An Easy Guide to Gear Selection for Everyone

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Gear selection is one of the most talked about, and most asked about, subjects in the game. How many times have you logged in and seen the question, “What’s the best gear right now?” Anyone that has played Game of War for long enough will know that there is never a One-Size-Fits-All answer to that question. No two accounts are the same. Therefore, this article will be teaching everyone How to Pick Gear That’s Right for You. Only you know what your account’s strengths and weaknesses are, so what’s best for you may not be best for someone else.

Gear Selection Basics

First, let’s walk through the basics of gear in both the Demi and the Dragon Realms.  The Demi realm has a more complicated way of selecting permanent gear, while the Dragon realm actually has cores that are relevant. We will lead you through both realms and cover all your questions about gear!

Basics of Demigod “Limited Time” Gear

The Demigod realm is a completely different game when it comes to defense gear.  The gear is released one piece at a time, but there are six different sets of gear. Each of the six sets has two levels; Dominator and Elite Dominator. Previously the six sets had three levels;  Basic, Grand, and Ultimate Grand. Players always saved their mats and their money for the Ultimate Grand levels of each gear piece, as that was the gear with the highest stats.

The Dominator Set has brought along changes in how the gear is released. While in the past we overlooked the Basic and Grand level of gear for the Ultimate Grand level, the Dominator sets are forcing us to use the lower Dominator gear, and then rely on luck for the Elite Dominator gear.  While I do not like the change, and I know that most of you in the community do not like it either, I believe the intention is that everyone has a full set of maxed Dominator Gear.  Thus making the Elite Dominator Gear rarer.  Elite Dominator Gear is currently based on luck because the only way you can get the gear or materials to upgrade or enhance is through the Dominator Mystery Chest.

Demigod (Elite) Dominator Gear Sets:

  • Solo Attack: Drakeplate Gear
  • Defense: Shiverspite Gear
  • Rally Attack: Orchid Defier’s Gear
  • March Size: Stitched Gear
  • Wonder Holding: Ascender Gear
  • Debuff: Crimsonshade Gear

Demigod Noble Gear Sets (Grand Noble and Ultimate Grand Noble):

  • Solo Attack: Dawn’s Gear
  • Defense: Shadowstep Gear
  • March Size: Barbed Gear
  • Rally Attack: Duskbringer Gear
  • Wonder Holding: Jetflame Gear
  • Debuff: Bramble Gear

Enhancing the Demigod Gear

In the Demi realm, you are going to use the Gear Workshop for all of your gear enhancements. The Forge is rarely used in the Demi realm at all. There are three main areas in the Gear Workshop that you will use for your gear.

  1. Improve Quality- This area is used for two things. If your gear is not at a maxed level, you will come here to upgrade the gear piece until it is maxed. For instance, you have a purple helm and you want to upgrade it to the maxed obsidian level. You would open the Gear Workshop and then select Improve Quality. Once the gear is at its maxed level, you can then improve the quality. These are shown by a star and a number in the top left of your gear piece. Improving quality usually means adding to the three basic stats; attack, defense, and health.
  2. Set Gear Leveling-  leveling up adds extra stats while you wear the complete set gear on your hero. Each different gear set has its own stats associated with it, and the stats added include everything from basic attack, defense, and health, to debuffs and rally stats. You can view the set gear level of an opponent by clicking on their hero and looking at the gear.  The set gear level will be above the hero.
  3. Power Up- You can also power up each piece of gear. This is noted by the number to the left of the gear, usually from 1-30. Powering up your gear is also another way to add more stats and make your gear more powerful. The difference between improving quality and powering up is that the power up stats is usually focused on a specific specialty stat. So usually defense gear pieces will power up the defense, while the rally attack gear will power up rally attack stat.

Permanent Demi Gear Sets

There have been a few sets released in the Demi realm that are not considered “limited time” gear sets.   The combat gear sets are all considered outdated, but they are easy to craft for players that are returning, or for anyone that doesn’t spend.

  • Xena Gear (defense)
  • Executioners Gear (attack)
  • Samurai Gear (rally attack)
  • Ultimate Training Gear
  • Ultimate Construction Gear
  • Ultimate Research Gear
  • Haste Gear (speed gear)
  • Lucky Ravager Gear (increases luck when opening chest)
  • Demigod Gathering Gear
  • Blue Magister Gear (monster attack)
  • Powerforge Gear (pre-Demi gear that still lowers cost of enhancing gear in the Gear Workshop)

Basics of Dragon Gear

Dragon gear is not quite as complicated as the Demi realm. Its resembles gear from pre demi days in both the looks and the way we use the forge.  In the Dragon realm, you collect materials for the gear, combine them to get the highest level material, and then craft the piece of gear in the forge.

