Going Back in Time with the Game of War Time Capsule: Super Wonder

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The Super Wonder is an important part of Game of War History. This was the most prestigious event, and many players spent the entire month prepping their accounts. There was a place for everyone. No matter if you were a part of a Super Wonder team, or you were just a trap looking for those big accounts to hit you, the Super Wonder was anticipated by all. For this Time Capsule, we will take a look at memories from all types of players, and relive all the excitement.

Group Calls

Anyone that has played on a Super Wonder team can tell you that group calls are very important. They help get everyone on the same page, not to mention its a lot easier to speak on a call rather than type in chat.  While these group calls are essential for planning, they can also give you some good laughs too.

Winning with Nawti Lola and the crew was a huge moment, thats when we had the edge against Tess. I think the best part of it for me was talking to people on Discord. The amount of organizing skills going on while people were chatting and talking strategy was awesome. We would have people talking about cats while other people were planning our attack schedule. Leads talking to Blockers, all of this going on at the same time. Definitely the interaction on Discord was fun. Can’t beat it!

-Destin (dvF)


My best memory was of PJ driving the bus while leading. She was yelling at both the other drivers, and the players. Very colorful language. Also, lots of funny memories of players falling asleep and snoring for HOURS on group calls. Or, worst yet, people that take bathroom breaks with the phone on speaker!

-Tasty Trouble (73V)


The highlight of a recent Super Wonder was when Rage interrupted a conversation between me and Carol. We were talking about skilling the hero tree and all of a sudden I hear Rage in the background screaming “NO MORE TALKING! ITS THE CHICKEN FRIES SONG!!”  We were both laughing so hard and had no idea what in the world chicken fries were. Turns out, he got the name of the song wrong, but now Chicken Fries will forever be our joke, and I believe it even became the name of one of my traps for the next event.


Playing a Trap at the Super Wonder

Most players think that the Super Wonder is all about the wonder. Most of those players are correct, however, Kingdom 4 is a Trap’s playground. When I played as Trap, I always looked forward to the Super Wonder! I loved dropping my shield, and I was addicted to the anticipation of having a max player set a rally on me. Back then, kingdoms had to wait to become ancient before players could port into another kingdom. So the Super Wonder was the place where you could get hit from all the other big players that were outside your home kingdom.

Like most traps, you port to SW looking for that perfect spot on the outskirts, or find a place next to some lava to make a home. You send out a few scouts to see if someone might follow. I always tried to burn on the first hit. One particular SW, I was ablaze as always. I think at that time I was running t2/t4. I was on fire like always, but my alliance always freaked out. I kept telling them I was ok and I was burning on purpose. Eventually, I had a swarm of leads coming in. I was still burning, but barely. One guy came in and laid the wood to me which made everyone all freak out again. But, I was just a core pop away from capping. I waited until 5 or 6 rallies set on me at one time, and I got lucky that they all came pretty close together. I popped a set and capped everyone. I had six heroes in my dungeon, and then along came their friends trying to free them. If I remember right, at one point I had 11 heroes hanging out enjoying my dungeon day spa. The emails poured in, some were nice and some were not. The not so nice ones were made to wait an hour, and the others I chopped or released. At one point in my alliance chat, they said it looked like I was the Super Wonder!

-BigE (3uRN)


I fell asleep one Super Wonder, and they released something new. Before I went to sleep, I was capping everything. I woke up in the middle of the night to Golf zeroing me because of the new release.



Old school SW was a traps playground. All of us health traps would port around our lake. We actually named it since we went there every single Super Wonder. We would usually have 10 of us or so. Once one of us got hit, it was game on. Tons of players would port in and just keep soloing over and over while we attempted to heal for every hit. Some guys called us health traps a bunch of “Mickey Mouse crap setups,” so that was our nickname, Mickey Mouse traps. We still have the Line room named Mickey Mouse Traps


Going for the Super Wonder

The main event in K4, of course, is the Super Wonder itself. Players spend countless hours, days, and weeks getting their accounts ready. Teams, plan blockers, drivers, fillers. There are spreadsheets and schedules to keep everything running smoothly. However, any player can tell you, there are always things that happen that you just did not plan for at all!

I was at the SW with D:V during the time that everyone was using the T2/T4 troop setup. I had millions of T1 that I needed to get rid of. So, when Stay wasnt holding, or we were filling his rallies, I would send like 8 full marches of T1 at the Super Wonder. So, my guys are marching along, Stay is crafting cores, and everyone is happy. Then Stay says “Rally Up” and we start filling and he marches. At that exact moment, a march of my T1 hit the empty SW. Someone had cleared the wonder and I became Emperor for like a minute. Stay started raising hell at me, and I was a little shocked that my T1 were holding the Super Wonder, but his rally was screwed. I started explaining what happened and he laughed and told me to march them at Ctesse instead of the Super Wonder.

-BadJudge (D:V)


My fondest memory of the Super Wonder was the first time I ever went. My alliance leader wanted to go, I knew nothing about it. I just went, and we got ourselves as close to the wonder as we could. We kept moving up and moving up. In those days the Super Wonder was packed!! We actually took the wonder too, for like four seconds. But we got it! And we got the screenshot! It was so fun!

-Pearl (F7R)


My favorite day was in the old days when School Bus won. I stayed up for three days to support him. We had a great team. Bus was one of the biggest wonder players I supported, and he was really nice.

-BellaKira (73V)


Really my favorite Super Wonder memory is when I maxed my account, dropped all my T1-T4 (this is when T5 was brand new), and I went all T5. I looked like a scrawny little mofo. I was actually leading from one of the 73V family alliances, but none of them in that alliance actually knew me. I was front row, and I set the blocking rally. Someone said “hey WTF are you doing?! One of the maxed accounts from 73V is coming to set!!” I was like “yeah thats me!” It was one of the Super Wonders that everyone was losing their heroes. I lost mine, and since I was a scrawny little guy, one of the contenders set on me. They rallied me, and I caught their hero, and everyone was flabbergasted.

TheKrayz1 (73V)

Players who aren’t on teams sometimes don’t realize how exhausting it can be. It’s stressful, both mentally and physically. Even though you get a victory, sometimes it can be overshadowed.

I don’t have any good SW stories. They are long , painful, and exhausting events….I don’t remember them that fondly . My original plan was to be emperor once and retire from the game. Some how I got sucked into being emperor four or five times more….with the crazy cost of game again I may be retiring for real. 

-Huckster (73V)

Super Wonder makes Super Memories

The one thing we all can agree on, every player has come out of the Super Wonder with a story to share. For me, in the beginning, when I was a trap, the Super Wonder was a place where I networked.

I would go sit right in the middle of the forest so that a big alliance would rally me and I could cap their hero. Once I capped, an email was sure to follow. I took that as an opportunity to get to know other players. I would try to get as much information as I could about setting up accounts and how to use other players strategies to my advantage. Some of my closest friendships started with me capping a hero at Super Wonder. Later, when I had a lead account and joined Super Wonder Teams, I loved the rush and adrenaline. I loved the math and statistics involved in the game, and I loved applying it to the accounts I built. The tiniest change could make the biggest difference. I loved the rush of changing troops between hits in the Super Wonder.

And last, but this is what I think to be most important, I love the friends that I have made along the way. With each Super Wonder, I was always playing with a group of friends that loved the game as much as I did. We had a ton of laughs on the late night group Line calls. These players are now friends I will keep for the rest of my life. I think that for a lot of us, we gained much more than a title or good report from each Super Wonder we attended.

What are some of your favorite memories from the Super Wonder? Share them with the RealTips Community in the comments below!

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