Game of War VIP – Up to Level 450

Game of War Fire Age VIP

Welcome to VIP! In the past 2 weeks we have received new VIP levels four times! The first VIP increase is right before KVK round 2 which is VIP 300 that provided us some helpful stat increases including:

  • 15KT Troop Defense
  • 150TT Onslaught Attack
  • 19.6KT Resolute Defense
  • 16.9KT Legion Defense
  • 16.5T Type Defense
  • 21KTT Rally/Wonder Health
  • 10.5KTT Mobile Trap Health

VIP 300 - Huge Stat Increase

Game of War VIP 300

Then with VIP 325, Major stat increases from VIP 300 to 325:

  • 92KTT Troop Attack
  • 1MT Troop Defense
  • 143KTT Wonder & Rally Health Bonus

VIP 325

VIP 375 - New Features Added

Major Stat increases from 325 to 375 are:

  • 2MTT Troop Attack Bonus
  • 3MT Troop Defense Bonus
  • 3MT Legion Defense Bonus
  • 201KTT Onslaught Attack
  • 3MT Type Defense
  • 2MT Resolute Defense
  • 175KTT Wonder And Rally Health Bonus
  • 87KTT Mobile Trap Health

In addition to this VIP release we have received two new features!

VIP 375

Smart Troop Training System (VIP 350)

Currently when going into your barracks the number of troops you can train shows up as X number of troops whether or not you have the resources to train that many.

With the smart troop training system only the amount you can currently train will show up based off on the number of resources you currently have.

Hero Skill - Fill to Here feature! (VIP 375)

As hero levels have gotten higher, our skills tree have taken us longer and longer to skill. This feature is a BIG time saver!!! One important thing to know when skilling your hero tree is that you should always skill from the bottom up! The biggest stats are at the bottom of the tree.

This feature makes that process much easier as you are able to scroll down your tree and now select, Unlock to Here, and then work your way back up! These updates will help skilling a tree much less tedious!!

GoW Fill to Here feature

VIP 400 - More Boost in Stats

GoW VIP400

VIP continues to increase with VIP 400 now being on the scene! While no new features are added, there is a massive increase in stats!

  • Troop Attack Bonus 3.6 MTT
  • Troop Onslaught Attack Bonus 300KTT
  • 42KTT Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus
  • Troop Defense 3MT
  • Legion Defense 3MT
  • Resolute Defense 3MT

VIP 450 - Troop Bonuses and Edge on Super Wonder

GoW VIP 450

VIP 450 is here! There are some great stat increases in attack and defense for this update. When at VIP 450 you get:

  • 50BTT Troop Attack Bonus
  • 50BTT Type Attack Bonus
  • 14MT Troop Defense Bonus
  • 14MT Legion Defense
  • 2BTT Onslaught Attack
  • 14MT Troop Type Defense
  • 25MT Resolute Defense
  • 250BTT Rally and Wonder Occupy Troop Health
  • 125BTT Mobile Trap Health

So these stats look great right? They will be super helpful to those in contention for Super Wonder which starts just hours after this release. They will give Leads more attack to dominate over their enemies and to help with capping when hero out. Fillers will get more defense to be safe.

Traps this update will be amazing as well. However, as a Trap new VIP is one of the last things I will update and here’s why: updated VIP is a sure sign that your account is updated! When I look at things on the Trap side I say.. “Awesome, I want those defense stats and they will help me stay smaller”. However, on the Lead’s perspective, “I see updated VIP and I see someone with high defense who is more likely to cap me as their account is up to date”.

So when considering updating VIP it is important to remember this! Is there something else you can update first? As a trap I’m going to look at the hidden things first. So can I upgrade research, aux buildings, banners, boosts, or something else before I jump immediately to something as visible as VIP.

Now with this VIP update Game of War has finally given us something we have all been wanting! Gladiator Presets!! All of us have complained about the amount of time it takes to skill and reskill our Gladiator trees. If you are switching from attack mode to defense mode or wonder mode you would have to re-skill every time. Now at VIP 425, gladiator presets will make it easy to switch from one gladiator skill set up to the next.

GoW Gladiator Skill Preset

Note: After VIP 425 there are new points required for VIP. These are called Super VIP Points.

So for these reasons I deem this upgrade a must have with the awesome HUGE attack and defense boosts and and the Major Stat increases from the latest VIP update.

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  1. VIP is up to 550 now and Hero Level is 325, stronghold 225 — do you have guides on these? and most buildings I don’t know which exceptions besides wonder dungeon building are level 200?
    I am having a hell of a time trying to configure my hero tree. Just loading the screen takes forever and after being in the hero tree section a while, it crashes the game:(

  2. Please suggest how to get VIP points in game of war

  3. with the release of VIP 250 has there been anyone able to take a hit while heroless? And if so can we get battle details?

