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VIP 27 Game of War Fire Age

VIP in Game of War continues to expand. We are now up to VIP 45! VIP levels provide both fantastic boosts and utility for your gameplay. Also, for you trappers who are super critical of how much power you are adding, I have good news.  Increasing VIP level adds absolutely NO POWER.  Your Empire will show all players your level.  However, most players simply overlook this until after they've hit you and wonder why you did so well!

Have a look below at what each VIP level provides you. I've provided just the upgrades of each level.  So assume that everything below that VIP level is also included.

Game of War VIP 45

VIP 45 GoW Game of War

Game of War VIP 44

VIP 44 GoW Game of War

Game of War VIP 43

VIP 43 GoW Game of War

Game of War VIP 42

VIP 42 GoW Game of War

Game of War VIP 41

VIP 41 GoW Game of War

Game of War VIP 40

VIP 40 Game of War GoW

Game of War VIP 39

VIP 39 Game of War

Game of War VIP 38

VIP 38 Game of War GoW

Game of War VIP 37

VIP 37 Game of War GoW

Game of War VIP 36

VIP 36 Game of War GoW

Game of War VIP 35

Rally Attack Bonus:+3,000%
Rally Defense Bonus:+10,000%
Rally Health Bonus:+10,000%
Wonder Holding Troop Attack Bonus:+3,000%
Wonder Holding Troop Defense Bonus:10,000%
Wonder Holding Troop Health Bonus:+10,000%
VIP Cost:1.99 KT

Game of War VIP 34

Rally Attack, Defense, Health Bonus:+2400%
Wonder Holding Troop Attack, Defense, Health Bonus:+2400%
 VIP Cost: 0.99KT

Game of War VIP 33

Special:One Click Core Set Crafting - VIP Power up
Rally Attack, Defense, Health Bonus:+1900%
Wonder Holding Troop Attack, Defense, Health:+1900%
VIP Cost:399.8T

Game of War VIP 32

Rally Attack, Defense, Health Bonus:+1500%
Wonder Holding Troop Attack, Defense, Health Bonus:+1500%

Game of War VIP 31

Rally Attack, Defense, Health Bonus:+1250%
Wonder Holding Troop Attack, Defense, Health Bonus:+1250%
VIP Cost:109.8T

Game of War VIP 30

  • 1500% Troop Attack, Defense, Health Bonus
  • 1000% Wonder Occupy and Rally Attack, Defense, Health
  • 1000% Enemy Attack, Defense, Health Debuff
  • 29.99 T VIP

Game of War VIP 29 - 10% One Click Leveling Discount

  • 10% One Click Leveling Discount
  • 1000% Combat Boosts
  • Cost: 7.99 T VIP Points

Game of War VIP 28 - One Click Leveling

  • One Click Leveling
  • 700% Combat Boosts
  • Cost: 1.99 T VIP Points

Game of War VIP 27 - Infinite Troop Promotion

  • Infinite Troop Promotion
  • 500% Combat Boosts
  • Costs: 100 B VIP Points

Game of War VIP 26 - One Click Embed Gems

One Click Core Set Crafting - Embed All Gems. When you craft a core set with One Click Core Crafting from VIP 22 an option appears.  This option will allow you to embed all gems from a Gem Preset at once.  I love this feature. It saves so much time.  The combination of VIP 22 and VIP 26 saves me loads of time crafting sets.  Now if we could just get a Boost All Cores option for the Gear Workshop...

Game of War VIP 25 Building Boost Manager

VIP 25 unlocks the ability to use Building Boost Manager to easily keep track of all your building boosts, luck level, and various boosts at a glance.  You can find the Building Boost Manager by tapping on your Stronghold. There you will find a new tab "Building Manager."

Building Boost Manager

Cost from VIP 24 to VIP 25: 1.25 Billion (autoclicker ftw)

VIP 25 Benefits

  • +250% Troop Attack (+100% over VIP 24)
  • +250% Troop Defense (+100% over VIP 24)
  • +250% Troop Health (+100% over VIP 24)
  • +250% Enemy Troop Attack Debuff (+100% over VIP 24)
  • +250% Enemy Troop Health Debuff (+100% over VIP 24)
  • +250% Enemy Troop Defense Debuff (+100% over VIP 24)

VIP can ultimately save you a lot of time in Game of War with features like Open all Chests and Combine all Pieces. However, if you want to save even more time in life so you can play more Game of War, use to get your homework done. They are a great resource for all subjects and every grade. Just post your question to their site and it will be answered by a tutor with a few hours.

Game of War VIP 24 Rally Queue

Now you can avoid alliance mates sending the wrong troops to you rally!  VIP 24 provides a one click button "VIP Queue" that forces the alliance to match the troops which you've set the rally.

