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Opening the Game of War Time Capsule

Sometimes it happens unexpectedly, sometimes we know it may be coming. The anxiety, the adrenaline, the worry, the excitement, its all a part of the game. All of us have that one time we won’t forget: the first time we were burned in Game of War, or the first time we lit someone else up. Today we open the Game of War Time Capsule and hear from players about their memories of fire — their most memorable burns.

First Time Being Zeroed

For a lot of us, the first time we were burned, it also came with a complete zeroing. Maybe we forgot to shield, maybe we didn’t anticipate such a big drop.

For myself, I remember filling rallies in (LV) in k894. A new potion had just dropped with massive amounts of DD, and I had not noticed the blog when I logged in. I was filling rallies with my trap when a rally was set on me by Heartquake from D:V. I wasn’t worried, I had capped Heart a million times before.

As the rally launced it dawned on me. Heart knew I capped him easily, so why was he rallying me now? Realization sank in, as I looked and saw a new blog was posted, and then the rally landed. My little trap exploded and those dreaded words popped up on screen… “Your hero has been imprisoned.” Not only did he light me up, but he zeroed me in ONE SHOT!!!!! That wasn’t something that I was used to, nor was my alliance used to seeing me in flames either.

Luckily, I had already formed friendships with D:V by that point, and as soon as I was shielded, my hero was returned safe and sound. But that burn would stick with me forever.

I was tiny, I decided to port in a KE and kill monsters. A pal convinced me into hitting some inactives, for “practice.” I dropped shield, sent my hero and some T1s to go kick some butt. Out of nowhere my screen turned red. It never happened before, and I panicked! I started recalling troops, speeding in so I could hopefully pop my blanket back on. It was all over before I knew it. My city was burning, my hero was gone, and my ego was bummed!



I was walking my dog and I realized my peace shield may drop. I thought no one will burn me early in the morning – WRONG! toasted and capped on one hit.



…Faced with completing an empire quest to burn x number of cities, I set out on a mission. I ported, bunkered, and waited for quiet. Burned 1, whoo-hoo, burned 2, 3, 4, I’m having a blast! The game is finally fun! By the time I am on the ninth one, some squealer had called on a Big to help.  He zeroed me in one hit. Wham! Massive loss. Hero captured. I asked for advice. He returned my hero and left me with parting words of wisdom, “Don’t linger!”


Gaining Allies From Being Burned

Sometimes when we get burned, we message the other player. “How did you do that?” “What in the world just happened?” “Can you try hitting me again?” and of course, “Can I please have my hero back?” These messages can end up becoming long conversations, and thus leading to friends and allies.

A couple years ago I fell asleep researching and in research gear, of course. Woke to my phone blowing up and getting rallied multiple times. I switched to Defense gear and capped rally leader. They tried to rescue and i capped another, They gave me congrats and took their hemlock. I stayed in touch with them and a couple months later, as my alliance began to fade, i joined their alliance. Years later, i am still friends with some, which led to us going to dragon realm together. Just goes to show, don’t be a jerk to those that rally you. Yesterday’s foes can become today’s friends



StangRacer lit me up like a Christmas tree while I was attacking a SH in monster gear. NIC took me into their small alliance and taught me how to play the game, or else he’d still be whipping my butt!



The most memorable time I got burned was the first time I got zeroed. I was on vacation, and lost my phone so I couldn’t renew my shield. When I finally was able to log in, I was actually surprised to see how long it took to zero me and get my hero. I had several messages from the team that rallied me about how well I did. I talked with them and thanked them, and my team then became allies with them, so it worked out well.


Don’t Drink and GoW

Then of course there are the times when we (adults over the age of 21) mix Game of War with drinking. Most of these nights have not ended up well, for me at least

I was passed out drunk the first time i burned


My first time getting zeroed, I was passed out from drinking moonshine. My alliance kicked me and saved my hero though. Don’t drink and GoW, you forget your seatbelt every time!


#TeamRealTips does not recommend drinking and GoWing, as there is a direct correlation between the more you drink and the more you burn.  😉

Burn and Learn

Although many would say that burning is not a good thing at all, sometimes we can learn about strategy, or it can lead us to do things in the game we would have never done otherwise.

It was done by a guy named named Reaper, who happened to be on StayAlive’s SW team at the time. I vowed to become bigger so I wouldn’t burn anymore, I was 23 million power at the time. Reaper later became a good friend and introduced me to D:V and the SW team. I went to my first SW with D:V and StayAlive, filling his rallies. Never would have happened if I had not burned early in my gaming experience


Most of the time that I burned it was small, expected, and positive for points. But one KE, the lag in game was so bad and FlamingMo rallied me. I would have been ok except his team had learned how to use lag to their advantage. They sent an amazing combination of scouts and one troop marches at me, followed by the hit from the big player. I couldn’t do anything but watch a flashing red screen as I got zeroed and capped. I was amazed at their coordination!


Revenge can be a Big Motivator

Ever get burned and you SWORE that one day you would come back bigger and better? Don’t worry, because you aren’t the only one.

I was just starting the game and directly got hooked. But I was a noob for at least one month. So there I went into the dark woods of the forest, and a much bigger guy came and burned me out of the forest. I had no idea what was going on. After that, I bought a lot of packs and got so huge without even knowing what troop setup meant. I was lucky that I didn’t nerf myself!! Later I learned all about ratios, nerf, etc. So I used the highest tiers only while I was playing a maxed lead, and wonder account for about six months. The rest everyone knows, I became a legendary SH 60 account.


The first time I burned was on my third day playing. I had been in game for three days but had not played yet, so I decided to get on and learn how to play. While I was trying to figure things out, I saw a red screen and had no idea what it meant. Luckily, I had a friend with me that played before, and he told me I was being attacked. Then, he showed me how to go to kingdom view and see who hit me, and how to join an alliance. From then on, that person that attacked me was on my List. So, when I was big enough, he was also the first person I found and I burned.


Our first time burning in Game of War is something most of us will never forget. Whether it was a complete zero, something we learned from, or our motivation to become the big player that came back to burn their nemesis. No matter what, we all have lived to tell the tale and survived to play again.

Thanks for opening the first of many Game of War Time Capsules with us!! What was your most memorable burn? Leave a comment below and help ease the pain with the rest of the RealTips Community.

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  1. Dawg66 says

    The first time I got zeroed it was a wall event. The event focused on killing the walls of a stronghold. I remember that I was sent a message from the attacker who was only interested in my walls and I should move my army out to avoid losing them. I had no idea what was going on. I of course lost everything. Halo56 was only a few weeks old, the game was only a month old. NO shields, No teleport, tier 2 troops were most common. We didn’t even know about the safety rally at that point-we just died. It was brutal, we could see the marches coming in for over a minute from neighboring alliances. Panda was king in most kingdoms and ruled with with an iron fist. –DAWG66

    1. carol
      carol says

      That’s a great story!

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