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How to Choose An Enemy Target


How to Choose an Enemy Target

This post will teach you advanced attack techniques. After reading this you will be able to able to inflict maximum damage on your enemies.

Learn The Engagement Rules of Your Alliance

game of war alliance

  1. Are you allowed to attack any Alliance?
  2. Who are your Allies?
  3. Do you have any specified enemy Alliance you should be focusing on?
  4. Do you have any NAPs?
  5. Do you need to ask an Rank 4 for permission to attack?

Searching The Map For Targets

Tap the enemy Stronghold and look at their Power, look for someone with significantly less Power than you (like 1/4 or 1/3 as much) to minimize your troop losses. Personally, I also like to look at their Stronghold (SH) to power ratio (SH:P). A low SH:P ratio means that person is only focusing on upgrading their Stronghold and not on Building Troops, Researching, Building, gaining Hero Experience etc.

This makes them a weak target because they likely have a low amount of Troops, Defenses, and Hero (a low Hero has less Skills placed in attack or defense attributes, and likely low Research).

There are exceptions to these rules if your enemy is a trap account.

Traps and Troops are huge Power boosters. You should always Scout the person to see what they actually have. If you Scout someone who is more powerful than you, they might take your Scouting as act of War and attack you. The views of Scouting differ widely on this game depending on the person.

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Let’s say you really want to attack someone who has similar Power than you. Scout them and check a few things: Traps, Troops, and Gear. If the person has a lot of Traps at their Stronghold, then attempt to port and attack–or just attack–them on a tile.

Noob Tip: If attacking on a tile, do not include your Siege in the attack. Their are no Traps for your Siege to hit and your Siege is weak against all other Troop types.

Attacking an enemy on a tile can reap huge returns. You’re almost guaranteed to win a tile if you have a war Hero and your enemy doesn’t or they game of war defense occupy enemyhave no Hero on the tile at all. This method can also be used to attack someone more powerful then you. They will often split their Troops to Gather Resources and you can attack a small portion of their Troops with your whole army.

Next, check Troop count and Troop type. If their Troop tier is lower than yours, you will hardly lose any troops when attacking. If their troop tier is the same, see if they have a majority of one type of Troop and then build the counter of that type of Troop. For example, if the enemy has 5000 infantry, 1000 archers, and 1000 cavalry. Then, build a lot of Ranged to counter the enemy Infantry.

Personally, I like to keep all my Troop types approximately equal, so I am not weak in any area.

Lastly, you can look at an enemy’s hero (if they do not have a Hades gem equipped) by going to their profile and choosing their Hero tab. Depending on the Gear an enemy Hero is wearing, it can be a big deciding factor on choosing a target. For example, if you notice the enemy has Gathering Gear equipped with attributes like: increased Troop Load, Resource Production, Construction Boosts, or Research Boosts, then they are an easier target than someone who has gear with War attributes.

You will not actually be able to see what their Gear attributes are unless you write the names and colors of the Gear down and go to your forge to see what they are (or you can use our Hero Gear Tool to immediately find the stats of any piece of gear). The enemy will also most likely have Gems in their Gear, but at low levels they aren’t a huge factor. Choosing your Gear and Gems is dependent on your play style.

Prepare Your Heroschool bus hero preset

  1. As an add-on to what I just talked about, make sure your Hero is Geared and spec’d for War before attacking. I have a set of Gear for
    Gathering/Defense and a set for Attacking. It is only 150k Alliance points to buy a Skill Reset for your Hero. Resetting your Skills for War is absolutely essential when fighting.
  2. Once you have chosen some optimal targets and have Scouted them, look at what kind of Resources will you Gather from the attack. You will only get Resources from the enemy if you achieve victory and if they have more Resources than their Storehouse can hold. Here you can compare Stronghold level to Resources they have. Assuming they have maxed their Storehouse level (which I highly recommend, especially when under threat) see how many Resources they would have left for you to take. For example, a Storehouse Level of 14 can hold 700k Stone, Wood, Ore, and Food. So, if the enemy has 800k of every Resource, then you will take 800k – 700k = 100k (not including tax) of every Resource from them.
  3. TURN ON AN ATTACK BOOST that can be bought with Gold or Loyalty, and then GO HAM ON THEM!

Caution: Have a Peace Shield as back-up in case of retaliation.



Attention Hero

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  2. Patricia Spry says

    I visit your links approx 12 times a day , I constantly send your link to new and experienced players as I find the way you explain and present is easy to follow . Your # 1 fan !!!

    1. Chad says


      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! It means a lot to us! We put a lot of hard work into help out players as best we can.

  3. Chris says

    Great site. Thank you. Most players that I know in this game say that when you attack you should use defense related boosts and gear and when you defend you should use attack related boosts and gear. Their reasoning is that when you attack, you have no hospital backing up your troops, so you want their defense maxed. When you are defending, you have hospitals to back you up so you max out attack boosts and gear. This is totally counter- intuitive and I have argued with ppl many times, but they stand firmly by their logic. These ppl are in the 50-200+m power range and played in several kingdoms, so they’ve been around the block a time or two. I just can’t imagine why MZ would create “attack” boosts and gear that should be used when you are defending. What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Derek says

      “attack boosts” include your traps. thus, when someone attacks your city, your traps do a 20% better job of “attacking” the incoming soliders. When attacking, your troops have a 20% boost with a defense boost, meaning less of them will die, presuming your attack is on someone with similar power/troops/traps, etc.

      1. MissChiVUs1 says

        Is this still true?

  4. glecol says

    I was wondering at what point would be a good time to do a hero reset?

    1. Support says

      Ill post on this

  5. Lucas Hill says

    What is a NAP?

    1. Support says

      Non Attack Pact
      Two alliance agree to not attack each other. But, it doesn’t mean they will help each other, like and alliance between them would mean.

  6. reoje vnef says


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