Game of War Terminology


Game of War Terminology

If you're new to Game of War, the abbreviations and terminology can be a little overwhelming at first. On top of learning the basics of game play, you may see abbreviations or references to things and not know what they are. Even if you're not new to the game, you may not have seen all of these terms before.

We've compiled a list of common terms to help guide you through what you may see in conversations or even in other posts on this site.

List of Game of War Terminology

Term Definition
AC Alliance Chat
Anvil See Trap Account
ATP Advanced Teleport
Bigs Players with massive power
Bomb See Trap Account
Coords Coordinates
Hive Alliance players that are grouped together
Hero Feed When you send your hero at someone to prevent them from shielding
K# Kingdom Number
KC Kingdom Chat
KE Kill Event
KvK Kingdom vs. Kingdom event
Landmine See Trap Account
Line App for iOS/Android by many alliances for outside game communication.
Mats Materials
NAP Non-Attack Pact (truce between two alliances)
Outlanders Players from other kingdoms
Port Teleport
Res/RSS Resources
Respec Readjusting hero points and gear
RTP Random Teleport
SH Stronghold
Specd Built for something. Commonly used as "specd for war" or "specd for rss"
Strat Strategic. Reference to strategic troops or traps.
SW Super Wonder
T# Troop Tier #
Trap Account A stronghold that appears to be weak but is actually very strong
XP Experience. Reference to Hero Experience
Zeroed When troops are completely wiped out

Have you seen other abbreviations or terms in the game you'd like to see added to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. What would be really helpful is to include terminology that the game itself uses. Such as Legion attack, how is that different from standard troop attack? And the newer features such as resolute defense, defense annihilation, onslaught attack, unstoppable attack, etc. I can’t find this info anywhere and am having to guess at what they mean.

  2. Crr= Chop, Ransom, or release

  3. My alliance asked me to help remove 2k – 3k players because she believes they are no longer playing. How do I do this?