  • 500 M VIP points required from VIP 23 to VIP 24
  • Rally Mismatch Alert - alerts you when an alliance mate has sent troops different than what you set.
  • +150% Troop Defense, Troop Attack, Troop Health (+50% increase over VIP 23)

Game of War VIP 23 Hero Skill Presets

VIP 23 provides the most dynamic bonuses in Game of War - Hero Skill Preset.  Hero Skill Presets provide the nuances necessary to hold Wonders perfectly.

  • 330 M VIP points required from VIP 22 to VIP 23
  • +100% Troop Defense, Troop Attack, Troop Health (+25% increase over VIP 22)

Game of War VIP 22 One Click Core Set Crafting

180M more VIP Points are required from Level 21 to Level 22.

Update: VIP 22 provides One Click Core Set Crafting!

All it takes to create your Core Set is VIP 22 and all the required Cores and Pieces. To take advantage of this new feature, go to the Forge and tap "VIP Craft Set," then tap Craft or Instant Craft. After the Core Set has been crafted, it will appear in your Inventory. If you have not yet acquired the necessary Cores and Pieces, VIP Crafting will display the components you must possess to complete your Core Set.

Other additions include:

  • Core High Range Boost: +30% (5% added)
  • Reduce Master's Hammer: +300 (150 added)
  • Troop Boosts: +75% (25% added)
    • Defense Debuff
    • Health Debuff
    • Attack Debuff
    • Attack
    • Defense
    • Health

VIP 22 Game of War

Game of War VIP 21

220M total VIP Points required for Level 21, 60 M to go from VIP 20 to VIP 21.

Update: The main features to VIP 20 are: free use march reset, 150 master hammer reduction, and core high range boost +25% !

Other additions include:

  • Increased Health, Defense, and Attack bonus
  • Increased debuffs on your enemies
  • Even greater resource production
  • More quests

Game of War VIP 20

140M total VIP Points required for Level 20

Update: The main features to VIP 21 are autocomplete 25 alliance helps, reduce master's hammers: +50, permanent VIP, and free gem removals!

VIP21 table

Game of War VIP 19

80M total VIP Points required for Level 19

Update: The main features to VIP 19 are autocomplete 10 alliance helps, and reduce master's hammers: +25

Other additions include:

  • Increased debuffs on your enemies
  • Even greater resource production
  • More quests

Normal VIP vs Prestige VIP Legend:

Grey - prestige bonuses are equal to normal

Red - prestige bonuses are less than normal

Blue - prestige bonuses are more than normal

Google Doc Link of Comparison Chart between VIP prestige & regular

VIP 20

Game of War VIP 18

40M total VIP Points required for Level 18

Update: The main features to VIP 18 is a Base Specialized Bonus Free Reset, and Free Hero Resurrection.

Other additions include:

  • Embassy Defense Bonus: +5%
  • Increase Rally Attack Bonus
  • Increase Enemy Troop Health and Attack Debuffs
  • Even greater Resource Production
  • More Quests

Game of War VIP 17

17,449,999 VIP Points required for Level 17

Update: The main feature to VIP 17 is opening ALL alliance gifts with a single click!

Other additions include:

  • Embassy Defense Bonus: +5%
  • Increase Rally Attack Bonus
  • Increase Enemy Troop Health and Attack Debuffs
  • Even greater Resource Production
  • More Quests

Game of War VIP 17 Game of War VIP 17 continued

Game of War VIP 16

12.90M VIP Points required for Level 16

Update: The main feature to VIP 16 is that you can combine all your cores, pieces, gems, or materials to the quality you would want with one button click.

  • Increased rally attack bonus
  • Greater research resource cost reduction
  • Increased enemy troop-defense debuffs
  • Even higher resource production
  • More quests

Master Combine Master Combine Chests

Game of War VIP 14 & 15

6.7M VIP Points required for Level 14

9.55M VIP Points required for Level 15

Update: Both VIP Level 14 & 15 have overall slightly boosted stats as well as some very unique new capabilities.

  • Use All Resources (only 15) - Requested by The Emperor and now implemented 😀
  • Open All Crafting and Gem Chests (14 & 15)
  • Open All Specific Chests (13, 14, &15)
  • 20% Enemy Troop / Strategic Health Debuff (14 & 15)
  • 20% Enemy Troop / Strategic Defense Debuff (14 & 15)
  • 10% Extra Hero Experience (13, 14, 15) in case you forgot

Game of WarVIP 13

4.46mil VIP Points Required

Update: VIP Level 13 now has the option for "Combining all materials to a certain level".

  • This is fantastic for players who are making cores because they can combine all pieces to level 5 and cores to level 6. It will save you guys many hours as well as increase the lifespan of your thumbs.
  • Players crafting normal gear can use this feature as well, but let's be honest you probably won't get VIP 13 if you are only crafting normal gear.. If you are, I would recommend not "over combining" your materials to level 6 and only go to level 5 instead to ensure you don't end up with one of your four materials at gold and all the rest at purple.
  • Includes Rally March Speed (7.5%), War March Speed (7.5%), and XP Bonus (10%)

Game of War VIP 12

Update: VIP Level 12 now has the option for "Opening All Chests".

