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The Importance of War Generals

If your alliance keeps getting burned, you need a good war general.

War generals are dedicated members in your alliance used to lead the war efforts. I'm going to walk you through some problems alliances have in regards to war that war generals solve, why you need war generals, and what type of person a war general should be.

Problems you might be having in your alliance related to war:kingdom war

  1. No dedicated rally leaders
  2. Consistently losing wars you think you should win
  3. Uncoordinated hive and rally attacks
  4. Your alliance gets consistently farmed by larger players
  5. Non-skilled / non-powerful players try to lead rallies and end up costing your alliance a lot of troops

Considering the game is called Game of War, war generals (WGs) sound like pretty essential players of the game don't they? That's because they are. Any interaction your alliance has regarding war should be influenced--and in most cases--controlled by your WGs. One of the most frustrating parts of this game is when your alliance is consistently getting burned and your are losing troops and resources daily. It's impossible to grow and become a dominant player in that scenario. This is where your WG needs to step and take control of educating your members how to protect themselves. If certain players continue to allow themselves to be farmed by not protecting their resources or troops, than it is the WGs duty to either notify the alliance leader or kick the player himself.

Primarily, if your alliance wants to be formidable in any way, you need to be good at fighting in all 4 ways:

  1. Rallying enemy targets
  2. Defending against rallies
  3. Single attacks
  4. Defending against single attacks

Your war general(s) need to be knowledgeable in all these areas.

As I'm sure you all have experienced in some way by now is how crucial communication is in the game; not just while you are being attacked, but also outside of war.

Your war general needs to have the following communication skills:Communication Skills

  • He can lead your members.
  • Other members listen to him. It must be a standard that when the general is coordinating, no one else talks in the chat.
  • He calls out targets (by all-mailing coords, posting them in a google doc, or some other way).
  • He can contact people when they are not online to warn them if their shield goes down, or if they are being rallied.
  • He encourages members to fight and sets a good example by earning a respectable amount of points each kill event.
  • He coordinates most fighting efforts.
  • He ensures the most important fighters get the resources they need from the bank when they need them for training or healing troops

Heroes are where the strength comes from in a rally. So, your war general should have one of the best heroes in the alliance, if not the best.  The benefits of being a consistent rally leader means they will earn a lot of hero xp and battle loot. Battle loot increases by the amount and level of troops you have in a rally. If your alliance really wants to focus on improving your general's hero, make the sure that general has as many troops as possible for battle in the highest tier he has researched.

Funny / Unfortunate Story: When I was talking to a friend about this post he was telling me how this one guy wanted to be a war general because he thought he had a good hero. So, they let him lead a rally without paying close enough attention to what gear the guy was wearing. They ended up losing the battle by 200k T4 troops and everyone got pissed. They put the guy on  war probation for a month and will probably never let him lead a rally again. Make sure to qualify the member who wants to be your war general so you don't cost your alliance some good troops.

Question for you guys:

What roles does your WG play in your alliance? Does he/she do their job well? If not, why?

Are there any attributes of a war general that I missed?



P.S. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to All 😀

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  1. Our alliance leader started a new empire, joined another alliance, and isnt communicating with us very much. We have 100 members in our alliance, and are ready to build the alliance city, but cant because he has to initiate it.What is the best course of action to take in this circumstance? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I’m a member of w|b and d|l in k:190. I have 395M power and in both alliances there are several war generals. Not too long ago, a war leader, Lulu vi GB, was able too coordinate his cores with the troop type we were using. We were able to successfully take and defend the wonder where a 5 Billion power player was leading (doesn’t matter anyways since Lulu is almost 17 billion power). It’s very important to make sure that you gear has the right troops boosts. If your gonna have a WG, make sure that they know how to use cores and the march research doesn’t hurt either.

  3. I know what you mean. We rally a strong player and lost a bunch of troops just on traps. We were very young and weak then (still are in many ways) and getting attacked by everyone during alliance kill events. We don’t have a war general or a good leader for that matter. I am leaving my alliance. I like the people there and bc we are small everyone is like family but I am missing out on everything. We don’t even participate on kvk ke bc our leader wants us to wait until we all have t4. Which is not happening anytime soon bc my alliance does not spend real money and our great leader keeps talking about how it can be done without spending. Yeah, a year just to be able to research t4. Am going on 70m soon and working on unlocking strat t4 and I need a good alliance to lead through my growth. I will be using the blog often to help me. Thanks

  4. We don’t usually get farmed by other alliances except the ruling alliance. Usually when a player is attacked our leader or R4 scout and let us know if its okay to attack. Other than that we have no real leadership much less WG’s. Anyways, I learned that upgrading your sh to a high level without really researching well is very bad. I stayed just under sh 10 and began doing hardcore research and troop training. Now I see members at a high level with low power getting attacked and farmed constantly.

  5. im my war general and my job isnt really to have alot of troops or a big hall of war but iinstead the purpose or me is to devise a plan im currently creating a plan to take the wonder in K370 i will send u an article about it after it takes place tell u if it works

    • hydra,
      Hmm.. that’s definitely a war effort. I’m sure people would love to hear about it if you are successful, and possibly even if you are not if it’s a good story.

  6. I am a war general for my alliance from DlL, in K190, named Lulu vi GB.

    We have three war generals, each is specced for one specific type of troop, ie Infantry, Cavalry and Ranged. We select the WGs on basis of relics they can afford to use and thier normal stats.

    Usually the Troop health and Defence is above 600% and specific troop attack/defence is around 500%.

    If your WG can match these stats i think it’s worth giving them a shot 🙂

  7. “Your alliance gets consistently farmed by larger players”. This one has to do with either size of your alliance, and your allies or how much you piss off bigger players in chat and messaging.

    I don’t see how the war general has any thing to do with this. protecting yourself is only part of why you get farmed. Some of it is just because they can. Now if you are closer to their power then it might be your general. But more likely it’s your diplomat and their lack of being able to get help when needed.

  8. as for us, the problem is that we have too many WG’s…powerfull and aggressive but not really leaders… As a rank V I am working on coordination and discipline…tough job lol!

  9. We don’t have war generals, just gold tile generals. They clear chat and remain silent during KE then when the gold tiles appear they rush to find targets and call out others. It’s pretty impressive.

  10. We have several war generals and rarely lose a rally as a result. They’re all very dedicated players so they’re usually online and ready to lead when someone finds a target. The typical flow goes something like this:

    1. Someone calls out a target, ideally with troop/trap count and type.
    2. War general agrees to lead and asks for headcount. Chatter stops.
    3. Anyone willing and able to join calls out the number of troops available (250/312/375).
    4. War general clarifies any points with the person who originally scouted, then calls out expected buffer and troop types (e.g., “70k, Infantry then Cav). The assumption in our alliance is T3 buffer and T4 main force.
    5. War general ports and sets.
    6. Everyone else ports and joins.
    7. Beautiful flames.

    • Oops, skipped one step.

      3a. War general decides if we have enough troops for the target. If we don’t, the rally is scrapped or put on hold until we do.

  11. we got a great war general 🙂 we were getting smashed all the time and now only the bullies of our kingdom hit us lol

  12. Lol we have No war General

  13. I told my alliance about this and they said they had a war general way back before I joined and the war general turned to go crazy and constantly camp in enemies hives…
    So yeah.