and Hero Skills. Unlike all other buildings in your city, which can range in level from 1 to 21, the Treasury maxes out at level 7.

Game of War Treasury 7

The 7 day CD earns 3% interest, the 14 day earns 27%, and the 30 day earns 85% as their standard interest rates. However, as you upgrade your Treasury beyond Level 1, a bonus interest rate is added to the standard rate. The tables below detail the performance of each of the 3 CD types at each level, assuming you deposit the maximum amount allowed.

Treasury CD Yields

Treasury 30 Day CD
Treasury 14 Day CD
Treasury 7 Day CD

As you can see, the maximum earnings potential is a 30 day CD at Treasury level 7 with an initial deposit of the maximum 20,000 gold. At the end of 30 days, you have 41,000 gold and can repeat this investment for a permanent income of 21,000 gold per month!

If you need to withdraw your money at any time, you neither gain nor lose any gold. If investing were like this is real life, we would all be millionaires...... although some people who play this game already are...

Now, upgrading a Treasury all the way to level 7 isn't cheap. Much like the Hall of War, Prison, and Altar, the Treasury requires a special material for each upgrade, in this case - the War Bond. You'll occasionally receive War Bonds in gifts, but the primary means of acquisition is purchase with gold. The table below shows the upgrade requirements for each level.

1-Day Treasury

Since we originally brought you this information, the treasury has received an upgrade with the addition of a One-Day Certificate of Deposit that offers:

  • 50% interest rate, 20% bonus
  • Minimum Deposit: 10,000
  • Maximum: 20,000
  • Payout after one day: 34,000

The cool thing now is the Hero 61 skill Treasury Deposit Boost.  This skill will allow for a maximum deposit of 220,000 gold and a return of 374,000 gold every day!

Treasury Upgrade Requirements

LevelAmount of each RssBonds & SH requirement
23,000,0005 War Bonds, SH15
36,000,00025 War Bonds, SH17
49,000,00080 War Bonds, SH18
513,500,000295 War Bonds, SH19
616,000,000900 War Bonds, SH20
720,200,0003500 War Bonds; SH21; 9,651,330 power increase!

Treasury Gold Cost

The table below details the most efficient way to purchase the required bonds to upgrade all the way through level 7. A total of 4,815 bonds is needed, costing a total of 68,260 gold. Basically, you buy 1,000 bond packs for the first 4,000 you need, 100 bond packs for the next 800, a single 10 bond pack, and 5 single bonds to minimize the gold cost for the entire upgrade sequence.

Bond Pack
Quantity of Packs
Quantity of Bonds
Cost Per Pack
Cost per Bond
Total Gold Cost

Finally, for a gold outlay of 68,260 you can create an income stream of 21,000 gold per month. The interest will pay back almost all of your investment in 3 months. That's an awesome payback schedule. But gets better. Want to know how to get all your gold back immediately upon upgrading to level 7? Check out our Treasury 7 Trick (for 80k gold).

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  1. I can’t deposit 220k gold!? Hero is at 61….no other options given ?!


  2. The 1 day gold investnent is much better. I deposit 220,000 and after 24 hours I get 374,000 back. That’s a profit of 154,000 per day. If you do that for 30 days you get 4,620,000 free gold profit

    • The 1 day investment requires hero level 61 or 1500 heroic medals and little bit of xp to unlock and spec down right side of the skill tree and it says gold invest…..It will say 50/50 will grant a bonus of 200k gold invest amount and get lots

  3. There is a new feature for the treasury which requires $pending real money (gold store) to unlock. It is a one-day 50% interest CD. Some questions come to mind:
    What is the limit of deposit size?
    Is this different for each stronghold level?
    Is this upgradable?
    At some point will this be accessible for nonspenders?

  4. Also worth noting that, whilst the basic treasury returns by far the highest return for the longer monthly investment, once you have the treasury maxed at level seven, you get more or less the same payback (per week) by investing in the seven-day bond as you do by waiting the full month. The weekly bond is clearly more flexible and you get your income more regularly, so at the top level it makes sense to choose to turn your bond around every week.

    • Support


      Thanks a bunch for commenting such great content. I really appreciate it and I know a lot of the readers here do to. If you are ever interested in writing a post or two for the blog, let me know at
      I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate your knowledge on the casinos or any other topic probably.

    • I’d rather leave it in there for the full month collecting the extra 43 gold/day.

  5. Hi, from what you have said. This is what I deduced

    Lvl 2
    5 War Bonds

    Lvl 6
    2000 War Bonds

    Lvl 7
    3000 War Bonds

    Can anyone else give the full details for the upgrading costs? Including the Rss and gold required for investment in the War Bonds?

    Thanks! ^.^

  6. Also i think this is a great update, i dont want to spend money on the game and this gives me 20k gold each month!
    I made the gold to buy me this by playing the casino events, wich unfortunatly have stopped being good.

  7. I upgraded to max level and bought 5000 warbonds, 2000 until level 6 and 3000 for the last upgrade. I also remember the last upgrade costing 20mil of each resource.

    Ps: i have a few warbonds left over so the numbers are not completely accurate.

  8. 25 war bonds for the second upgrade, and you need 6M of each of the 4 RSS types.

  9. Anyone know yet how many war bonds/rss is needed for each upgrade?

    • 5 for the first upgrade ;P

      Anyone know someone who can give me 5 war bonds? 😀


      The game really shows that it still has much room too expand. When they start making it cheaper for more players too play then they can open up the idea of what the UAE did with the Sand Countries but sorta like an online version. and when the seasons change with the seasons that we have, but they have to make different geographic areas that people of certain lvl sh lvls 15 and up can teleport in and out of. The problem is that you are stuck to a kingdom and you dont want too mis-match power levels between the two kingdoms. You can still save gold by doing troop and research events. The Gold on the game only holds value to how fun the kingdom is for the players who play you do have to make things personal at some point.


        When chosing your enemies

      • Omg I love to see power zones that people can teleport into and fight each other. that would be so interesting.
        Yes and no about the personal thing. My kingdom has done a fairly good job of making KEs less personal. And with the introduction of kvks, our kingdom bigs have been brought together very well, causing us to be one of the top kingdoms because we can all work together.