The Dragon realm also has cores!! Just like in the pre-Demi days, you collect core chest with the cores and core pieces. Once you can combine to get all gold pieces, you can then craft your core. Or, if you are one of the brave lucky few, you can take a chance with some purple materials and hope you craft a gold piece.


First, let’s take a look at some of the different defense-related stats in the gear and learn what they mean and how to apply them in regards to gear selection.

  • Defense is how well your troops can defend against an attack.
  • Health is how long your troops can last while defending.
  • Attack increases the kills and damage to the enemies troops.
  • Attack Debuff decreases Attack of the city that is hitting you.
  • Embassy Attack/Defense/Health are only active if you receive reinforcements.
  • Empire Defending Attack/Defense/Health only applies when you are defending.
  • Trap Attack/Defense/Health are stats that apply to your wall traps (Demi realm)

There will always be specialty trap set-ups, and each of them has their own ways to build stats. However, there will also be the basics of defending which every successful account will follow. The most important thing to remember is that gear selection should compliment your city’s build. Your friend’s gear may not work for you because their city is completely different from yours.

The first thing to remember is that stats that affect your troops are going to be better than stats that affect the attacker’s troops. In other words, boosting defense will almost always be better than boosting attack debuff, since the attack debuff only changes the attacker’s strength. When defending, pick gear that concentrates on maximizing your troop stats. Mixed gear sets are a traps best friend. If you need to kill more of the march, add in gear pieces with the higher attack. If you need less of your troops to die, try finding pieces of gear with high health or defense.  Continue to mix pieces and test them out until you find the best combination for your city.

Demi Defense Gear Tips

In the Demi Realm, there is no such thing as capping heroes. No one comes close to killing entire marches. In fact, with a good defense set up, you will only lose traps. Therefore, when choosing the gear to defend in the Demi realm, you have two different ways to go about your gear. You can choose attack gear, the purpose of which is to kill more of the incoming march than the opponent can kill yours. Or, you can choose defense gear, which the purpose would be to keep troops from dying.

Gear in the Demigod Realm:

  • Elite Dominator Shiverspite Gear Set (defense and attack debuff)
  • Elite Dominator Drakeplate Gear Set (attack)
  • Conqueror Guilded Gear Set
  • Champion Storm Gear Set

Dragon Defense Gear Tips

 In the Dragon realm, your gear is entirely based on the way you choose to play the game. If you are a filler, and you have a high troop count and kill an entire march with ease, then your best bet is to go with straight defense gear. If you like to play a small solo trap, then you want to pick gear with attack and health. Attack will kill more incoming troops and the health will help make your troops survive better. (Make sure that your attack gear is troop attack and not empire assault attack.) If you are a trap, then mix and match gear pieces from different sets to find your sweet spot!

Examples of Defending Gear in Dragon Realm: 

  • Frostlord Gear Set
  • Judicators Gear Set
  • Sentinel’s Gear Set
  • Vindicator’s Gear Set
  • Arbiters Gear Set


If you are picking Attack Gear, the obvious choice is to always choose the highest attack percentage available in the gear piece. Just like when you are defending, there are a few different ways to set your gear up.

  • Attack Bonus is the strength of your troops when you hit another city.
  • Assault Attack/Defense/Health (Dragon Realm) only applies while you are attacking.
  • Defense/Health Debuff reduces the defending player’s defense/health
  • Rally Attack/Health is attack that is added when you are the Leader of a Rally.
  • Type Attack is attack that is added specifically to each individual type of troop: Calvary, Infantry, Range.

Attacking gives the most opportunities for gear selection. If you are a Rally Lead, then you would want to prioritize Attack and Rally Attack. Solo attacks would not benefit from Rally Attack at all, but Type Attack could be useful, especially when sending missiles. Then once you have maxed the number of attacks, you could focus on Debuffs. You would want to try to build your Assault stats or Type Attack when attacking other cities. Also now that the Dragon Realm has added debuffs, you want to pay attention to defense, health, and attack debuff.

I know you’re probably wondering why you want attack debuff as an attacker, so let me explain. Some traps like to stay small in power, so they need attack to kill an incoming march. If you debuff their attack, then it makes it harder for them to kill as many troops.  This also applies to Demi realm as well. Defenders can not kill an entire incoming march, so they try to build their attack stats as high as possible. If you debuff the attack, it helps you to kill more than what they kill.

Demi Attack Gear Tips

Make sure you are using the correct attack stats for what you are trying to do. For instance, rally attack doesn’t help solo attacks in any way.  Also, debuffs play a huge part in attacking. After you have gotten your attack as high as you can, look at adding in debuffs. Debuffs will hit especially harder against cities that aren’t as up to date as others. It is common for attackers to have multiple attack presets. Don’t limit yourself to just one set up.

