Game of War Releases Their Best Commercial Yet


Mariah Carey Game of War Commercial

There new commercial staring Mariah Carey is definitely a step up from the last one with Kate Upton. Their humorous portrayal of two guys getting help from their alliance gave our whole LINE group a chuckle.

Check it out:

Who is that girl with the double bladed axe though? ...

Whoever posts the funniest comment on this commercial I'll give 9 days of speed ups. haha



Attention Hero

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  1. Funniest thing in that commercial is the final line “download and play for FREE”
    Complete bollocks

  2. A kingdomwide protest and boycott, started by Stayalive, is actual going on right now. Check it out and join!

  3. Stop the madness MZ. You game is running like sht. Make the commercial more realistic by getting booted during kill events. My hero is the person who can fix it.

  4. Worst demonstration of manliness ever…per my wife

  5. I like this one pretty good, not quite as bouncy as Upton’s though 🙂

  6. And this is better than server maintenance/upgrades?

  7. Where is my wtf button when I need it??