  4. I’m trying to figure out if anyone else is experiencing problems with the app I have tried everything I can think of I have Uninstalled and reinstalled on several devices to see if it was a device issue I have tried every network I have 2.4 5 and extension ping is anywhere from 11 – 17 I have even gone as far as wiping everything off my tablet except the game app I still lock up when I try to level up gear when I try to reinforce or even attack I press attack and two minutes later I can choose March then at least another minute before I can send… if anyone has any ideas feel free to contact me on line app ID: diehardmc

    • Same problems for me So far haven’t found anything that helps

    • I’ve been told it is too many different types of troops and traps, I changed mine to only t2 and t4 for meat and t17 for actually playing with and now is very fast, I think t4 only is ok too. This fixed my problem with speed to load march.
      I hope it helps.

  5. Hey Navi. My name is Lace and I’m a fairly high level player but I’m not a lead. I can’t afford to be. I want to know how much defense is enough and which one I need. I am lead to believe that Troop defense is the first defense and if the attack beats that, you have your resolute defense after that. However, with these other attack stats, it’s hard to understand what you need to Cap at least a solo attack. My hero is 190 and SH building level is 91. I have 4 hospitals for health because I saw somewhere that health was making a sort of comeback. The rest is all Barracks but for some reason I cannot Cap these solo attacks from the bigger players that spend thousands a week on this game. Aside from the new gear set levels and T13 research, I have everything done.

  6. GOW VIP level 84 is online

  7. Gotta switch the update between vip 20 and 21…

  8. Time to include VIP 20.

  9. Hey Navi

    Nice info thanks.

    Can VIP points be gifted too ?


  10. The vip attack bonuses, are they included when you look at your boosts for your gear or do you add them?

  11. VIP 18 also includes VIP Quest Autocomplete. Your table doesn’t list that.

    Thanks for the work you do.

  12. I thought the packs gave much better gold. Mine had one million gold in it. But I was not buying alot. Like I stopped buying and in 3 months had them offering $20 packs again.

  13. Hola chad, se me olvidó el email de mi cuenta anterior, podría recuperar esa cuenta?^Gracias

  14. Did I miss it? How many points total from VIP 10-vip prestige 10?

  15. Does that package with the 75K VIP points plus the gold still show up often? I haven’t seen it

  16. So in VIP prestige I have to use gold to level up or is it still done by VIP points?

  17. Chad, Regarding the points required; is that total or for each level? In other words, L2 is 1K, L3 is 2.5K. So when starting at L1, do I need 2.5K to get to L3 or 3.5K?

  18. do you stop accumulating daily points when you hit VIP10. I can tell what I have accrued daily since I hit VIP10. If you can how do you tell?

    • Great question RJ! I have the same question. Thanks.

      • You can stock up points in your inventory.

      • looks like daily accumulations do NOT work unless you can actually level up. so while points “items” can be accumulated in your items inventory, the daily accumulation will cease while you’re maxed at VIP 10. once you unlock prestige, the daily accumulation will work again.

  19. So do I or don’t I get vip pres level 1? I have a free token so I don’t lose any gold!

  20. You promised to have a result on the attack debuff thing days ago.

  21. So, am I wrong? Based on your table, you lose bonuses by moving from VIP 10 to VIP prestige?

  22. I’m glad you like it! Tell your members!
    The cost is cumulative fortunately!

  23. What does the screenshot with the gems has to do with VIP?

    • Haha it’s saying for some bigs they never open all the chests they have. So, with this feature they will finally be able to open them all see all their gems.

  24. You can get from VIP 9 to VIP 12 simply by using gold to purchase 5000 VIP points. If you have 3 mil gold in stock, it might as well get you VIP 12 without spending money.

  25. I haven’t done a comprehensive cross-check, but all levels from Prestige 1 up now get VIP streaks – of limited value unless you use a ‘chance’ to get extra quests, or are lucky and get a high level quest, as the smaller number of VIP quests under Prestige makes it harder to achieve the streak. At levels 5/6 I can’t see any other changes

  26. I think MZ have made some changes today – certainly Prestige 5 now gets VIP streaks – so I think the chart will need checking and updating now?

  27. Really doesn’t look like this is worth it

    • for big spender players, yes it’s worth it at the highest level for the core time and the bonus troops attacks and the t4 bonuses (because t4 is really expensive), also the open all chests (as when you buy alot of packs when they are good), you’d end up with thousands of unopen chests cuz you cant go through it all. also, especially if you buy a pack in the beginning with vip pretige token. Truly for the VIPs.

  28. sorry – it’s 1000 for P-VIP 2; 2500 for P-VIP 3. then 5250 for P-VIP 4

  29. Prestige VIP 1 = 1000 points; and don’t forget that it’s 10K gold to get a prestige item to get there unless u buy a pack with that in it.

  30. starts*
    And simple question: if I buy the VIP prestige pack, will I be directly in VIP1 prestige or do I have to reach regular VIP10 before?
    Thank you in advance for the answer.

  31. Chart says instant complete is present from prestige lvl 1. NOT TRUE! Some of my alliance members activated prestige up to lvl 6 and still don’t have it back. Doesn’t reactivate until lvl 7 like normal VIP.

    • Correction to the above. Looks like MZ made a patch in the last day or two and now all instant completes are in fact present from lvl 1 onward.