Kingdom Jumping – Tips, Tricks, and Rules

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Kingdom Jumping - Tips & Tricks

Kingdom Jumping is the act of teleporting your Stronghold from one Kingdom to another. For the purpose of this article I will be referring to Kingdom Jumping in the early game to a new or newer Kingdom using a beginner teleport.

A prepared Kingdom Jumper can immediately take control of a Wonder in a new Kingdom and dominate that Kingdom for the first few days.

Kingdom Jumping Basics

  • Have lots of speedups and gold handy if you want to control the wonder so you can grow quickly and hold it.
  • You’ll need several people to be able to rush tier 2 troops quickly, even better if they can rush T3.
  • Most alliances will have at least 4-5 people ready to rush to T4 in less than an hour (around 40 mil power).

Kingdom Jump with a High Hero Level

If everything else were equal, having a higher hero level than your enemy means that you will have an advantage in stats from additional skill points. Even the smallest difference in stats means a lot in wonder battle with millions of troops.

This is an awesome strategy to learn how to kingdom jump with a high level hero. A player named “pimpin” emailed me pics of his jumper account that has a hero 44 and 350k troops. He focuses on winning kingdom events for his bracket and uses the rewards to build a stockpile of speedups, gems, and materials for when he plans to jump.

Boosting your hero level to control the wonder

As most of you have noticed by now, hero level is highly correlated to "true power", power that makes you much stronger than those of a lesser hero level than you because you have more skill points to allocate to your combat tree.

Therefore, when kingdom jumping it would be wise to focus on hero level if you want to be stronger than those in the new kingdom and rule the wonder.

The strategy pimpin used was to: Buy the cheap (relatively speaking) Legendary Hero Packs, use them to win event rotations, and stockpile the rewards to boost his power after jumping. 

legendary pack 1kingdom jumping hero pack

First, each of the Legendary Hero Packs includes a 5 million hero xp boost (they include a lot more xp now) which is a TON of hero XP. The cost of Legendary Hero Pack increases from $5, $20, $50, $100.

Before jumping you can buy the $5 and $20 pack which will get you to hero level 44.

After jumping you can buy the other two $50 and $100 packs and by focusing on winning events, researching high level items, and upgrading your buildings it's relatively easy to reach hero level 50 in a short period of time.


It seems basic, yet a lot of people don't think about using the gold packs they buy to win events and earn more gold, then win more events and win more gold. Doing this allows you to build up tons of speed ups, chests, materials, and resources to prepare you for a huge power boost when you jump.

One of the bonuses of building a jumper account and building it up before you jump is so that you can be more powerful than the new players in the new kingdom you jump to. The most frequent advice given to players building a jumper account is to win as many events as possible while you are in the low SH5 bracket. This is somewhat hard and time consuming but the trick below will make it super easy.

How To Win Every Building and Power Event With Your Jumper

This trick is specifically for events that ask you to "increase your building power" or "increase your power" in general. Also, you must stay at SH5 level or lower so that you can still jump to a new opening kingdom with your beginner teleport.

How It Works

With any building just:

Demolish > Rebuild > Demolish > Rebuild > Demolish > Rebuild > Demolish > Rebuildskill_construction

over and over again until you reach the amount of points needed to complete the event requirements

Why This Strategy Is Awesome

  1. You don't need any speeds
  2. You don't need to spend any money
  3. Since you are SH5 you can auto complete building as long as you have the resources!


Just make sure you have the resources required to demolish and rebuild the building. Most likely you can farm these resources easily, or get them from your main account.

3 Restrictions to Kingdom Jumping in Game of War

Whether you are making a jumper account or your just want to switch Kingdoms before you hit Stronghold 6, there are some very important rules that you need to keep in mind which will prevent you from being able to teleport, or will make teleporting less appealing. Many players attempt to teleport between Kingdoms in order to play with their friends and family, but they end up encountering these 3 problems.

1. You Need a Beginner Teleportgame of war beginners teleport kingdom jumping

When you first download the game and start a brand new Stronghold, you will be given "2 Beginners Teleports" that can be used to teleport between Kingdoms. When those are given to you, a warning message will be displayed on your screen which tells you that once your upgrade your Stronghold past level 5 they will be removed from your inventory so that you can no longer teleport to one of the other hundreds of Kingdoms. Also, when you go to upgrade your Stronghold to level 6, you will get another warning that your Beginner Teleports are going to disappear.

2. You Cannot Teleport To A Kingdom That Is In A KvK

KvK Combat

This exists because MZ doesn’t want experienced players porting into a new kingdom that might be losing during a Kingdom vs. Kingdom (KvK) event and changing the tide of war. A single player who has a lot of knowledge can absolutely lead a whole alliance, or even a kingdom, to victory.
The tricky part (currently) is that game will not tell you if that other kingdom is in a KvK. It will simply say that you cannot teleport to that Kingdom at this time. Just keep trying to teleport there every 6-12 hours and eventually you will be allowed in. Very rarely is a Kingdom ever full.

3. Only 500K of Each Opened Resource Will be Allowed


At one point Machine Zone allowed players to save up tons and tons of Resources before kingdom jumping so that players could use them to rapidly build new accounts. This quickly got out of hand because players were Teleporting with 10s of billions of Resources. Any new player in a new Kingdom was not able to keep up with the growth of jumper who came in with billions of Resources. Therefore, Machine Zone no longer allows you to keep more than 500k resources in your Storehouse when kingdom jumping.

So, to be clear:
  1. Save all of the Resource items in your inventory until you jump to the new Kingdom.
  2. Do not stock more than 500k of each Resource in your Storehouse before jumping.

Read an ancient story about our kingdom jump at the very beginning of Game of War's launch in the app store:

How UKc took K80 by Storm



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