Gear Selection Guide

GoW Gears Selection Guide

Close your eyes. Imagine you are back in ancient times and the enemy army is marching towards the gate. It's time to grab your gear and prepare.  But what gear do you a grab? A bow maybe or even a spear, possibly even a great sword. What about armor? Making the right decision here about the best gear will mean the difference of life or death.

Game of war is no different. Your hero must be equipped for any situation that may arise. The right setup could be the difference in capping a rally or being one-hit zeroed, maybe it will help you hold off someone trying to kick you out of the wonder or it could be as simple as saving RSS and speeds on training troops. No matter what the case having the right gear is key. So #teamrealtips is going to go over what gear is best for each situation.


  1. Introduction
  2. Latest Gear
  3. Best Gear for each function:

Decimator Gear Set

If you are ready to decimate your enemies and bring them to their knees you need this Gear! Decimator Gear is here and not only does this gear have some amazing Super Troop Stats but it also gives great Mythical Creature Stats as well.


Best Gear- Decimator Stats

This gear has leveling all of its own and currently only goes to level 20. This gear is also available to be improved.

Athena Vs. Decimator


Note: It’s important to note that when powering up Athena’s gear for defense you should stop at level 49. At level 50 you lose STD. However, attack players can go ahead and level to level 50.

Athena Glitch

Best Gear for Attack and Wonder

The best gear for attack and wonder is currently Omega Decimator Gear. This gear is by far the best of all the sets of Decimator combining all stats into one gear. However, greatness always comes with a price. This Gear is no different. It is hands down the best, bt the price for having all the stats combined is a high one as the gear is on a TIMER!

So if you are currently out of Omega Decimator Gear Team Real Tips would recommend using Destructive Divine Decimator for attack due to the high level of Mythical Creature Defense Debuff and Mythical Creature Attack.

For Wonder, if you do not have a set of Omega available Team Real Tips would recommend using Immortal Divine Gear due to the Wonder Holding Attack and Health available in that gear. As always don’t forget to level and improve this gear for the best stats possible.

Best Gear for Defense

Currently, the best gear for defense is Divine Decimator with 9K Super Troop Defense. While this gear has much more STD than the previous Athena. However, many players are still able to cap with Athena, so, if you do not have this gear yet it is okay to stick with Athena. Please see the information below for more information on Athena’s Gear.

Resolute Defense or Super troop defense??

For months Resolute Defense (RD) was the VIP stat. No one questioned it. The higher your Resolute the better you were. Especially since RD was not debuffed by Defense Annihilation (DA). (I'll explain that in more detail in a later paragraph.) However, recently Super Troop Defense (STD) has been on the rise as a very important stat within the game.

With all the gear options out at the moment, there are tons of options you can go with. So we ran some tests. Check out the battle reports below...

Defense Gear Tests

Please Note: These tests were done before the ability to power up Athena gear was released and this may affect the results, more testing will be done at a later date.

The Sunguard clearly had the best results. It has less troop defense than other sets, less individual defense and even less RD in some cases. The reason Sunguard did the best is that it offers the most super troop defense. Many people questioned the huge loss of RD with this gear, however, as you can tell from the report, the STD makes up for the loss of resolute.

BUT with the ability to upgrade Athena gear if done correctly, it will outshine even the sun, or Sunguard in this case.

There are 2 Athena gear sets that will give better super troop defense, STD for short, than Sunguard if set up right.

Guardian and Divine
Both offer an amazing 638% SD per piece of gear when leveled up to lvl 49. ****NOT 50*****

Those numbers are a thing of beauty, much like Athena herself. Making this gear the best defense gear in the game.
The Math

Let's get into the math of why this works. Individual defense is not a factor in the game and hasn't been for a long time. In Icarus Guardian my individual defense is 465BT and in Sunguard it greatly drops to 317BT.. what if I told you that doesn't matter.

Right now even a small lead has over 6TT DA. So if you have 100BT or 900BT defense it doesn't matter either way, both stats are zeroed out. Completely taking troop defense and individual out of the equation.

So with troops defense not mattering, it only leaves 2 things to look at when selecting gear, RD and STD. In the reports, you can clearly see there is a new stat on the block and it has taken over the defense game. Increased Super defense is providing better results than adding RD. So this is why Sunguard is the best gear right now. Simply put it offers the most STD.

Next, we will look at RD. Resolute is not debuffed by DA!!!! Its obvious DA is wiping out all the other stats. When the Axe banner was released it added 500MT Resolute Defense, and if you had it you would cap everyone in the game. It was a must-have. But 500MT is small compared to 5TT DA.

If Resolute Defense was debuffed by DA then adding RD would have never helped you. However, we have all seen the battle reports and it's clear that isn't the case. There are too many variables to isolate DA or RD to test over and over. For this one, we had to think outside the box and think about how the game actually works to prove it.

The new Super Troop Defense stat is shaping up to be very important and you want as much as you can get! More of this stat even outweighed the benefits we received with DDR and DAR! For other ways to stay safe check out the Am I Safe? article for a full list of the perfect defense set up.

Best for Eco-Training, Research, Crafting & Power up

Tired of changing from one gear to the next? Wishing that you could just train, research, craft, and power up with one seamless switch? Or is your inventory overflowing with gear for multiple functions?

We now have a new all in one Eco gear, Sunguards Gear. This gear offers reductions on regular, supreme, and ultimate speeds for construction and research, reductions for regular and supreme speeds for training, promotion speed, an increased troop training queue. All of the stats offered by this gear are greater than what was previously offered by Sandsguard.

The most notable thing about this gear is the amount of STD in it. This gear currently provides a huge amount of STD making your eco-gear also a great gear for defense.

This gear is available to be leveled up and powered up, however, this improves only Combat Stats.This gear falls into the same set gear leveling as Sandsguard!

Now Get to Building!

Best Dungeon Gear

Ready for a trip to the dungeon and take on ferocious monsters? Don’t forget to equip your Wander Gear Set to empower your hero!

Best Speed Gear

Save time in Agile Duelist! It is the best gear to speed your march in! Set your rally and send and swap to attack gear for a faster march!

Best Monster Gear

The Divine Magister’s Gear set has stats to help with Hero energy and energy recovery and speed your monster march with the strongest attack against monsters we have seen yet. This gear is great if you want to go out and kill some Behemoths.

And there are people out there who love to kill some monsters. Which is great because we all love the boosts. However, some people have never hit a monster in their entire time playing Game of War. So why do you care about this gear set?

If you look at the stats on this gear, it has some surprises in store for us. Not only does this gear have some excellent defensive stats but it also contains Defense Debuff Resistance (DDR) and Defense Annihilation Resistance (DAR). These two stats are very important in any defense gear. So let’s do a comparison. Let’s look at current defense gear versus New Monster Gear. First up let’s look at Radiant marksman the last defense specific gear release.

Radiant Marksman vs. Divine Magister's Set Gear

GoW Radiant Marksman  GoW Divine Magister stats

The Comparison

The big thing to notice here is a slight drop in RD with the Magister gear,  however, look at the HUGE gain in individual defense, Troop Defense, and Legion Defense. This is hands down the biggest individual and Legion Defense boost the game has ever seen.  

This gear is an excellent option for defense especially when you encounter leads that think it’s “just monster gear.” Don’t forget to toss a behemoth boost on with it! The new boosts are amazing and they can be run with Anti-Scout on. Check out more about these boosts in our Hero Tree Research Article.

The Little Things

As always don’t forget to gem, rune, and take a trip to your powerforge to make your gear the most effective!

Gear up!!!! The battle begins

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