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Game of War boasts a wide variety of people, and they are certainly a fun crew, to say the least. Over the years that the RealTips website has existed, we have had the opportunity to see perspectives from many players of all types. Quotes from these players have been collected in various articles, giving inspiration to many players.

As a community, we get to laugh together and have fun together. Here, we will be bringing back some of our favorite quotes from Game of War players that have great insight and great advice. Some of these quotes will be more familiar, as they are from some of our most recent Player Spotlights; however, others will be older and maybe not quite as familiar.


We have some quotes from some of the players who have taken time in the past to sit down with the RealTips Team. We went back and pulled some of our favorite quotes from some of our favorite players.


Stayalive is a name that is well-known throughout the Game of War Community. He was one of the original greats! We loved some of the quotes from him, so we pulled some for you. If you want to read the full interview with him, you can do so here:

Interview with Stayalive77

Stayalive even in his day had his own reasons for playing.

“At the end of the day, I’m working. I need something to have fun. People don’t know me. They don’t know what charity I do or what things I do for other people in real life. I treat the game like real life, I don’t bad mouth, I don’t curse.”

He also had his own advice for different players.

“Always believe in yourself… It’s a virtual life, but it has a lot of sides from our real life. Show respect to the people. Get as much as you can from others as friends.”


Ctesse is a well-known name in Game of War. From past to present, if you do not know who Ctesse is, then I have one question for you: What Game of War rock have you been hiding under? If you would like to read the full interview with Ctesse, we have provided the link below.

Interview with Ctesse

Ctesse had her own thoughts on about everything, even traps and the thought of being Emperor.

I’m not that interested in becoming the Emperor. I’m more interested in zeroing players. I find it even more challenging than the SW because the traps these days are very hard to beat. I find them even more challenging, especially with the progress of cores and defensive gear.

I hate those goddamn traps… I can be 800 billion, but a 1.5 billion trap can take my hero! Traps deserve a lot more compliments, it takes a lot of skill.

Ctesse’s thoughts on Super Wonder and the talk that goes on afterward.

At the end of the day, it’s just a game and I have fun every Super Wonder. I enjoy the Super Wonder a lot but I don’t enjoy the smack talking. After football games, or basketball games, both sides shake hands, have a drink and they don’t talk trash to each other. These games are all about teamwork and sportsmanship, but that doesn’t happen in Game of War for some reason.

Ctesse’s thoughts on team:

Everything is equal when you fight in the Wonder or Super Wonder (for example same core recipes) except for YOUR TEAM. It’s the only thing that separates you from your competitors. Fillers and blockers are just as important as the person going for emperor.”

School Bus

School Bus is another renowned name in Game of War History. Known for his record number of kills at the time he played, he was greatly loved by those who called him friend. We have found quotes from him that we think are gems.

Interview with School Bus

School Bus had his own perspective about how he became a great player.

I’m fearless, I don’t care about losing my hero. I don’t care about anything. I know my core limit, and target gear limit. I know how to choose my target.

We even have some great quotes from some of School Bus’s team.

“When School Bus hits you, it’s because you didn’t look both ways when crossing the street. He’s been teaching us safety since he entered the Game of War scene.”

~Cynical Fun

Great Game of War Wisdom from Current Players

We have done some more recent interviews with current players as well, and they have some great advice and thoughts too.


Our interview with Rogueness gave some great advice to players. To read the full article, follow the link below.


“Don’t chase the carrot – play within your means.  It’s easy to get caught up and spend more than what you have….don’t do it.  Also, remember that there are real people behind the account.  Trash-talking is fun at times, but be a decent human being.  We all play this game to escape something in our lives -some have stuff worse than others going on.  There are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed.”


Another more recent player who had some great advice for players was Cheminem. Check out the full article on him, too! He had some great insights, and we wish we could share them all with you here.

The Tiny Fighting Trap

“This has always worked well for me:

1. Set a goal on how you want to play and focus only on that. Right now, I focus on three things…soloing players, taking solos and playing small so I built the account to do those things. Currently, debuffs and high mythic count work very well.

2. Buy the packs that help you achieve your playstyle goal. Right now, most of the drops don’t help or improve the account enough to justify spending. Currently, I’m waiting for the pick-your-own ultimate helm pack. Then I’ll spend.

3. Always maximize everything in your account, even if it’s small and seems meaningless. All the little stuff adds up. Most accounts I’ve been on to help are always missing the little stuff -avatars not unlocked, gems not combined, gear not powered up, etc. As an example, I recently added a March preset that maximizes March size/speed and then adjusted my attack/defense preset without them to hit with the highest possible size I can, and also land the hit with maximum attack.

4. Take hits, hit people and test. Mathing stats, troops, etcetera is great, but at the end of the day, all of that is just on paper. The more you hit and get hit, the better you’ll be able to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Testing is great and burning for science helps a ton. Last month, my defense felt off so we did another control test and found that MZ had changed mythic attack. I also had changed my monster and a friend figured out that their stats apply to defenders.

5. Listen to other players and learn. The line rooms are such a great resource and you’ll also make some friends…..Vladtepes and DemaBoost taught me how to solo. Ctesse taught me how to counter rally and play the wonder, the players from real tips/mickey room taught me how trap, Carol showed us all how to get set bonus, Cinder taught me how to heroless trap. All those players may not have realized it, but I learned a ton from watching them all play, reading reports, line rooms and applying what I learned to my account.

6. Have fun. When the game isn’t fun, broken or friends quit, I retire for the 66367th time😂”


Wolf had some great advice for players too! We know that his Player Spotlight just came out recently, but in our opinion, his advice is worth reiterating. If you did miss his spotlight, be sure to check it out.


It is a game, not a reality or a reflection on who you are.

Say what you want in Kingdom Chat but be very careful what you say in Alliance Chat.

Do not talk like a 13 year old who discovered pornography.

Be a team player by filling, offering real advice and supporting everyone who plays with you.

Try to reach out opponents by congratulating them on their success or suggesting what they can do better next time. We all need to learn.

Laugh at every chance or else you will lose your sense of reality!

I have seen players literally commit social suicide in the game which is quite sad. Drunken or chemically induced talk may seem like bravado but ultimately, you will regret it and have to leave the game in disgrace.

Finally, no game takes the place of real life responsibilities.

So many players in Game of War have left great legacies and have given great advice. We enjoyed reflecting on this, and hope you did as well. There are so many more great thoughts from Game of War players out there that we weren’t able to include here. Be sure to comment with some of your favorite thoughts!

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