Examples of Demigod Attack Gear:

  • Elite Dominator Drakeplate Gear Set (solo attack)
  • Elite Dominator Orchid Defiers Gear Set (rally attack)
  • Elite Dominator Crimsonshade Gear Set (debuffs)
  • Conqueror Fire Gear Set
  • Champion Chaos Gear Set

Dragon Attack Gear Tips

Attack gear in Dragon realm comes in two forms; permanent gear and cores. Permanent gear is the easy, more common, and the less expensive option. Cores are great to customize. You can make full attack cores, debuff cores, or split attack and debuff. There are tons of possibilities.  In our Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 1 you can get some really detailed information about each attack (and defense) gear set for the Dragon Realm.

Examples of Dragon Realm Attack Gear:

  • Skeleton King Gear Set
  • Northern King Gear Set
  • Arbiter’s Gear Set
  • Assassin Gear Set

Core Sets in Dragon Realm:

  • Zeus Core Set
  • Dragon King Core Set
  • Ryujin Core
  • Ra Core Set
  • Dragon Bone

Real Tips has an awesome article covering cores, including the basics of crafting and secret bonus recipes!

Wonder Battles

Wonders can be pretty intricate. Sometimes Attack gear pieces can outperform Wonder gear pieces, and it also depends on what the player you are competing with is wearing. So, we will just go over some of the stats found in Wonder gear and what they are for.

  • Wonder Holding Attack/Health only applies when you have taken the Wonder and are defending against incoming attacks.
  • Wonder Rally Attack will only apply if you are the player that is attacking the Wonder.
  • Wonder Troop Health Bonus- boost the health of all troops attacking or occupying the wonder
  • Troop Attack Bonus While Occupying the Wonder- increases attack for troops that are holding the wonder
  • Troop Attack Bonus While Attacking the Wonder- increases attack for troops that are in a rally attacking the wonder

Since there are so many different setups, the best way to figure out what works best is to constantly test.

Demi Wonder Gear Tips

In the Demi realm, you need two sets of gear. The first set is for attacking the wonder and the second set is for holding the wonder. The Dominator gear only has a wonder holding set, not a wonder attacking set.  So to attack the wonder you would need to use the rally attack gear. When attacking the wonder in Demi you want to have the most attack, rally attack, health, attack debuff, and health debuff.  When holding the wonder, you want to use the highest level of the most current wonder holding gear set. If you do not have the current wonder holding gear maxed, look at the previous gear set and see which one has the highest stats. Your maxed Noble Jetflame set may have better stats than your mid-level Elite Dominator Ascender’s gear.

Examples of Gear with Wonder Holding stats in Demigod Realm:

  • Champion Corrupted Heart
  • Elite Dominator Ascenders Gear Set
  • Champion Jester Hood
  • Noble Jetflame Gear Set
  • Conqueror Centurian Gear Set
  • Champion Risque Gown
  • Champion Riding Guards
  • Champion Bloodstone Gauntlets

Examples of Gear that can be used to attack the Wonder in Demi (Rally Attack Gear):

  • Orchid Defiers Elite Dominator Gear
  • Duskbringers Noble Gear Set

Dragon Wonder Gear Tips

In the Dragon realm, the permanent gear has both wonder holding and wonder attack stats, so you don’t need to use two sets. The same scenario applies to the wonder cores. The nice thing about the cores is that you can customize sets to have higher attack or higher debuffs. It all depends on what YOU need.  Although you don’t need two sets of gear for the wonder in the dragon realm, it is not uncommon to see players make custom cores for attacking and holding the wonder. For a more in-depth look at the wonder gear in the dragon realm, check out Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 2. 

Examples of Gear with Wonder stats in Dragon Realm:

  • Colossus Gear Set
  •  Samurai Gear Set
  • Haunted Samurai Gear Set
  • Four Horseman (4H) Core Set

Rounding Out Gear Selections

Remember that this article is just a guide for stats that are found in Gear only, and how to chose them to suit your city. While gear selection is important, there are many, many, many more stats in the game and many more places to obtain them from. For more help on where to find stats for the Demigod or Dragon dimension, Real Tips has you covered! This post is just a starting point for choosing gear, and with everything we have gone over, only YOU can figure out which gear is best for YOUR setup. RealTips also has a fantastic guide to the armory and gear set bonuses in the dragon realm in the Dragon Dimension Gear Guide Part 3. Always test your setup and gear, don’t be afraid to drop your shield, and always reach out and ask questions if you ever need help.

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