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Money, Money, Money.. Money… Let’s be honest. We all love Money, everyone from the Beatles to ABBA to Kanye West have produced songs about it.

Today we are going to look at a few things, including strategies around spending.But  before I go into that, I have a little bit of a disclaimer:  Never, never spend beyond your means!

Now that we have that covered, let’s take a look at my top 10 tips!

Cinder’s Top 12 Game of War Budget Tips:


  1. Use Amazon Coins!
    We all like saving money. By using Amazon Coins you can save up to 25% on your   packs. The more you save, the better you feel, and the more money you have down the road. I use  Amazon coins myself, it’s super easy and I love the savings. If you don’t know how, please join our line room and we can walk you through it.
  2. Know when to buy!
    You don’t need every new thing that comes out the second it comes out. Currently, with the Demigod Release things have slowed down and we are not seeing as many Game Changing items. With this release purchasing VIP is a must have, however, with Gear there have been multiple events where a little grinding can earn you gear chests.
    So what is a Game Changer? Here’s an example, back when everyone was a one hit zero and the Divine Leviathan Banner was dropped. This banner had 500 MT Resolute defense. This was huge at the time and accounted for over half of RD available in the game. This banner was a game changer must have. If you wanted to unshield you needed this banner. This is when you want to be sure to buy because what also happened was many people who did not buy right away lost the opportunity when the banner was taken out of packs.Currently, VIP is very important as it limits the number of troops that your attacker is able to send at you.
  3. Know what you want to do and what you need
    This is for those new to the world of Game of War. It’s easy to get excited and drop your money to get maxed and play with the top players. However, before you spend a dime you should have a plan.. Do you want to trap? Do you want to lead? If you want to trap, what do you want your trap to look like? Planning this before you spend saves you a lot of time and money. By knowing the style of play you want, you can tailor your purchases to what you actually need.
    For example on Presidents day the Glorious Banner was released. This banner was a good banner, however, it was only a good banner for Attack and Wonder Players. This banner offered absolutely nothing on the defensive as it only effects troops in wonder or a rally. However, the Devotion Banner that was released on Valentine’s day had good stats for attack and defense which benefits players of all types.
    If you do not know what style best suits you or have questions you can comment on this article or for more immediate help join us on Line. All you have to do is add thatcinder and shoot me a message for an invite to our line room.
  4. Know it’s okay to not max
    Right now it is impossible to max without spending thousands of dollars. However, the ability to play and have fun does not require that you be maxed. Game of War has changed a lot over the past month and with these changes brought back strategy. We no longer need to max all research and I actually would no longer recommend trying to do so. It is very expensive to max research. Which leads us to our next point.
  5. Play Behind.
    This one is more for traps as playing behind is definitely easier as a trap. However, it’s a good strategy regardless. Many times I will buy and purposely not use things I have so that down the road, I will  have things I can use that I have accumulated over time. . As a trap, looking outdated is not a bad thing. However, just because I look outdated does not mean I am. I may be VIP 1302 but I have more VIP items lurking in my inventory.
  6. Watch those Packs
    Sometimes the packs can be tricky. We may think it is a great deal based off of the number of items we are getting, however, we are actually getting less because the amount of each item is less. For example, there is a pack with 87 food items. Each of these food items is 100,000. We see the 87 and get excited, however, upon doing the math that is only 8.7 million in food. Where for the same price we could get 40 or 50 million in food.
  7. Forget about the Open All Resources button
    Right now upkeep reductions are expensive. So if you open all your resources you either need to use them all or they go to waste. Forget about your open all resources button and open your food as you need it. This will save you from unnecessary waste.
  8. Remember the Holidays
    Don’t forget the Holidays! Game of War always has some great deals around the Holidays. If you are on a budget and a holiday is coming you may want to be sure that you factor into when you will buy the upcoming holiday.
  9. Know What you are buying
    Know what you are buying. For example “efficiency” versus “reduction.” These are two very different items. Players have gone into their research after buying the efficiency and stated that their item is not working. However, this is not true, there is a difference between efficiency and reduction. Instant is not the same as guaranteed.  Unlocks an offer doesn’t mean vigorous. Understanding Game of War lingo can save from simple mistakes. Know the difference and make sure you educate yourself before clicking buy.
  10. Grind those events
    With the Demigod Update, Game of War has given us back prizes that are actually useful. Grind those events and earn gear, RSS, speeds and more. These events are worth doing! So make sure that you follow events as you build and progress don’t sit and jam out troops or building, do the event and then wait for the reset. This will help you to stretch your resources and earn more.
  11. Returning to Game of War
    If you are returning to Game of War make sure you join an active alliance. Not only will you be able to participate in alliance events but you will be able to glean knowledge from other members of the alliance and collect alliance gifts. 
  12. Know your Gear and Gems
    The days of getting maxed gear and gems from a single pack are gone. Players will need to buy multiple packs to attempt crafting a full set. A full set can cost 10 packs or more.  The berserker gear took 30 plus packs to get purple items.  This means players will start mixing gear sets. Which is 100% okay. Team Real Tips has received a lot of questions regarding gear.

    1. Should I wait to craft?  Honestly, no, if you are not going to buy the full set then there is no benefit in waiting. Only wait if you plan on buying again to increase your odds. Purple or blue gear is better than no gear.
    2. I can only craft one piece of the set, which one should i do?  Real Tips recommends going through each set and picking out which item offers the best stats for you. For a quick look at gear sets check out Teamrealtips Forging Ahead. Also, consider what other gear you already have. If I have solid boots and armor then I would look into crafting a helm or a weapon.  This will allow you to mix and match to achieve the best stats.
    3. Should i combine all gems to the highest level? No, not unless you plan on buying enough to max the set. We will use the Valentines Flamesword gem as an example.  One level 5 gem offers 2% demigods attack and 1.25% demigod trap attack. One level 4 gem offers 1.05% demigod attack and .66% demigod trap attack. So would it be better to have one level 5 gem or 4 level 4 for gear. If you keep the 4 level 4 gems then you can put one in 4 different pieces of gear for a total of 4.05% demigod attack. Which is double the amount of a level 5 gem. Sometimes not trying to get the best level can beneficial.

Now, by all means if you want to spend and have the money, go for it. There is nothing wrong with that. Obviously everyone is responsible for the financial choices that they make for themselves. However, for those of us  on a budget, we need to  stick to that budget. It is possible,and you can still have as much fun as Mr. Supermax who spent much more than you!

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  1. Eregon says

    Hello yall you guys are doing a top job im playing the game a very long time now its a petty the way the game has gone it was like someone in Mz pressed a reset button all we where left with was the family and friends we got to know and you guys helping doing a great job im 9ne of those that never took a break can i get an invite to ur line room plz and thx Eregon1

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      I looked for you and couldn’t find you. Add me by my Line ID and shoot me a message and I will add you thatcinder

  2. Hammer says

    So what does efficiency mean. I think I understand it in the context of speed-ups, but not resources.

    1. Cinder
      Cinder says

      Reduction deduces the over all cost. Example if my research cost 1000 food and I have a 50% reduction then my research only cost 500 food now. Reduction can only be a Max of 100%

      Efficiency increases how effective my rss rss are. If I have a 100% efficiency boost then my rss are doubled essentially. So if I have 500 food and a 100% efficiency boost, then my rss for reasearch is actually 1000.

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