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Close your eyes. Imagine you are back in ancient times and the enemy army is marching towards the gate. It's time to grab your gear and prepare.  But what gear do you a grab? A bow maybe or even a spear, possibly even a great sword. What about armor? Making the right decision here about the best gear will mean the difference of life or death.

Game of war is no different. Your hero must be equipped for any situation that may arise. The right setup could be the difference in capping a rally or being one-hit zeroed, maybe it will help you hold off someone trying to kick you out of the wonder or it could be as simple as saving RSS and speeds on training troops. No matter what the case having the right gear is key. So #teamrealtips is going to go over what gear is best for each situation.


  1. Introduction
  2. Latest Gear
  3. Best Gear for each function:

Arcane Divine Gear Sets

Arcane Divine Gear sets are here and the stats are killer. This gear set has the same base pieces with different accessories that can be used to customize your needs. What I am loving about this gear is the ability to take the pieces and stack stats and customize to your strengths. This gear has the potential to bring back some of the strategy we all love.

Arcane Gear all 6 Sets


If you want to compare these new gear sets to Royal Divine we have left the data from Royal Divine Gear below.

Royal Divine Gear


Best Gear for Attack and Wonder

The best gear for Wonder is currently Arcane Divine with a mix of accessories, the accessories you will definitely want to look at with this are the Soul Blades and Necklace of Gods. These Accessories provide the most Wonder Holding Health and Attack and Rally Attack and Health.  Currently, the best gear for Attack is Arcane Divine Gear with Three Spirit Blades.

Best Gear for Defense

Currently, the best gear for defense is Arcane Divine Gear with three Necklace of Souls. The most important creature in your city is currently the Worldslayer. This creature is a Spirit and Horror, the Nature tablets have the most Spirit Defense and Health. Because Worldslayers are your front-line of defense you want to build their stats as much as possible!

Cores vs Regular gear

With cores coming back we have been asked multiple times “are they worth it”? So #teamrealtips did some testing with gear to find out.

First I took a hit in Omega Enforcer gear

Core Testing

The hit wasn't bad at all. I have hero level 70, VIP 990, most of the new buildings unlocked. Building boost are at level 200. I had the December gem set in the gear. With the new creature, I was easily able to cap. Be sure to read our creature guide to get the full scope of the test.

Next I decided to try and a set of fisherman cores.

Core Testing

The results were clearly better. Now for a larger solo or rally, this would have an even bigger effect. I was happy to see the cores were better. Meaning traps can craft a few sets for the KE coming up. I used a pretty simple recipe and focused mainly on immortal stats since that is the majority of my creatures.

Core Recipes

Best for Eco-Training, Research, Crafting & Power-up

Tired of changing from one gear to the next? Wishing that you could just train, research, craft, and power up with one seamless switch? Or is your inventory overflowing with gear for multiple functions?

We now have a new all in one Eco gear, Divine Archon Gear. This gear offers reductions on regular, supreme, and ultimate speeds for construction and research, reductions for regular and supreme speeds for training, promotion speed, an increased troop training queue. All of the stats offered by this gear are greater than what was previously offered by Sunguard.

This gear is available to be leveled up and powered up, however, this improves only Combat Stats.This gear falls into the same set gear leveling as Sandsguard!

Now Get to Building!

Best Dungeon Gear

Ready for a trip to the dungeon and take on ferocious monsters? Don’t forget to equip your Wander Gear Set to empower your hero!

Best Speed Gear

Save time in Agile Duelist! It is the best gear to speed your march in! Set your rally and send and swap to attack gear for a faster march!

Best Monster Gear

The Current best gear for Monsters is the Exiled Hunter Gear Set.  This set gear replaced the Magisters gear and offers the best benefits when out monster hunting!

As always don’t forget to gem, rune, and take a trip to your powerforge to make your gear the most effective!

Gear up!!!! The battle begins

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  1. Great artical. Thx

  2. Just took this hit from 45.7bttttt power. Thanks for the tips. Keep em coming!

  3. Yes just recently I started playing again my son was sick during his Christmas break . Anyway I logged on started to play and all I did was go to a tile like I usually do .This was happening during all of The upgrades for mystical buildings etc. I logged off. To find out the next day I was zeroed out when I log back in. Now every time I go on and I start playing P shield drops for no reason! I can’t even play anymore until I am on able to play until Machine zone fixes the problem! They say they’re having teamWorking on it now! I have no troops and they’re not telling me anything useful. just that they’re working on meanwhile I can’t even play and about to get kicked out of alliance !!!

    • I thought my shield was dropping but it was me using mythical resource boosts. When u use them shield drops. Just letting u know. No one told me.

  4. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but so far when I power up
    or improve quality on the Decimator Gear, none of the stats improve. Haven’t gotten a piece all the way to max on either of them yet.