2.89mil VIP Points Required

open all chests

VIP Discussion Continued

MZ updated the prestige boosts to maintain the combat stats you had at regular VIP 10. So now, in terms of combat only the recommended minimum VIP level is 8. Although, this is still NOT EASY.  So, if you don't have enough VIP to reach level 8, then don't do it.

If you were to buy them all right now (April 2015) in the gold packs being offered that contain 75K points and 75K + 26.4K bonus gold, and spend all the gold on points, it would cost you about $1,650. (Each pack would give about 175K points, so 2.89M/175K = 16.5 gold packs = $1,650)

75k point vip

You can get VIP points 4 ways:

  1. Buy gold packs with 50K (with VIP token) or 75K points in them ($100)
  2. Buy VIP points in the store under special items
    1. 1,000 VIP for 1,000 gold
    2. 5,000 VIP for 5,000 gold
  3. Buy VIP points in the alliance store: 100 VIP for 37,500 funds
  4. Open VIP points in mini gold chest rewards
  5. Discover VIP points in the explorer dungeon

Here's what the spender can look forward to:

many gems 2many gems


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  1. GOW VIP level 84 is online

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  3. Time to include VIP 20.

  4. Hey Navi

    Nice info thanks.

    Can VIP points be gifted too ?


  5. The vip attack bonuses, are they included when you look at your boosts for your gear or do you add them?

  6. VIP 18 also includes VIP Quest Autocomplete. Your table doesn’t list that.

    Thanks for the work you do.

  7. I thought the packs gave much better gold. Mine had one million gold in it. But I was not buying alot. Like I stopped buying and in 3 months had them offering $20 packs again.

  8. Hola chad, se me olvidó el email de mi cuenta anterior, podría recuperar esa cuenta?^Gracias

  9. Did I miss it? How many points total from VIP 10-vip prestige 10?

  10. Does that package with the 75K VIP points plus the gold still show up often? I haven’t seen it

  11. So in VIP prestige I have to use gold to level up or is it still done by VIP points?

  12. Chad, Regarding the points required; is that total or for each level? In other words, L2 is 1K, L3 is 2.5K. So when starting at L1, do I need 2.5K to get to L3 or 3.5K?

  13. do you stop accumulating daily points when you hit VIP10. I can tell what I have accrued daily since I hit VIP10. If you can how do you tell?

    • Great question RJ! I have the same question. Thanks.

      • You can stock up points in your inventory.

      • looks like daily accumulations do NOT work unless you can actually level up. so while points “items” can be accumulated in your items inventory, the daily accumulation will cease while you’re maxed at VIP 10. once you unlock prestige, the daily accumulation will work again.

  14. So do I or don’t I get vip pres level 1? I have a free token so I don’t lose any gold!

  15. You promised to have a result on the attack debuff thing days ago.

  16. So, am I wrong? Based on your table, you lose bonuses by moving from VIP 10 to VIP prestige?

  17. I’m glad you like it! Tell your members!
    The cost is cumulative fortunately!

  18. What does the screenshot with the gems has to do with VIP?

    • Haha it’s saying for some bigs they never open all the chests they have. So, with this feature they will finally be able to open them all see all their gems.

  19. You can get from VIP 9 to VIP 12 simply by using gold to purchase 5000 VIP points. If you have 3 mil gold in stock, it might as well get you VIP 12 without spending money.

  20. I haven’t done a comprehensive cross-check, but all levels from Prestige 1 up now get VIP streaks – of limited value unless you use a ‘chance’ to get extra quests, or are lucky and get a high level quest, as the smaller number of VIP quests under Prestige makes it harder to achieve the streak. At levels 5/6 I can’t see any other changes

  21. I think MZ have made some changes today – certainly Prestige 5 now gets VIP streaks – so I think the chart will need checking and updating now?

  22. Really doesn’t look like this is worth it

    • for big spender players, yes it’s worth it at the highest level for the core time and the bonus troops attacks and the t4 bonuses (because t4 is really expensive), also the open all chests (as when you buy alot of packs when they are good), you’d end up with thousands of unopen chests cuz you cant go through it all. also, especially if you buy a pack in the beginning with vip pretige token. Truly for the VIPs.

  23. sorry – it’s 1000 for P-VIP 2; 2500 for P-VIP 3. then 5250 for P-VIP 4

  24. Prestige VIP 1 = 1000 points; and don’t forget that it’s 10K gold to get a prestige item to get there unless u buy a pack with that in it.

  25. starts*
    And simple question: if I buy the VIP prestige pack, will I be directly in VIP1 prestige or do I have to reach regular VIP10 before?
    Thank you in advance for the answer.

  26. Chart says instant complete is present from prestige lvl 1. NOT TRUE! Some of my alliance members activated prestige up to lvl 6 and still don’t have it back. Doesn’t reactivate until lvl 7 like normal VIP.

    • Correction to the above. Looks like MZ made a patch in the last day or two and now all instant completes are in fact present from lvl 1 onward.