[=GE] XxCtessexXDE is the First Player to Reach 1 Trillion Power


[=GE] XxCtessexXDE is the First Player to Reach 1 Trillion Power

Yup, you read that right! Ctesse just became the first person in Game of War history to hit 1 Trillion Power!

Here's the proof:

Ctesse 1 Trillion Power

Just how do you get to 1 trillion in power? Check out the interview we did with Ctesse last week where she shares her experiences and insights on her time fighting for the Super Wonder.



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  1. Between all her accounts, Ctesse claims to be a Ruler for, literally, decades! This says 2 things: either she is working for MZ, or she is a HUUUUUUGE cheat!!!! Because power is bought with packs, obviously, but how can someone be leading the wonder for over 13000 days?

  2. 800 mil from a pack is easy, maybe not at lower levels when you’re training low tier troops and low level research but once you start training t4 en masse and hitting the big researches 800 mil rally isn’t very much.

  3. What an idiot! MZ is raping us so i dont understandung why people keep spending. Time for a month long boycot!!!!

  4. Lets forget the rss for a second or assume your alliance is very nice and feeds you lots of yummy food

    6000 days of speeds in a pack
    800m power = 22,222,222 t4
    850k t4 batch = 180 days
    22,222,222 / 850k = 26 batches of t4
    26 * 180 = 4680 days

    6000 – 4680 = 1320 days of speeds extra
    1320 / 180 = 7.3 batches available
    7.3 * 850k = 6,233,333 troops
    6,233,333 * 36 = 224,400,000 power

    So in one pack you can actually grow 1,024,400,000 power if you have the rss. Without timing infernos or using gold or any extras.

    So it costs less than $100k to get to 1 trillion power now.

    Wake up rico

    • Thank you for putting it much more easily stated that I could. Much obliged for breaking it down for him. Not only that but with people timing infernos, the gold that comes with the packs, the extra speeds, it can actually be stretched much further. Gold trading for RSS or spending said gold on speeds adds extra value to how much power you can actually gain from one pack. It’s all about playing smart, being economical and frugal with what you have.

    • If u can grow 1B in power per pack, then it would take 1000 packs to reach 1T


      I’m not judging, just doing the math.

    • With one pak grow 1T in power??? You’re on crack to come up with that fuzzy math.

  5. Whilst I don’t go in for pointless ‘hating’, it is obviously and sadly the case that ALL this game needs to become the top player is a large amount of money and a reasonable amount of time. There is no special skill or strategic insight being celebrated here, whatsoever. Just someone with more money than sense, and some elementary motor skills to be able to click the ‘build’ button on an iPad.

    • Agreed.

      For the previous user who claims to have grown 800 mill with one pack. Your an idiot and you have not grown 800 mill with one pack. Send proof or it didnt happen.

      • Haha. Hilarious. Not an idiot. Just apparently know how to maximize resources, speeds and events to get more bang for my buck . Not impossible in the slightest. With help alliances, inferno timing, speed boosts, skills and gear, it’s quite easily possible and obtainable. I’m not a huge spender so next time I buy a pack, I’ll be sure to take SS of the power jumps just for you.

        • Yes please do because 800 mil from one pack that is highly incorrect. Even hitting infernos, kingdom events and full set research gear no way. Maybe maybe a couple hundred mill. If people grew 800 via 1 pack than everyone would be huge. Ss for the future otherwise its false and nothing but bs..

          • Sorry but its possible with just troop training!
            800mill power = 33.34mill t3
            I do 636.500 x 66days (-10%) 52.4*60days = 3144 days
            if i do mixed troops it should be
            Food = 2.7b
            Silver = 180m
            Stone = 1.8b
            Wood = 1.8b
            Ore =1.35b
            with packs coming lately, I could do almost double in power with troop training of t3 alone!

          • rico has no idea

  6. Shes not the top player..
    Shes the top spender..
    When will you people learn..
    Gow is dead..

    • Doesn’t appear to be dead… Maybe in some kingdoms.. K64 is doing alright. Come port in. Stay awhile… The article celebrates an amazing accomplishment… Why are you haters so full of hate? Can you not agree that it’s difficult to get to those benchmarks?

      • Its rather easy to accomplish 1 trillion power. Here let me tell you how to do it.
        Step 1 buy a million dollars worth of packs.
        Step 2 shield
        Step 3 begin research and troop building

        Thats it and you will have a 1 trillion power account.

        • Normally, I’m a little more soft spoken then this, babe, but I jumped up 800 mil power with one single pack. . Your math equation and erronus assumption, is wrong.

          Tess is a beautiful person inside and out. Sorry that you have nothing better to do then check up “on a dead game”.

          • The old sales, sure, your point could be valid but with the new packs, 1 bill plus power perk pack is not unreachable.

          • I agree on reaching 1 trillion power is possible with enough money, time and shields but is it worth it to invest (more like burning money) that kind of money to achieve something like this? Personally, I don’t think so.

            I admit I buy packs once in a while but I will never spend my hard earned money on buying something virtual again, again and again non-stop. That’s STUPID!

          • It is all relative though. Maybe $1 million to one person is not as much as it is to you. You are being quite judgemental, considering there are hundreds of other players who have spent over $100k.

            Sure there is other things to spend $1 million on, but its up to the owner to decide. Read the interview with Tess for instance. Supporting under-privileged women and children in her area. Not many people can say they have done that.

  7. She should be awarded a gold medal for stupidity.
    The webmaster should be awarded the stupidity silver medal for reporting it.
    And the moderator the stupidity bronze medal for censoring posts.
    Hey Mod, don’t you like my post?

    • 2016 hating already and it’s day 2! Bad way to start the year….she’s the top player! Hands down. Your something other then a top player, which doesn’t matter, enjoy the reign of a great player.

      • Guy in my alliance has 400 million more kills than her at only 14 bil power.

        She’s not the top player

      • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

        Just because you spend the most on the game doesn’t make you the best lol. Plenty of people are proof of that. I know plenty that spend to stay top power but do absolutely nothing and don’t even understand the basic concepts of the game. I also know people that spent very little and understand all the mechanics, so, while she spends a ton and not afraid to lose her hero, she’s FAR from the best. Lots of players toss on cores and set rallies with no real knowledge and have the mentality of “meh, if I lose my hero, oh well”. Does that make them a great player? Absolutely not.

  8. She should be awarded the golden medal for stupidity.
    My 2c

    • Amazing accomplishment! You probably only spent 2 cents. Stop hating and just say, Congrats to a feat nobody is even close too!

  9. I’m more amazed at 1.4 BILLION GOLD!